5 Reasons Why Souping is the New Juicing


You girls know that picking up a green juice is on of our favorite ways to beat that mid-afternoon slump. But lately we’ve been opting for a soup instead. “Souping” is a buzzy health trend that improves digestion and aids in weight loss. We’re big fans because, unlike juices, soups retain their satisfying and heart-healthy fiber. (Juicers separate out the pulp, which contains a lot of fiber.) We definitely still love a vitamin- and mineral-packed  juice, but soup is a great option to add into you weekly routine. And on a chilly day, there’s nothing better than curling up under a blanket and warming up with a big bowl! Read on for more reasons you’ll be bowled over!



Keeps snack attacks at bay

Soup is packed with fiber, which slows down digestion and makes you feel satisfied longer. Buh-bye, mid-afternoon chocolate cravings!

Boosts your antioxidant intake

Most soups are cooked, which can increase absorption of certain nutrients, such as the antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene is most commonly found in tomatoes and is hard for your body to access unless cooked. Once you make a tomato sauce or warm tomato-based soup, the lycopene is released and your bod can take advantage of the anti-inflammatory and heart healthy perks!

Assists with weight loss

Soups retain their fiber, which is crucial for weight loss and hitting your fit goals. A review study found that when people added 14 grams of fiber to their day, they naturally decreased their calorie intake by 10%!

Lowers cancer risk

 Healthy bacteria in your colon uses fiber to create a variety of short chain fatty acids, like butyrate. Butyrate is a superhero when it comes to decreasing your risk of colon cancer. One study found that butyrate uses two different strategies to decrease cancer cells from multiplying in your colon. Pour us up a bowl, please!

Easy on that bank account

Whipping together a big batch of soup for the week is super simple and easy on your wallet, too. Most soups are made of inexpensive ingredients like veggies, lentils, and broth. You can even use your crock pot, which makes throwing together soup a total breeze! We love to make a big batch on Sunday for the entire week.


Try ’em out!

Adding soup to your normal routine is easy, cheap, and totally Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved! If you want to get the full benefits of souping, make sure to fully blend your soups until smooth. This will give your digestive tract a lil’ break while still delivering the nutrient perks. Wanna try it out? Add THIS cauliflower soup to your day as a mid-afternoon snack or blend up THIS fall veggie stew as your lunch or dinner! We also have a ridiculously tasty and protein-packed Red Lentil Butternut Squash Soup recipe from the Tone It Up Challenge Meal Plan!

Happy souping!! ;)



These tasty soups are just the beginning! Want even more healthy recipes and easy-to-follow nutrition advice? Join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! You’ll gain access to ALL our meal plans with thousands of recipes that are totally yum and help you reach your fitness goals!





  1. Love soups :) I’m a big “souper” Winter or any other season they are my dinner go to. Thanks for the cauliflower recipe I usually add a carrot, so it will be nice to try something new.

  2. We got a ninja for juicing because it cuts up everything so well and when we’re making juice we can keep as much of the fiber in as possible! It’s not as smooth as a juicer would be since there is pulp but it still tastes good!

  3. I love souping living in the artic (mn) souping in winter is a awesome alternative to juicing. So excited when I saw this and can’t wait to try these recipes! Thanks guys!!

  4. What a yummy article! :) I was enjoying my favorite green breakfast soup as I read it!! A poached egg and some tofu squares added in made it a tasty way to recover from that #7dsd workout!!

  5. I cook a large pot of soup for m3 M-F! I add onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and spinach! I spice it up with black pepper, cayenne pepper, numeric, cinnamon, and fresh ginger.. After everything is cooked , I add the soup to the blender.. I feel it is easier to eat this way. Love it!

  6. I looove the Red Lentil Butternut Squash Soup from the nutrition plan!! I’m going to make the cauliflower soup next – can’t wait!

  7. Wow I love it! #soupingisthenewjuicing is the kind of thing I need here in Montreal!! Thank you so much for sharing xxo

  8. I just got braces so soup is essential right now. I love the lentil soup from the nutrition plan. I use an immersion blender to get a smooth consistency :)!

  9. I love throwing together a TIU soup on meal prep Sunday! It’s souper! easy & quick for an M3-M5 & oh, so delicious!

  10. I love soup. I make great spicy pumpkin lentils and kale soup soo good! Plus you can use a crock pot and dinner all made when you home!

  11. I have been doing the blended soups for years. I call them “SOUP SHOOTERS”. It started when I had pnemonia and could only muster up enough energy to drink. These soups are awesome and you can put virtually any veggie in it. Add some beans or other protein and meal prep done.

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