My Personal Story…And How I Was Destroying My Body

Hiiii it’s Kat! I hope you’re having a beautiful day! I was just chatting with a couple girls in the HQ about their nutrition and fitness journeys and it made me think of you ✨ I was reflecting and I wanted to share a little bit of my story. So often, life can get in the way of our nutrition goals. We’re busy, we have other priorities, we put others first…this happens to ALL of us, especially as women. 

When I was a personal trainer in Boston, I was working 12+ hour days on my feet, teaching classes and training back-to-back clients, so I put my own nutrition to the side. I had to grab something quick that I could eat in a couple minutes, so I would either order a protein shake from the gym, grab a “skinny” latte next door between clients, or have a bar as a meal…while preaching the opposite to everyone! Oh and…diet coke maybe 2-3x a day! 🙈 I was a mess. While some of my meals were packed with “protein,” they were ALSO bloated with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and tons of chemicals. The protein in my shakes was so unhealthy — I just never asked to see the label! I was eating calorie-dense foods filled with so much crap and not fueling my body with real, nutrient-dense foods. Some nights I would be so tired when I got home that I would skip dinner and just grab another bar and a “fat-free” yogurt (fake sugars galore) and head to bed. I knew it was bad — I was going against everything I had learned in college about nutrition, but I was in a pattern that I couldn’t shake.

My body was affected so much. I suffered from really bad headaches, plus I felt bloated and soft, sluggish, fatigued, foggy, and never fully satisfied. I was working out, teaching classes, and on my feet all day, but I wasn’t fueling my body properly, and it was visibly affecting my body.

Soon after that, I moved to California and made it a priority to change my lifestyle. That’s around the time I met Karena and we started creating the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan together. I said I would be our first test bunny — because I NEEDED it!! 

This before picture was the first time I had ever taken one. I was unhealthy, my confidence was gone, and I was so ready for the next chapter of my life! This after pic is from behind the scenes of the Bikini Series! 

How did I change? I started to eat superfoods and meals that were full of REAL ingredients. I stepped away from packaged foods that had crazy ingredients and I made TIME to eat my meals. 

I started eating at least 5x the amount that I used to and structured my meals the way we have them laid out in the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. I filled my plate with healthy carbohydrates, lots of healthy fats, lean proteins, and grabbed fruit every chance I got. My bloat went away, my headaches subsided, my skin started to glow, my energy increased, and I truly felt AMAZING.

As Tone It Up picked up and we got busier, I made sure to not go back to my old lifestyle and to this day, I meal prep and make my nutrition one of my #1 priorities ~ especially on super long days.

*** Seriously, if I could do it, as a Diet Coke-addicted, fake sugar-fueled workaholic, YOU can too! I totally get it! 

When Karena and I released your Nutrition Plan, we released my transformation, but I will say that my transformation has continued — it’s my TIU lifestyle! I lost 26 pounds and gained my confidence back, but I’m still on this journey every day— I set new goals, I reach new heights, and NOW, I’m eating healthy for two…which is the most amazing thing in the whole world. For the first time in my life, it’s not just about me and my body, I’m fueling a growing little girl, so I’ve never been more motivated!

If you haven’t seen the Nutrition Program yet, Karena and I put everything we learned from our own experiences into creating every meal and the science behind why.

We know you’re super busy, so we designed this program to work for every woman, no matter what your schedule is or what your lifestyle is like!

The #1 lesson I got from all of this was saying YES to myself and my own health. I made a decision to put my health first. 

So now, we want you to say YES to yourself and your dreams and goals because NOW is the best time in your life to commit to YOU! 

You’ve got this…and the entire TIU community is cheering you on! 



PS~ Here are some amazing transformations from women in the community who have found success too! I love seeing these!