Coconut Kale Beauty Smoothie


Green smoothie obsession has reached an all time high! With the benefits of loading up on veggie-filled goodness, it's really no surprise. We're talking about increased energy, softer, more vibrant skin and of course, better overall health. The only downside is that once we find that perfect, tasty blend, we tend to stick to it. So how about a delicious new recipe to spice things up? Today we're giving you a whole new way to sip yo' greens! This Coconut Kale smoothie is a beautifying blend with an exotic twist. You're going to LOVE it. It fits perfectly with your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!




  • 1

    cup coconut or almond milk, unsweetened

  • 1

    scoop vanilla Tone It Up Protein


  • 1-2

    cups green kale

  • 1

    Tbs coconut flakes, unsweetened

  • 1

    small banana, previously frozen

  • 1/4

    cup fresh or frozen pineapple

  • 1/4

    cup fresh or frozen mango

  • 1

    tsp powdered or fresh ginger

  • 1/4

    tsp cardamom


STEP 1: Add kale and coconut milk to the blender. If you're not using a high speed blender, de-stem kale first. Blend for a few minutes to ensuring kale is completely broken up and smooth.
STEP 2: Add remaining ingredients to the blender and continue to mix until smooth. Serve and enjoy!
STEP 3: 


How amazing is this blend of coconut and kale!? That tiny dash of ginger and cardamon add a nice layer of complexity AND incredible health benefits too. Both of these spices contain anti-inflammatory properties and help promote digestion. Feel free to mix things up by using coconut water instead of milk or baby coconut meat (it's available at health food stores in the freezer section) instead of coconut flakes! You can also mix in our coconut flavored protein powder instead of vanilla for more coconut flavor! Do you have some favorite beautifying ingredients? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. This looks great but I can’t have banana (big problem for me with green smoothies!). Does anybody have any suggestions for something I could replace it with? I struggle with this a lot as I love bananas and the taste and texture they give to smoothies but they make me so sick! Haven’t found anything that really replaces them well and have had some major disasters with certain fruits!

    1. If you’re looking to replace the sweetness banana offers – try dates! a couple of dates and you’re set!

      1. Avocado! ^^^^ definitely agree about adding a date to make up for the bananas sweetness

    2. I couldn’t eat bananas when I was pregnant but I loved to sub with mangos! They give smoothies a creamy texture and add sweetness ?

  2. try avocado instead of banana! it will still give you that creamy texture. you can peel and freeze that avocado and get a similar consistency!

  3. This looks delish! What’s another substitution for Kale? I can’t have it due to thyroid issues. Thanks!

  4. I agree with avocado for the creamy texture, and to add a slight sweet flavor as well as potassium that you’re missing with the bananas I would add a few dates!

  5. Yummy! This sounds so great, I’ll have to buy some frozen mango and pineapple and then give it a try :) Thanks K&K

  6. Is this smoothie good for m1-m5? Or are there certain meals? Just curious how to fit it into my day!

    1. Just made it — FANTASTIC. Really great. Did not have mango, so did not add, and used pineapple that was canned (DOLE), and that was fine. Used kale/spinach mix. Really terrific. Gorgeous bright green color. Now I want it for breakfast every day!

  7. yummm! This is super similar to my normal smoothie but I usually add vanilla perfect fit and don’t have the spices, excited for a small switch up! Did you all try it with perfect fit too? I bet it would still be bomb! <3

  8. I am in :D But where do I find the recipes mentioned in the 7DSD ? in the TIU nutrition plan?

    1. Hi Natalie!
      Yes, you can find the recipes in the Nutrition Plan Recipe Guide! The Chia Pudding recipe is located on the last page of the 7 Day Slim Down!

      1. Found this to be really spicy is that due to the ginger? Didn’t use perfect fit powder didn’t have any. Also the kale didn’t blend to smooth or the coconut flakes I kept chewing on them while I drank my smoothies any suggestions?

  9. This sounds yummy and tropical! Is the coconut milk meant to be the coconut milk used for cooking or coconut milk beverage? This looks like it can be M1-3. Love the pineapple!

    1. Usually they are talking about the coconut milk beverage. Sometimes I buy the small boxes of the shelf stable kind since I don’t use much coconut milk and that way I don’t end up wasting it :)

  10. This sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try it :D

    Side note, my Ninja blender seems to be having a problem pulverizing the kale, so my green smoothies end up having a weird chewy texture which just weirds me out lol. Do any Ninja owners have this same problem with theirs? Also, does anyone use baby kale instead of regular “adult” (lol) kale? My co-worker recommended trying baby kale instead to get rid of the weird chewy texture. But regular kale is so darn cheap and delicious! Double win ;)

    1. Try blending your kale and liquid alone first, until you just have green liquid, no bits. Then add your other ingredients and blend. This is my all time favorite smoothie secret. Works for any leafy greens!

      1. Just noticed that this tip is actually step one in the recipe. ? If that isn’t working for you, I’m not sure what to suggest.

    2. I pulverize my kale with a food processor and then store it in ice cubes with a little water. When I make the smoothies, I just toss in a few cubes. Helped me get a better consistency, and I always have fresh kale ready to go.

      1. This is a great tip! Thank u! I’m going to try this because I usually end up wasting kale sometimes because you get so much?

  11. Any suggestions to sub out the mango? I’m have an allergy to it. Looking forward to trying this…

    1. I’m allergic to mango, banana AND pineapple (and most everything else associated with a latex allergy) so I’m just skipping all 3. I think it will still taste delish & be nourishing! What did you wind up doing?

  12. Just made this for the whole family, minus the Perfect Fit. The kids loved it! I love the zip that the ginger brings. Another ?!!!

  13. I just made this & it’s so yummy!! Great addition to my list of favorite smoothies.

  14. What’s the best time to enjoy this smoothie? I’m considering it for my M4 for the #7DSD – otherwise I’ll stick to the slimdown smoothies <3

    1. I know, right? Did not have cordamon, so did not add, but ginger was terrific. (Just made it — great way to start the day.)

  15. My beautifying ingredients are turmeric and cinnamon. I always add them to my smooties. I did not add to this one though… I wanted to try first and the hell is delicious! ;)

  16. Anyone have any good ideas for substitutions for the pineapple? I am unfortunately allergic :(

    1. What did you wind up doing? I’m allergic to pineapple, banana AND mango (and most everything else associated with a latex allergy) so I usually just skip what I’m allergic to. I think it will still be tasty!

  17. Very spicy was it the ginger?! Also the kale was very chewy and I followed the steps verbatim. Any suggestions?!! Also are you using for meal replacement or snack?

  18. Is this acceptable for a M4?? Or because of all the fruit should it stay in the morning for a M1 or M2?? So delicious looking!!

  19. I don’t have any cardamom, but I’m making this with everything else tomorrow. Will it be as good with coconut protein? I’m looking forward to using my kale in the am & having the chickpea salad sandwich for my M3.

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