Pineapple Princess Smoothie

Pineapple Princess_Gif_Katrina_v3PINEAPPLE PARTY!

Hey cuties... we know what you're craving. A tropical treat that's tasty, delicious and good for you too. Today we're sharing one of our fave smoothie recipes. It's out of this world delicious and straight from your Beach Babe 4 Journal! tiu-line1

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TIP: We love freezing Elli Quark into ice-cube trays to make our smoothies extra CREAMY!!!



1 serving


  • 1/2

    cup frozen pineapple

  • 1

    cup coconut water

  • 1

    scoop vanilla Tone It Up Protein

  • 2

    handfuls fresh spinach

  • 1

    inch fresh ginger, peeled

  • 1/2

    cup Elli Quark or greek yogurt

    You can also make these ice cubes ~ extra creamy


STEP 1: Add all ingredients to the blender and process until smooth! ENJOY!



One sip and you'll be feelin' like...

Pineapple Princess_Gif_Karena_v1



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    1. where can you get eli quark? i’m in northern california and haven’t found it in any healthfood or regular supermarket

  1. I made this and it was delicious (without yogurt) but the ginger was so strong it was actually spicy! Will make again with only a touch of ginger. Otherwise perfect!

  2. I’m so happy because #bikiniprogramround2 ??? Because I didn’t have time to round 1?? Thanks I love you from Qatar ????????

  3. Yum, didn’t have Eli Quark so I just used 1/2 a frozen banana. ? Yes…you have to be careful w/the ginger ?

  4. OMG YES! The BEST PFP exclusive flavor ever! I heard my husband in the kitchen one morning while I was making the bed and thought…what is that sound…VAROOM…silence…VAROOM….silence! HE is in the kitchen trying to figure out the Vitamix to make himself a pineapple smoothie with my Coconut Perfect Fit Protein! I had made him one the day before and he was CRAVING it! I about died laughing as he was quickly trying to hide the scooper back into the canister and to it’s rightful home in the pantry before I noticed. Ha! The Vitamix holds no secrets!! Thank you for an amazing protein powder that will now be a kitchen staple as long as you carry it! :D

    1. The recipe was written using using vanilla perfect fit so you can sub that protein powder instead. The coconut water will help give it a coconuty flavor.

  5. I literally did that ☝️️ same dance this morning after drinking my Pineapple Princess smoothie with coconut pfp! 😂
    Classic!! PLEASE PLEASE Pretty PLEASE 🙏🏻 make more of the coconut perfect fit protein and make it a perma flavor! I want to buy it all so I can make this smoothie whenever I want. (Secret: not my fav with vanilla flav 😉)

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