Making Your “Naughty” Meals Nice!

Eat up, buttercup!


Eating Lean, Clean, ‘n Green doesn’t mean you’re just having lean protein and veggies all day errr’ day. There’s so much variety and flavor you can add to your meals… it’s just about getting a lil’ inspired! In honor of the holidays, we’re sharing three “naughty” meals made “nice” (aka – Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved). They’re all inspired by some of our fave Italian dishes, and they’re so tasty you won’t even miss the originals!



Raw Fettuccine Alfredo

This creamy dreamy dinner is usually packed with heavy cream, butter, and lots of cheese. We upped the nutrient value, removed the bad-for-your-bod ingredients, AND boosted the flavor! Plus, this recipe takes minutes to whip up! Pro tip: soak your cashews in water the night before for a creamier base! ;)

Grab the recipe HERE!



Thin Crust Zesty Pizza

Feelin’ like a little takeout pizza this Friday? Skip the 45 minute wait and opt for this super simple (and ridiculously delish) thin crust pizza! It’s packed with flavor, but only 201 calories. And it takes just 10 minutes to make! Easy as pie!

Find the recipe HERE!



Tiramisu Shake

We turned this traditional Italian dessert into a TIU Nutrition Plan approved shake! And BONUS: you can even have this tasty treat as your post-workout meal! #perf

 Find the recipe HERE!gold-glitter-line

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