Oops…How to recover from (and prevent!) a hangover

We’re at a party or BBQ, the rosé’s flown’ and OOPS…maybe that was one glass too many! 🙈 It happens to all of us!! Hangovers are killer and they can be especially common if your body is dehydrated.

You know we’re the last trainers to ever tell you to skip out on your glass of vino or a fun cocktail. We want you to enjoy life and have fun with your girlfriends while keeping it healthy!! So today, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to prevent a hangover and what to do if one strikes. Ya know… just in case ;)

Say buh-bye to any headaches! 

All the H2O

Water is essential for preventing a hangover. Alcohol can make you extremely dehydrated, which can cause that nasty morning hangover headache. A good rule of thumb is to always have a glass of water between drinks so you stay hydrated — and you still have a glass in hand! ;)  You’ll be feelin’ good and ready to slay your Booty Call in the morning!

We also like to mix our vino with sparkling water. Half the alcohol, extra hydration, and bubbles…perfect! Try our fave rosé spritzer recipe HERE!

Activated charcoal

 Activated charcoal works by absorbing toxins that cause hangovers and eliminating them before they enter your system. You can find activated charcoal tablets at your local nutrition store or grab activated charcoal drinks at juice shops!

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Lean, Clean, ‘N Green dinner

Always eat a Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meal before ordering up a glass of wine or a cocktail. The fiber, lean protein, and healthy fats in your #TIUapproved dinner helps to slow the digestion of alcohol and ward off late night munchies. Try out our Beautiful Buddha Bowl recipe HERE!

But first…water

Noticing a trend? If a hangover hits, the first thing you should do is drink up girl! The earlier you start pouring yourself some H2O, the better you’ll feel later in the day. Water helps prevent and shorten the hangover headache. We usually try to have 12-16 ounces as soon as we wake up. Keep your TIU water bottle by your bed as a reminder!

Ginger to the rescue

Ginger is an old school remedy to help ease an upset stomach. And after a night of a few too many cocktails, your stomach might feel a little uneasy. We like to brew up a batch of fresh ginger tea and sip on a few cups all morning long. It’s super simple too: Boil 1 inch of ginger, sliced with 1/2 lemon and 8 ounces water. This serves 1 so feel free to double or triple.

Get tropical

Alcohol acts as a major diuretic, leading to dehydration and loss of electrolytes. Coconut water is the perfect cure. It contains tons of potassium and just the right amount of sodium your bod needs to function at its best. We like to go for the raw coconut water. Bonus if you can grab a fresh coconut!

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  1. Super awesome tips! I usually have sparkling water, flavored squirts to add in and vodka :) Keeping hydrated AND low cals best of both worlds then I don’t feel so bad in the morning if it happens of course!

    Thanks girls

  2. These are great! Do you have any suggestions for any late night snacks if you do come home a little hungry after a drink or two? I always want to be healthy, but find myself wanting something salty or greasy which isn’t exactly lean, clean or green.

    1. Same! Plus it helps me feel better in the morning to have something in my belly.

  3. Ahhhh these are perfect tips for a 21 year old girl like me 😂😂 Thanks TIU for reading my mind!

  4. Definitely true about the water and eating first. I find it also helps to spread your drinks out. If you keep it to one an hour, I find I don’t get too buzzy and I feel good the next day!

  5. Still wondering how many grams of protein you need to fill in the protein box in the tiu diary?

  6. Also, remember to take your multivitamin- either before you go out or when you get home. It’s another source of electrolytes. Learned this trick long before I learned the science behind it 😉

  7. This is great! Now that I’m getting older I just can’t seem to recover as quickly!!!

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