Your Tone It Up 21 Checklist!

Are you in for the 21 Day Challenge?! Get ready for a super effective, fun, healthy, and toning 21 days!! We created this program so we can all head into the holiday season feeling confident, healthy, and strong together. Sign up for your Tone It Up 21 Day Challenge today to join this beautiful team!

Before we get started, make sure you prep these things so you’re ready to hit the ground runnin’ on Monday, October 9th!

✓ Tone It Up Protein!

Protein creates beautiful lean muscles, keeps you satisfied, boosts your metabolism, and you’ll use it in smoothies, pancakes, muffins, and other body-lovin’ recipes! PLUS it’s 20% off this week at Target ~ online and in store! Get yours HERE!

✓ Create Space

Make room to work that booty girl! Your workouts are YOUR time to energize, release tension, meditate, and take time for yourself. And you don’t even have to leave your home!! Gather your equipment, candles, and inspo pics and make a sanctuary that’s just for you 😽

✓ Get To The Studio!

The Tone It Up App is home to your free Daily Moves, which will be key for this challenge! It’s the easiest way to access these sculpting moves, plus you’ll see all the girls on your #TIUteam that are doing the moves at the same time as you! And when you join Studio Tone It Up, you can take fitness classes with your babes, chat before and after class, and get new workouts every week! Download HERE to get ready for #TIU21!

✓ Clear the Clutter

Donate old sports bras and leggings that you don’t wear anymore! That way, when you grab your outfit to go work out, it’s something you LOVE and feel good in :)

✓ Write It Down

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to acheive your goals, and getting into the habit of it during this challenge will set you up for success for the future too!! Write down your workouts, your meals, how you’re feeling, and your water intake. You’ll have reference for what foods/activities make you feel a certain way AND hold yourself accountable!

✓ Be Your Own DJ!

Music gets us through those tough moves! Make your playlists now so you’re ready to go bright and early Monday morning! And follow us on Spotify @ToneItUp ~ we made a #TIU21 playlist for you!! 💃

✓ Become An Early Bird

Start getting up a few minutes earlier every day this week so that your body gets used to it! Getting moving right away in the morning for 20 minutes will rev up your metabolism for the day, energize you, and get you glowing! 🤗✨

✓ Clear Your Pantry

Check out the guidelines in your #TIU21 Starter Pack that you received when you signed up for the challenge! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do it HERE! For even more guidance, the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan has meal-by-meal guides for each day of your challenge! Learn more about the Nutrition Plan HERE to join before we all start the challenge together on Monday!

Toss out any expired foods, or items that you don’t want around while you’re creating these healthy habits! It’s all about fresh, clean foods, lean protein, and LOTS of veggies!

✓ Grab Your Equipment!

For your workouts, you’ll be using an exercise ball, sliders, dumbbells, a kettlebellBooty Bands, and a yoga mat!

Counting down the days until we all start together on Monday!! 🔥💪😻



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Are you ready to have the fittest fall ever?!