4 Reasons You MUST Add Kombucha to Your Grocery List

 Crack open a bottle and pour a glass!

No, we’re not talking about vino – for once. ;) Kombucha is one of our fave drinks (besides wine, of course). We always have it in our fridges and we included it in your grocery lists for the 6 Week Meal Plan! This sip is made of green or black tea that has been fermented and usually contains up to .5% alcohol. It’s light, bubbly, refreshing, and has amazing body-loving benefits. Today, we’re breaking down kombucha’s biggest perks.


Wards off colds

Kombucha is packed with beneficial bacteria called probiotics. You may have heard that probiotics aid in digestion, but they can also boost your immune system! They block bad bacteria that cause colds from flourishing in your bod.

Saves your skin 

Since kombucha is made of fermented tea, you also get the benefits of a cuppa! Tea contains anti-aging antioxidants that keep your cells healthy and your skin looking fab. It also helps keep collagen intact, which leads to a more youthful appearance. Check out our post on other ways to boost collagen naturally HERE!

Helps your heart

Your daily dose of kombucha can also help ward off heart disease! Studies show that kombucha can decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol. Kombucha on tap, anyone?

Makes happy hour happier

Kombucha has only about 35 calories per serving, while alcohol contains 60-120. If you aren’t feeling like vino for #WineNotWednesday, swap in a glass of kombucha. We do it all the time! Plus, there are a variety of flavors (think ginger, raspberry, and lavender) to satisfy every type of tastebud.tone-it-up-kombucha-3


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  1. LOVE Kombucha!! And I’ve tried the drink one when you feel a cold coming in trick and it totally works! However not so much for the flu.

  2. Can you drink this while pregnant? My instinct is telling me no but I’m not positive. Finding mixed reviews on the internet…

    1. I think it says no on the bottle. However, I would ask your doctor or even leave a message for the nurse. I would do that all the time when I was pregnant. Better safe.

    2. I didn’t while pregnant. But I will tell you…I was ALL about it while nursing. It’s also said to increase lactation along with other naturally fermented foods (Bubbies Pickles, real sauerkraut). It boosted my milk supply bigtime!

  3. Love these workouts and the nutrition plan – but would like to caution any people who are in recovery against the Kombucha, as it contains some alcohol from the fermentation process. It’s probably best to ask your health care provider for advice before enjoying a glass!

    1. I usually find it near the produce/wherever they have hummus and fresh salsa. :) Seems like an odd place but that’s where every store seems to have it!

    2. Hey, girl! It’s kept refrigerated, and I usually find it in the organic/health food refrigerated section of my grocery store :) Hope this helps!

      1. Wish kombucha sold online! The closest grocery store to me is 200 miles away! Bummer! It may be a good reason to take a weekend road trip :)

        1. @ro_tiu It’s actually relatively simple to make/brew at home, too! You really just need the tea and the bacteria (which you can buy online and have sent!) to start the fermentation process! ;)

  4. I LOVE that Mango Habanero flavor you have pictured! It makes me feel like I’m enjoying a spicy margarita!!

  5. I’m a huge Kombucha fan. I actually use to brew it myself. It would be so cool to see an article about brewing for beginners — save us TIU gals some cash. ($4 a bottle gets a little pricy!)

  6. Loveee Kombucha!! Are there any brands you recommend more than others, though? It’s becoming more popular so I’m wondering what brands are real and which are ‘posers’

      1. I LOVE gts Kombucha (the gingerade one pictured) – it’s one of the original brands; also love Kevita (in the middle) – they also make probiotic drinks that are really great if you have tummy troubles or are vegan, like me, and don’t get tons of probiotics otherwise! 👌🏼💖

  7. Great timing! I tried the Health-Ade brand for the first time over the weekend. The Pink Lady flavor was delicious! Bought more yesterday!

  8. I never realized it has a little alcohol in it. I’m surprised its sold every where, and they never card. I guess because its such a small amount. Is it ok to drink with m3? How about while on the clock?

    1. The alcohol in it is so low that it’s not considered an alcoholic beverage technically. The most a bottle with 2 servings usually contains is about 0.5%. Perfectly safe for work! I drink them at work all the time. I’m also pretty sure you’re allowed to drink it anytime on the plan :)

  9. Love love LOVE kombucha!! I’ve recently been a huge fan of the Cosmic Cranberry! (I think GT’S brand?) It’s also amazing added to wine with some frozen fruit to make a sangria type spritzer… yummm!!!

  10. im so jealous, Im currently in Turkey and we dont get that here…..i’ll add it to my wishlist with kale….. have a glass for me girls!

  11. Never had it always wanted to try it and I always see it at the grocery store (actually walmart specifically)but it looks so strange! Come to see everyone saying that they love it I’m going to buy some with my next paycheck! Only one way to find out!

  12. The Bu green tea lavender is the bomb! Currently sipping on a raspberry hibiscus while reading the article

  13. After reading this post, I just tried my first Kombucha – Peach & Pineapple by Health-Ade. Yum! I have been trying to kick my nightly glass of wine, and this might just work! ;)

  14. I just recieved such a healthful bday gift from my boyfriend: A Komucha starter kit! with my very own scoby!! I’m so excited to experiment with different teas and batches. Kombucha is the best!

  15. I’ve seen a variety of flavor combination. Do different ones target different things (Antioxidants? Energy?)? Or are they all the same just different flavors? Thanks!

  16. has anyone tried to make Kombucha herself??? I’m really thinking about it as it would be cheaper than buying…

    1. I’ve been brewing my own for about 4 years now! It’s SO easy, way cheaper, and also pretty forgiving if you don’t have time to keep it up every few weeks. I use a gallon glass jar to brew, covered with the brown paper coffee filters. All you need to start is a SCOBY, tea bags, and some white sugar! Many people who brew give out SCOBYs since it always makes them…I got my first one from a classmate. Pinterest is a great resource for flavorings and recipes.

      1. Yay! Awesome – picking up a bottle on my way home from work to finally try it out :)

  17. Is Kombucha a replacement for M2 or M4 by any chance or just additional to the day? Also when’s the best time to drink it? AM? PM?

    Thank you!

  18. I love pretty much every flavor of GTS gingeraid being my favorite. My wegmans just started carrying a bunch of flavors of healthaid the reishi chocolate is so good now I want to try the cayenne one.

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