Love Your Body With Probiotics!

Today we’re talking about GOOD bacteria ~ aka probiotics! Probiotics are responsible for enhancing your immune system, boosting your digestive system, and even keeping your skin looking gorgeous! I mean…the word probiotic literally translates to “for life!”

One of our favorite ways to get the benefits of probiotics is sippin’ on bubbly! 😉  We love pouring up a wine glass full of Health-Ade Kombucha when we’re looking for a refreshing, body-loving sip. Through a slow process called fermentation, tea is transformed into heart-healthy, anti-aging kombucha we just can’t get enough of (we literally keep the HQ fridge STOCKED)!

We’re running down all the perks of probiotics!

Immunity Booster

When we’re healthy, our bodies have more of the good bacteria, and by consuming probiotics, you’re creating a barrier against harmful bacteria. And you’re less likely to catch a cold when your body has more of that beneficial bacteria! Plus studies¹ have found that probiotics in kombucha can decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol, making it a heart-healthy sip!

Anti-Aging Powerhouse

Longevity from eating fermented foods was originally recognized by a scientist in Russia. He noticed that people who consumed these good bacteria-filled foods lived longer, healthier lives. And since kombucha is a fermented tea, you’ll get a bubbly dose of antioxidants that promote healthy cells and prevent your skin from aging too!

Bubbly Energizer

As we mentioned, kombucha is one of our favorite ways to get in our probiotics. (We always sip on Health-Ade!) Since it’s full of vitamin b12, ‘bucha will encourage your body to produce energy naturally! And when you’re not feeling like a glass of vino, kombucha is the perfect swap for a lighter sip. Just a lil’ FYI…because it’s fermented, kombucha does have a tiny bit of alcohol (less than .5 percent).

Digestion Helper

Since probiotics balance the bacteria levels in your body, they help maintain the functions of your digestive system. And studies show they’re effective in treating an upset stomach!²

Tone It Up Best Healthy Yogurt Parfait

More Ways To Love Your Body With Probiotics

In addition to drinking kombucha, you can also try adding things like kimchi and miso to your diet for that probiotic love. These are both fermented foods often used in Asian cuisine, and you can grab them at any health foods store and most supermarkets! They add a ton of delicious flavor to your dishes! Yogurt is another amazing probiotic you can add to smoothies or eat with nuts and fruit (there are coconut and almond-based varieties too!). Aim to add about one serving of probiotic foods to your diet per day to really feel the amazing benefits!


1. PROACTIVE EFFECT OF KOMBUCHA; Pharmaceutical Biology.

2. PROBIOTICS AND MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY; Nutrition in Clinical Care; An Official Publication of Tufts University.

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  1. I love love love love kombucha!🍹 Do we just follow the serving on the bottle or can we drink the whole thing?

  2. I am literally obsessed with Health-Ade Pomegranate! It’s my fav drink of all times! I drink it every night but I have to cut down to just maybe 2-3 times a week. I tried the flavor at TIU Tour festival and that’s how I got into kombucha. I have tried other brands with different flavors but this one is far by the best taste ever!

  3. If the scientist that discovered it was Russian, I’m sure he was looking at foods like Sauerkraut. Where’s the Eastern European food love?! #cabbageeveryday

  4. Would you ever recommend consuming kefir as a form of probiotics? If so, how much?

    1. Hey Julie! Yes, kefir is a great source of probiotics. You can add about 1 cup to your smoothies. xxo

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