No Gluten, Nuts, or Dairy? No Problem! Easy Allergy Swaps


We get a lot of questions about what to do if you have an allergy, sensitivity, or just aren’t super into a particular ingredient. But guess what, girl?! With all the amazing foods in the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, there’s always a tasty option to swap in! We created the Plan and our recipes to be extremely versatile, so they can fit with your dietary needs. We made this plan to work for YOU! If you have an allergy, make sure to talk to your doc with any questions you have. And check out our super simple guide to keep your meals tasting totally fab.


If you don’t eat…


This may seem like a tricky one because ‘nanas are used in a lot of our smoothies and pancakes. When it comes to mixing up your Perfect Fit Smoothie, use 1/4 avocado instead to get that creamy, yummy texture. In baked goods, like the Cinnamon Date Muffin from the Tone It Up Challenge Meal Plan, use equal parts apple sauce.

Try making your own combo with our smoothie guide HERE! Just use 1/4 avocado instead of banana for your fruit option.


As a #TIUgirl, you won’t be eating too many gluten-containing products, but there’s definitely one easy swap for ya. Find a gluten-free bread that you love for recipes like avocado toast, French toast, and sandwiches. Make sure that it says “certified gluten free.” If you can’t find it in your grocery store, check the freezer aisle! They usually stash them there.

Try your gluten-free bread with THIS avocado toast recipe. Yum. We also have a completely gluten-free version of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan with even more swaps and ideas!

Tree nuts

Unless you are allergic to coconuts as well, you can use coconut-based products instead of tree nut ingredients. If you want a creamy smoothie, use coconut milk. If you like yours on the thinner side, try coconut water.

Use coconut water in THIS post-workout smoothie!



Celery is mostly used in stews and soups to add a boost of flavor. You can just leave it out in any of these recipes. Easy peasy! For hummus or guac dipping, swap celery for cucumbers or carrots.

Nix the celery and try our Fall Veggie Stew HERE!


Many of our Tone It Up recipes are dairy free, but when a recipe calls for it, you can use equal parts non-dairy products, instead. For yogurts, we love almond, coconut, or cashew milk versions. Need a liquid? Try almond, coconut, hemp seed, or cashew milk.

Use coconut milk yogurt in your next parfait!



Not crazy for coconuts?  Try using hemp seed milk or even water for smoothies! In baked goods, swap your coconut oil for equal parts olive oil.

Give olive oil a try in the Pumpkin Muffins from the Tone It Up 31 Day Meal Plan.


In meals where beans, peas, or soy are the main protein component, sub in another lean protein such as chicken, fish, shrimp, or turkey. If a smoothie calls for some peanut butter, grab a lil’ almond butter instead.

Add in some chicken or shrimp instead of chickpeas in THIS curry recipe.


We love avocados, but if they don’t work for you, no biggie! In smoothies, give greek or almond milk yogurt a try. As a topping, you can just remove it from the recipe.

Leave out the guac in our Healthy Nachos HERE!



Looking for even more nutrition advice? Join our Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! You’ll gain access to thousands of recipes, plus our gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan versions!




  1. This is so great! Another option you guys suggested in one of your videos was using pumpkin and a teeny bit of almond milk in place of bananas. I finally have Perfect Fit Pancakes that work now! And with some fruit mixed in (like dates, strawberries or blueberries), I can still get the sweetness that a banana would have provided.

    1. Hi Anne – I would love to know your perfect fit pancake recipe using the pumpkin! I’m not allergic to banana, but I struggle getting the pancakes to cook through… and it sounds like your pancakes work. Just curious – thanks!

      1. One thing that really helped with cooking PF pancakes was using a small pan (like an omelette pan) and covering it! I think trapping the steam helps to cook the center of the pancake. Mine always come out darker than how I see others’ pancakes looking, but they’re perfectly yummy :) HTH

    1. In pancakes or baking, you could try a flax egg? 1tbsp ground flax + 2.5-3 tbsp water. let sit for a few minutes to thicken before adding to your recipe. For breakfast scrambles, you can use crumbled tofu in place of eggs. For whisked egg whites, I heard the water from a can of chickpeas works the same too.

    2. Tofu scramble! 4-6oz tofu sautéed over medium until the water evaporates. Add veggies, spices, a little nutritional yeast, and a dash of turmeric for the yellow color if you want. I’ve read about using black salt for the “eggy” flavor but I’ve never tried it myself. :)

  2. To add to Melanie’s post- I gave up eggs and dairy because I’ve finally determined that they were the main culprits to my acne (cystic too). Soooo, I will never go back but I miss my eggs! Is flaxseed/water really the best and only substitute? (for Perfect Fit pancakes at least)

  3. Onions & garlic!!!! Those are big offenders for me! I’ve learned to use chives in place of onions, different spices like cumin in place of garlic. Anything in the cabbage family I’ve had to replace with green beans. Boy do I miss Brussels sprouts!!!

  4. This is amazing!! This should totally be a PDF I can hang on the side of my fridge! What about your favorite swaps for hummus? I usually do guac, nut butter, or a dip I make with Greek yogurt and dill instead, but I’d love more ideas 😉

  5. What about mushrooms and turkey? I can’t have them an i always wonder if its okay to leave out the mushrooms or if they have some kind of nutrient? With turkey i just replace it with chicken, fish or lean steak =)

    1. Hi!

      It depends on the recipe. If the mushrooms are used as a flavor addition, you can leave it out. If it’s one of the main components, you can usually swap it with another veggie or legumes (beans, peas, lentils).

          1. My daughter has a severe peanut allergy but she is not allergic to tree nuts. They are two separate allergens, so you can actually swap peanuts out for almonds. She loves to eat Blue Diamond Almonds they are made in a peanut free facility, but we try to stay away from some other tree nuts just in case. ❤

    1. My daughter has a severe peanut allergy but she is not allergic to tree nuts. They are two separate allergens, so you can actually swap peanuts out for almonds. She loves to eat Blue Diamond Almonds they are made in a peanut free facility, but we try to stay away from some other tree nuts just in case. ❤

    1. Sun Warrior Warrior Blend Chocolate does not have pumpkin in nutrient list. It is highly recommended raw, soy free, GF, and vegan. Garden of Life is excellent too, but the one I have dies have pumpkin seed in it. Perhaps other versions do not, they make many kinds and different flavors. I have often researched good proteins all natural sun warrior always comes in near or at top of list, reasonably priced

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