Your Summer Tone Up Checklist

Oh hey summer babeeee! Karena and I are so excited you’re doing the Summer Tone Up with us and the TIU team!!! It’s going to be amazing — and perfect timing leading up to Labor Day weekend!

We also wanted to make sure you’re all set for the challenge! These are our top tips for you to succeed throughout the next 6 weeks. Remember, we’re always here for you if you need anything at all during the series!! 😽

Pssstt…haven’t signed up yet?! Join us HERE for 6 weeks of workouts, recipes, beauty tips, motivation, and so much love and support from this beautiful team to feel strong, confident, and fabulous this summer!! We’re all starting together Monday, July 16th ~ can’t wait! In the meantime, here’s everything you need to prep!

✓ Grab your girls

This is the perfect time to invite all your girlfriends to do the challenge with you! Imagine the best summer of your life with all your girls by your side!

Ask a girlfriend, family member, a TIU girl in the community, or a co-worker to join you! It’s motivating and keeps us accountable to have someone cheering us on!

✓ Join us in the Studio!

Sign up, take class with your babes, and get the most incredible workouts from the BEST trainers. Join Studio Tone It Up for iPhone HERE & Android HERE! The app makes it so easy to access your Daily Toning Moves (they’re always free!). Seriously girl…Studio Tone It Up is what ya need to take your Summer Tone Up results to the next level!

✓ Nutrition on point!

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand! Your workouts will sculpt lean, toned muscles, while nutrition reveals your hard work and RESULTS!

We’re all following the Bikini Meal Plan ~ our FAVORITE edition ever that we followed during the Bikini Series! It includes meal-by-meal guides, grocery lists, meal prep tips, girlfriends’ guides, and tons of science-backed info on how to boost your metabolism and feel your absolute best. And of course so many amazing and slimming summer recipes!

Join the Tone It Up Nutrition Program and get the Bikini Meal Plan sent right to your inbox to follow along with us for the Summer Tone Up!


✓ Prep your workout space

When the space is there, you’ll do it! Set up your yoga mat, dumbbells, Booty Bands, playlist, and make it your new fave place! Pssstt…have you seen all the cute gear we have for you at Target? Check it out HERE!

✓ Make an inspiration area

It’s also amazing to create a space devoted just to you and your spiritual goals. Whether it’s for your yoga practice, goal setting, or meditation, make a space just for you. Frame some of your favorite pictures and inspirational quotes to hang on the wall (Karena has a chalkboard where she writes all her intentions). 💫

✓ Organize your gear

Think about what outfits make you feel the most confident. What inspires you for your workout? What will motivate you to run that extra mile or do that extra rep? Put those clothes front and center! Pssst…have you checked out the NEW apparel in the TIU Boutique?! That extra boost of confidence will motivate you to get your booty outta bed! 🤗

✓ Have protein on hand

Your Tone It Up Protein creates beautiful lean muscles, keeps you satisfied, boosts your metabolism, and you’ll use it in smoothies, pancakes, muffins, overnight oats…pretty much everything!! You can grab your Tone It Up Protein at Target or in the Tone It Up Boutique HERE!

✓ Promise to journal

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again ~ journaling is THE most important thing you can do because the promise you make to yourself is the #1 promise you’ll ever keep!! Writing down your goals, tracking your workouts and meals, and jotting down your intentions will be a huge contributing factor to your success. Plus it’s really powerful to reflect on your journey and how far you’ve progressed! Grab your new Tone It Up Journal HERE! 

✓ Prep a playlist

Booty-kicking workouts call for a pump-up playlist! Follow us on Spotify HERE! Summer Tone Up Playlist is comin’!

✓ Hydrate hydrate hydrate

One of our biggest nutrition tips is to stay HYDRATED! Keep a water bottle with you at all times…it’ll prevent false cravings, boost your metabolism, and keep your skin looking fab!

✓ Check in with your community

There’s nothing more powerful than women empowering women. Be a positive light in the community and show others encouragement and support! #SummerToneUp & #TIUteam :)

Join us now for your Summer Tone Up challenge and we’ll immediately send you your Starter Pack with everything you need to know to succeed, FAQs, and 3 slimming recipes!

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