Behind The Scenes Of The Love Your Body Meal Plan ~ New Video

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Kat and I are so excited to take you behind the scenes of the Love Your Body Meal Plan and show you how we dreamed up the themes, tested the recipes, and put everything together for you! This plan is so special to us because we created every recipe with specific superfoods to nourish your body from the inside out ✨ We want you to feel confident, energized, healthy, and glowing — fuel your body with the BEST foods and it will show you love in return. 💜

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Here’s what’s waiting for you!


✓ 50+ delicious detoxifying superfood recipes

✓ Meal-by-meal guides and grocery lists

✓ Easy grab-and-go options for busy babes

✓ Science-backed advice on how to nourish your beautiful body, rev your metabolism, and feel your best

✓ Maybe the best donuts we’ve EVER made!! 😻🍩

✓ Sooooo much L💜VE

✓ Beautiful and lasting results ~ inside and out!

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Your Love Your Body Meal Plan is waiting for YOU!