Fiesta Friday! Build The Best #TIUapproved Fajita Bar

Today’s National Fajita Day! Aaaand it lands perfectly on a Friday so you can invite all your girlfriends over for the festivities! We put together our fave Fajita Salad Bowl recipe to celebrate the occasion. It’s so easy to throw together and we love laying out all the ingredients for a do-it-yourself bar when friends are over. AND it’s all 100% Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved! Maybe even pair it with a few spicy margs?!

Share your own fajita bar on Instagram with the hashtag #TIUteam! We can’t wait to see your fiesta!Ā šŸ’ƒšŸ½šŸŽ‰

Step 1: Start with your base

For a fajita salad, we like using a light, crunchy lettuce like romaine. But you can also use kale because of course ;)

Step 2: AddĀ the flavors

Fajitas get their flavor from slowly cooking bell peppers and onions together. You can add these two ingredients to your salad raw or cook them over medium-low heat with 1/2 tsp. olive oil and a pinch of salt for 10-15 minutes. We recommend 1 bell pepper and 1/4 cup diced onion per person.

Step 3: Bring the heat

We love spiceĀ šŸŒ¶ Plus, the capsaicin in peppers boosts your metabolism! If you like it on the spicier side, thinly slice a few pieces of jalapeƱo or serrano chili peppers. If you just want a hint of heat, remove the seeds and cook the spicy peppers with your onions and bell peppers.

Step 4: Add your protein

We love adding 1/2 cup of black beans per serving. You can also grill up 4 oz. ofĀ chicken or cook itĀ with the onions and bell pepper in step 2 for added flavor!

Step 5: ALL the toppings!

You can buy frozen fire roasted corn from the grocery store. Just heat this up in the microwave before adding. We used about 2 Tbsp! We also love topping with some farmers’ market cilantro and mushrooms. Annnnd of course salsa and avocadoĀ ;) We used 1/4 cup of salsa and 1/4 avocado sliced. Finish it off with a squeeze of 1/2 lime.

Enjoy babe!!

SpicyĀ Margarita!

Makes 2 servingsā€¦
4 oz Tequila
2 Limes, freshly squeezed
10 oz Cayenne Kombucha (We used Health-Ade Kombucha! Or you can use coconut water and add cayenne pepper)
We poured over frozen pineapple and sprinkled with more cayenne!
Garnish with a lime :)

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