Mulled Wine


12 servings


  • 2

    bottles red wine

  • 1

    lemon - just the peels

  • 1

    orange - just the peels

  • 2

    cinnamon sticks

  • 1/2

    Tbsp. whole cloves

  • 1/2

    Tbsp. fresh ginger, sliced (about 3 slices)

  • 1/2

    Tbsp. nutmeg

  • 2

    Tbsp. honey or agave

  • 1

    liter sparkling water


STEP 1: Pour wine into a large sauce pan. Add lemon peels, orange peels, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. Simmer on medium-low for 10 minutes.
STEP 2: Remove from heat and stir in honey and sparkling water.
STEP 3: Enjoy!


This drink looks beautiful in a glass punch bowl. The flavors are a cross between cider and wine, so you know it's bound to be a winner! Bonus: it'll keep you warm on a chilly winter night.



    1. I think that would work well! It depends on how sweet you want it. The drier the wine, the less sweet it will be. And it’s something you could use a cheaper bottle for since all the other flavors from the spices will punch things up!

    2. Most any wine will work for this. Since there’s added sugar you might want to go for a drier wine, like a Zin or even a Cab Franc. But it mostly just goes by your personal tastes. If you like sweet wines, use a pinot noir. If you like red blends, use a red blend. Pretty much just your favorite wine+spices+sugar=delicious.

  1. What counts as a slice of ginger? I’ve only used fresh ginger once and it was an actual measurement lol

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