Carrot Apple Cardamom Muffins! ♡

These delicious muffins are featured from the latest Edition of your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!!! The Summer Sizzle Edition… over 30 pages of lean and delicious recipes for entertaining and end of summer BBQs!  See more about your plan HERE~ remember, members of the Tone It Up Plan receive all future updates and Special Seasonal Editions for FREE!  We love our members♡

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These delicious muffins are featured from the latest Edition of your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!summer-sizzle-cover-tone-it-up-nutrition-plan-tiu

Did you see!?  The 2014 Summer Sizzle Edition is out!  We released it on July 1st!! If you’re a member of the ToneItUp Nutrition Plan, you know all new digital Editions are free as part of your membership! The Summer Sizzle includes 60 delicious recipes that go with your lifestyle and plan.  This update includes 30 NEW recipes filled with fun flavors, inventive twists, tasty juices and decadent treats. This new edition will satisfy your tropical cravings and sweet needs while keeping your waistline bikini ready all summer long.  You’re going to FLIP over all of the entertaining recipes too :)  Fill your summer with BBQs, picnics, beach days and nights with friends and family.  Join the TIU team today!

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Your Tone It Up Summer Update includes 60 delicious recipes that will leave you feeling light, satisfied and energized.  They’re perfect for summer picnics and entertaining!

Fruity, NEW summer breakfast recipes to start your day
Trail Blazer bars for when you’re on-the-go
Flavorful Senorita tacos
  Delicious dips, sauces & drizzles to use on summer salads!
Easy to make wraps, rolls and grilling recipes
Filling, NEW lunch & dinner recipes to enjoy all season long
 Beautiful, healthy party pleasers perfect for summer get-togethers
Sweet treats including mini fruit tarts, chocolate bon bons & more!

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~And of course, added to your favorite Summer Sizzle Edition recipes~

♥ Juice shot recipes for glowing skin, detoxing and tons of energy!
♥ Perfect Fit Ice-cream recipes ~ raw, vegan, gluten free and AMAZING!
♥ Zesty, summer fiesta entrees
♥ Fun, Sexy Summer Cocktails!
♥ Fresh soups, filling wraps and tasty dips

We created this Edition with this entire team in mind. There are so many recipes that are gluten free, vegetarian and use fresh, raw ingredients!

♥ Remember, all new updates and new digital editions are FREE for members of the Tone It Up Plan! Join this amazing community of supporting women and start learning how to take care of your sexy body TODAY! You receive lifetime access to New Editions and Updates.

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  • Over 200 pages of in depth explanations of what to eat, when to eat it and why it’s beneficial to your metabolism! Plus tasty recipes and a meal wheel to guide you along the way.
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  • 5 Day Slim Down ~ a tasty cleanse to get you Beach Ready
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  • Bridal Edition & Wedding Slimdown for that special day! Great for bridesmaids, brides and guests :)
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  1. Trina Balston says:

    just wanted to say that the carrot apple cardamom muffins are delicious and so light and fluffy I felt like I *was* eating a cupcake even without the frosting! :)

    1. Samantha says:

      They seriously are amazing. My fiancé couldn’t believe they were vegan and gluten free – he ate like 3 before I told him and he was shocked they were TIU muffins. (He normally doesn’t like too many of the baked goods that are “healthy.”) So glad I found these – they are incredible!!!!!!!

  2. Meg says:

    The carrot apple recipe has 2 tbsp of flax meal twice .. Is that a mistake or does the first set count as a dry ingredient and the second a wet when mixed with water?

    1. Trina Balston says:

      the second wet mixed with water… I just used an egg to be honest (for the second set… put flax in with the dry) :) hth

  3. Torianne Ipema says:

    Although tasty, my carrot apple muffins turned out way too moist, did anyone else have this problem? (I did bake them for longer and it didn’t help)

    1. Julie Feldt says:

      I had a same problem, no clue why. Followed the recipe perfectly :/

  4. Mariah says:

    Can I use whole wheat flour or oat flour in place of rice flour?

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