5 More Reasons To Love Kombucha

Hiiii babe! How’s your Saturday? I’m just sitting by the pool sippin’ on the new Tone It Up kombucha! I’m thinking of you and how much you’re going to LOVE it! It’s light, bubbly, and so refreshing! 

Kat and I have always wanted to create a kombucha just for you because it’s one of our favorite drinks. I love to sip it in a wine glass at night to unwind, at my desk at the HQ, and of course poolside! And Kat is missing her kombucha (almost) as much as she’s missing her wine ;) 

What we love most about kombucha is that it delivers amazing body-loving benefits. We’re always thinkin’ about that beautiful bod of yours! So as you #popsomebubbly, read up on kombucha’s biggest perks. We’re breaking ‘em all down for ya. 

If you’re feelin’ sassy pour a splash of rosé in your Bubbly Rose tonight! Extra benefits right?! ;)

I hope you have an amazing rest of your weekend!!



Probiotic boost

Kombucha is green or black tea that has been fermented. It’s packed with bacteria that is GOOD for your bod — aka probiotics. Probiotics ward off the bad bacteria to keep your immune system strong. Nobody wants a summer cold!! Probiotics aid in digestion too!

Keeps your skin lookin’ fab

Kombucha contains anti-aging antioxidants that keep your cells healthy. It also helps keep collagen intact, which leads to brighter and more youthful looking skin! Pssst…one of the many reasons why we created Tone It Up Collagen too!! Be on the lookout for more on that soon!

Heart healthy

Studies have shown that kombucha can also help prevent heart disease by decreasing LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. Follow your heart 😌

Energy boosting

Did you know that there is actually a little bit of caffeine in kombucha?! While it’s not as strong as your morning cup of coffee, it’s the perfect amount for a lil’ boost in the afternoon! Health-Ade has between 5-10 mg of caffeine per serving.


There’s something about it that’s so refreshing and satisfying! Maybe it’s the bubbles, maybe it’s the delicious berry and rose flavor. We also loveeeee the Cayenne Cleanse flavor too!


  1. How much kombucha is recommended to see these benefits? Thanks! 😊

  2. So you shouldn’t drink it daily? Do you know if the bubbly rose in health aid will ever be available outside of California?

    1. Hey babe! Bubbly Rose is currently in Cali and the Pacific Northwest. It would be a total dream to have it in stores all over the country ~ hopefully soon ;) And yes, you can have a bottle every day. Cheers! xxo

      1. I live in Virginia and bought some Sunday. I’m already planning on stocking my fridge with it! So good. <3

  3. Will you be putting this in other stores soon? I live in the country and we don’t have a Whole Foods near us 😕

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