Road Trip with Us! The TIU Approved Snacks We Always Pack

During the summer, I love hoppin’ in my car with Brian or my girlfriends (and Winni!) for a drive. There are so many beautiful places to explore in California, whether we’re driving up the coast to Malibu or cruising around Manhattan Beach for the day.

So today, Karena and are bringing you healthy tips for your trip to the beach, the mountains, the lake, or to explore!

First things first… make sure you fuel up with TIU approved snacks ;) There are tons of sugary and salty snacks at gas stations and road stops, so pack healthy & delish snacks in advance and you can cruise on by without temptation. The key to staying satisfied and fueled on the road is balancing your carbs and protein intake and staying low in sugar.

Today Karena and I are takin’ a cruise around and sharing all the TIU approved snacks we packed! Watch the video below and read on to see all the goodies!



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Tone It Up Bars

You know we always have these in our bags! They’re gluten free, plant based, non-GMO and made with the best clean ingredients ~ the perfect pick-me-up for a long car ride. Grab ’em at Target HERE!

Coconut macaroons

These light and fluffy treats are a TIU girl fave! They’re packed with protein so they’ll keep you feeling satisfied during your trip! Get the recipe HERE! We store them in our Meal Prep containers

Mini muffins

We always pack mini muffins for a car or plane ride. They’re so portable and easy to grab and go! We’ve recently been obsessed with these Snickerdoodle Muffins! You can also make your fave Protein Pancakes into mini muffins! Just triple the recipe and pour the batter into a mini muffin tin sprayed with coconut oil. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Go Raw Flax Snacks

These totally #TIUapproved crunchy bites are full of omega-3s and fiber.

Make your own trail mix

 Throw together a handful of your favorite nuts (we love almonds!) and dried fruit. The combo of the fruit’s natural sweetness and nuts’ healthy fats will keep your blood sugar levels steady. We like to put our trail mix in individual baggies for better portion control. 


A handful of berries is a sweet snack to enjoy on the road. Summertime means so many delicious fruits are in season, so get all that berry goodness while you can!

Kale chips

They’re so easy to make before your trip and SO good!

1. Chop or tear the kale into bite-sized pieces.

2. Massage with a drizzle of olive oil.

3. Add some sea salt and your favorite toppings!
(We love nutritional yeast, turmeric, & red pepper flakes)

4. Bake at 325 degrees for about 10 mins (or until crispy).

Apple slices

Slice up your apple before you go to keep things simple on the road and squeeze on some lemon juice to keep it fresh. Or you can even buy pre-sliced and portioned apples at your grocery store.

Dried Fruit

I’m obsessed with dried mangoes and strawberries! Look for a variety with no added sugar. Ours are from a juice shop called Kreation.

Almond butter packs

Go on and dip that apple! Almond butter delivers satiating protein and Justin’s has the cutest little portable packs!

Snap peas  

Snap peas give you the satisfying crunch of a chip and they’re rich in vitamin C and antioxidants!

Beef jerky

Karena’s fave! Jerky is a great protein-packed snack. Make sure to check your labels ~ some jerky is loaded with salt and other preservatives. We love natural brands like Krave Jerky! Only downside: jerky can be a lil’ smelly in the car 🙊

And don’t forget water!

Sometimes when we feel hungry, our bodies are actually just dehydrated! Make sure you’re sippin’ your way through your adventures! Pack your Tone It Up water bottle and fill it up at every road stop. 

If you’re looking for flavor, we’re into Spindrift’s summertime water. It’s refreshing, tasty, and filled with real fruit!

Bonus tip!

This one’s not a snack but we always bring sunscreen with us in the car. Rays can come through the windows and cause you to burn. We take a mini COOLA sunscreen with us everywhere! And don’t forget your sunnies! Mine are Privé!

PS: The blanket is from World Market & our picnic bag is from Wayfair!

Who’s road trippin’ this summer? What are your go-to snacks for the road? Let us know in the comments below!

Summer means road trips…and the Summer Tone Up Challenge. This challenge will take your Bikini Series results to the next level and help you get summer strong! 💪🏻We’re all starting together next week! Sign up below and get all the info!!


  1. Love this! I always have TIU muffins or bars with me on the weekends when we’re out and about.

  2. Love these tips! I go to the beach with my friends all the time, and end up feeling super dehydrated and exhausted after the trips (it could be from the sun). I also think I am not getting enough water, and never meal prep–causing me to not eat enough because I am not at easy access to healthy foods I am used to eating. So these meal prep tips are amazing, and I will definitely pack bunches of portable TIU approved snacks on my next adventure with my friends and family! Thanks for the tips again :)

  3. I’m going camping in the middle of the Summer Tone Up and was getting anxious how to keep it TIU approved while living in the dirt 🙈 All of these are great ideas!!! Bookmarking this page so I can keep everything in mind when packing. Thanks K&K

    1. My friend and I went camping for the 4th of July while sticking to the TIU nutrition plan, so it’s definitely possible! Protein bars (we had TIU bars and Luna Protein bars) and clementines were perfect for just about every situation because they’re durable. If you’re going to be in an area with a cooler, I’d also recommend making overnight oats and quinoa salad ahead of time. These were some of our staples on the trip. We also did a lot of veggie ‘meat’ (burgers, hot dogs, sausages) because we trusted it more for a longer trip than raw meat–plus you still get the camping feel of roasting something over a fire!

  4. Thanks for this post K&K!! I am road tripping to Seattle with my family in a few weeks (from Alberta!), and I am definitely going to be prepping!!

  5. Peace, Love & Lotsa Hugs to YOU too! xoxo Thank you for this video.
    I meal prep to go shopping! hahahaha!

  6. Is it possible to freeze the pancakes in bulk and warm them up individually or will that mess up the texture? Love these awesome tips! With our honeymoon coming up, I needed some good tips to keep me from gaining all the weight I lost for the wedding right back! Thanks!

    1. Hi Jostlyn! Yes, you can freeze or refrigerate the pancakes and warm them up. Or we like making them into mini muffins so they’re even more portable!

  7. Awesome post ladies! My diet has been the focus of my health regime this year so this post has been super helpful! We have started packing a cooler with snacks and our lunches when we head out for a trip. I am noticing that I feel better throughout the day and an extra bonus we are noticing the cost savings of not buying snacks and food on the road! Thank you #tiu

  8. I love these tips and I will definitely be able to use them next weekend on a quick girls weekend getaway. But I really really love Karena’s dress ….where is it from ??

  9. Fun video! I know you’ve done some tutorials for long hair, but I love Karena’s hair in this video and just recently cut my hair to a very similar length. I would love to see a new beauty tutorial for short hair!

  10. I love to take along Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried fruit – they have bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and mangos. There is no sugar added and they are unsulfered. The only ingredient is fruit! I like to mix them up in a baggie or container with a little bit of raw nuts thrown in. It’s a great on-the-go snack!

  11. These tips are so useful and I love that the sunglasses and sunscreen that you recommended is affordable. Thank you!! <3

  12. I just got back from a 10 day road trip and happy to report I packed TIU APPROVED! Add to the list: cut up canteloupe! Its super hydrating and delicious when you’re craving sweet!

  13. you guys dont talk much about hard boiled eggs. They are my go-to snack and travel snack. Is it just that it’s high in fat or why don’t you recommend it?

  14. All of these snacks look so good, and I am such a snacker, so this is perfect for me! I seriously love Krave jerky and dried mango, but can never find it without added sugar. Does anyone here dry their own mango?

  15. I ALWAYS have a peanut butter TIU bar and a larabar in my purse!! Best on-the-go snacks!!

  16. My go-to travel snack is to bring scoops/packets of PFP and add some flaxseed and cinnamon. Then I add to my iced coffee! Sometimes I’ll add nut butter if I want it to be more filling. :)

  17. I always pack snacks, whether it’s a roadtrip or a day out with my family. For long trips I always pack apples w/cinnamon, TIU muffins, TIU bars and almonds. Short day trips I always have a TIU bar in my purse or baby bag. Thank you for another great post!

  18. Avocados–so satisfying! I also like crunchy veggies like carrots, celery, cucumbers, or peppers to “clean” my teeth and freshen my mouth.

  19. This post is perfect as my boyfriend and I are taking our annual road trip/camping trip in a couple weeks! Like LCGLife said, veggies are key! I bring carrots/celery/jicama with me and if I have a mini cooler (another important item for road trips), I’ll bring some hummus/guac/salsa. If you can do dairy (I can’t) Babybel cheese is perfectly portioned. Popcorn, nut thins, or homemade chips (kale/sweet potato/etc.) are great crunchy snacks that are boyfriend-approved. I love all the #tiugirls who camp and road trip!!

  20. Love watching all your videos. Great ideas and like seeing what you girls are eating/snacking on :) keep them coming!

  21. We are road tripping right now in Michigan and we had a chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar. They are vegan only like 5 ingredients and oh so yummy! It sat in our warm car but i thought that made it taste like a fresh warm cookie :)

  22. Hey K&K! Loved this artical/video! Can you two please also do a video to what you two both carry in your handbags when you go out, go to a fitness class?

  23. I have a 10 hour drive coming up! I plan to make the blueberry muffins, but I know hubby will want to stop for food. I’d love it if K&K could recommend some healthier options at fast food joints! I can do my best to stay lean, clean, green, but I’d love some more specific recommendations!

  24. Road trippin’ on our holiday to PEI this summer and we’re so excited! Thanks for all of the great reminders and delicious ideas. And FINALLY you posted “where we bought it” for almost everything….Karena, where is your beautiful dress from?!! xo

  25. I’m going camping and I will totally need these snacks as a healthy fuel! I will be surrounded my so many fast food temptations! Thanks TIU!!

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