Come Behind The Scenes of Your 31 Day Meal Plan ~ New Video!

When there’s “spaghetti” you just have to do the Lady and the Tramp thing, right?! Winni and Skunk are like nah 😂 Kat and I had so much fun creating your 31 Day Meal Plan (obviously!) and we are so happy you’re loving all the recipes. Every time we see one of your meal prep checkins, it brings a huge smile to our faces! This plan is really special to us because it incorporates everything we love about fall ~ apple treats, cozy dinners, lattes, and allllll the pumpkin spice. Seriously the kitchen smelled like pumpkin heaven all day 🙌🏻

If you don’t have your 31 Day Meal Plan yet, there’s still time!! Get all the amazing recipes, meal-by-meal guides, grocery lists, and meal prep tips here for just a dolla’ a day!

Today we’re taking you behind the scenes of your meal plan — see how we created and filmed the recipes and how Kat set up the beautiful tablescape! Kat and I pour our hearts into every meal plan ~ from dreaming up the themes and colors, to testing the recipes, and creating the meal-by-meal guides to help you achieve the best results. Come see all the magic with us! ✨

We want to give a special THANK YOU to Ashley for making us feel beautiful, Ale for taking the pics, Jenny Earnshaw from Kitchen Vibes for helping us with the amazing recipes, and our entire TIU Team from the HQ for making this plan come to life!!! 💗And of course YOU for inspiring us in everything we do!

Love you so much!



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Your 31 Day Meal Plan is waiting for YOU! It’s packed with delicious and easy fall recipes, meal-by-meal guides, grocery lists, and tips to feel your best this season!


  1. First of all I just wanted to say that I have LOVED any of the recipes that I’ve been able to try out from what you guys have ever given out to those of us who aren’t on the nutrition plan yet!
    And I was REALLY looking forward to the 31 day meal plan ever since you’d mentioned that it would be available with this challenge. However…and I have been SOOO hesitant to even ask this (for WEEKS now 🙈)…I am THAT person who just really doesn’t like pumpkin (and to be honest I am unfortunately a very picky eater in general despite trying to work on it for as long as I can remember) and some of my family members also don’t prefer it and I would be making these meals for them too. I have still not purchased the meal plan because I still find myself wondering how much of the plan contains recipes with pumpkin? And is there anything else that I could sub for pumpkin in those recipes? (I hope this isn’t a completely ridiculous question because I’m honestly not very good in the kitchen so there could be some options that are very obvious to others that I have no idea even exist…again 🙈🙈🙈!!!) If there really is THAT much pumpkin involved in the recipes, but there was some sort of substitution I could use I would definitely still consider getting the meal plan!
    Thank you for any insight you could give this cooking newbie!! 😘

    1. …Also this is a completely different topic, but I’ve been trying to find a place to comment on any of the marine collagen posts and haven’t been able to for some reason. Would the TIU marine collagen be safe to use for someone with a shellfish allergy? (I’m not allergic to fish as far as I know…I LOVEEE salmon etc, I’m just specifically allergic to shellfish). And if not, what brand and type of collagen would you guys recommend? …this might have also been a dumb question, but with food allergies I’d rather be safe than sorry! Thanks again!!

    2. Only a small portion of the plan is pumpkin related! I have loved all the recipes and it is one of my favorite editions!

    3. Hey Alexis! That’s a great question and so glad you asked! There are TONS of delicious recipes in the plan that don’t have pumpkin ~ apple treats, chocolate desserts, peanut butter and coconut cookies, cozy soups and crockpot dishes, tray bakes and more easy dinners, energizing snacks, lattes, and more. Even if pumpkin isn’t your fave, there are so many recipes to choose from! And the Marine Collagen contains no shellfish so you should be good to go. You can always show the ingredients to your doc too if you want to be extra safe. xxo

  2. Love your shoot and all the beautiful recipes in the Fall plan K&K! Watching this video reminded me SO much of being in LA, I was getting travel flashbacks the entire time. I can’t even imagine wearing a jumper in LA but I guess it does get cool sometimes!! Haha xo

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