Love Your Body With Cacao…..Sweet!!

Happy Valentine’s day…aka national eat chocolate day 🍫😘

You look gorgeous as ever ~ inside and out! And it doesn’t take a holiday to recognize that. You are strong, inspiring, and absolutely INCREDIBLE every single day. Today is meant to serve as a reminder of the power of love… love for yourself, your girlfriends, your fam, or whoever that special person is to you. Love is the powerful force behind so many beautiful things ~ we are so grateful for the incredible love we feel from the Tone It Up Community 💗

And in honor of this looooovely day, we’re sharing all the deets on our favorite superfood cacao. One Tbsp. and you’ll really be feelin’ the love ;) Cacao nibs give love to your heart, mood, blood pressure, hair, and nails, along with SO many other body-loving benefits. We sprinkle them on smoothies, top ’em on chia seed pudding, and use them in so many delicious chocolatey desserts. And with no added sugar, they’re totally #TIUapproved.

This one’s sweet…enjoy, suga’ 😚

❤️ Healthy

Give your heart a little lovin’ today! Cacao is full of flavanols that are anti-inflammatory plus antioxidants, which help protect your body against heart disease. And since cacao is loaded with antioxidants, it absorbs toxic free radicals that can cause damage to your cells. We LOVE a chocolatey smoothie like this chocolate peanut butter dream or a Morning Mocha Smoothie.

Up Your Iron

This bitter-sweet superfood is an amazing source of iron, which helps to strengthen your immune system and fight fatigue. Since it’s plant-based, cacao is best absorbed when combined with vitamin C. We love a cacao and strawberry combo ~ try it in THIS chocolate treat!

All the Feels

You aren’t the only one craving chocolate around that time of the month…cacao is packed with serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical that we lack while experiencing PMS, so don’t hesitate to reach for the good stuff. Plus, studies have found that cacao encourages the production of anandamide, a powerful mood improver known as the bliss molecule!¹ Bring on those chocolatey good feels 😏

Thanks for being our Valentine boo! Love you!!!


1. THE NEUROPROECEPTIVE EFFECTS OF FLAVANOL; The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 

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