Your Bikini Series Checklist To Prep!

Hi gorgeous! This is a really special time for us and this community! Our hearts are so full of joy and excitement! If you haven’t seen the news…we’re havin’ a TIU baby!!! I can’t wait to be an auntie and meet the latest addition to the TIU fam ✨Congrats, Kat and Brian ~ we love you to the moon and back!

We have MORE big news for you babe — signups are LIVE for your BIKINI SERIES 🎉🙌🏻💃🌴👙Join us HERE to have your best summer ever! Your 8-week fitness and lifestyle challenge kicks off May 7th and it’s full of daily motivation, amazinggggg new recipes, lifestyle challenges, booty-kicking workouts with us & your Studio Tone It Up trainers, & everything you need to feel your strongest and most confident!

One of the biggest questions we hear about the Bikini Series is, “what do I need to succeed?” So we put together a checklist of our top tips, tricks, and gear to make this your most successful Series eva! 🤗

We love you so much and can’t wait to begin this adventure together!



✓ Grab Your Girls

Having an accountability partner will be KEY for you during the Bikini Series — you can motivate each other, work out together, swap TIU approved recipe ideas, and plan girl dates! Most importantly, you’ll always have each other’s backs. Tell all your girls you’re doing the Bikini Series and invite them to join! You can share this graphic on Insta to invite them 👯

✓ Join Us In The Studio

Working out with us in your Studio Tone It Up App is the BEST way to tone, sculpt, and strengthen your beautiful muscles! Your app makes it so easy to access your Daily Toning Moves (they’re always free!). And joining the Studio gives you access to all of your Bikini Series workouts PLUS extra premium routines you’re going to love. Download the app and start your 7-day free trial HERE!

✓Get Your Gorg NEW Lifestyle Kit

Kat and I created a BRAND NEW Tone It Up Lifestyle Kit just for you! We curated the most amazing and high-quality kit just in time for the challenge! It includes your beautiful bound Nutrition Plan book, meal prep containers, a Booty Band, a water bottle, and a Blueberry Coconut Tone It Up protein bar…everything you need to succeed & reach your goals & dreams ✨You’ll also gain access to EVERY edition of the Nutrition Plan, including the new 8-week Bikini Series Edition with delicious summer recipes and meal-by-meal guides. You’re going to LOVE it! Grab your kit HERE!

✓ Prep Your Workout Space

When the space is there, you’ll do it! Set up your yoga matdumbbellsBooty Bands, music and make it your new fave place! Pssstt…have you seen all the cute gear we have for you at Target? Check it out HERE!

✓Make An Inspiration Area

It’s also amazing to create a space devoted just to you and your spiritual goals. Whether it’s for your yoga practice, goal setting, or meditation, make a space just for you. Frame some of your favorite pictures and inspirational quotes to hang on the wall (I have a chalkboard where I write all my intentions).

✓Organize Your Gear

Think about what outfits make you feel the most confident. What inspires you for your workout? What will motivate you to run that extra mile or do that extra rep? Put those clothes front and center! Create a space in your closet where you can set out your fave yoga pants, tanks, sports bras, sneakers, and socks. This makes it so easy to grab your gear when you’re running out the door for your Booty Call!

✓ Stock Up On Protein

You’re going to love this staple! Think pancakes, smoothies, muffins, and more! Tone It Up Protein is plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and made with the cleanest ingredients ~ and of course so delicious! It boosts your metabolism and keeps you lean and toned. And now it’s even easier to pick up! You can grab your Tone It Up Protein at Target or online HERE! Pssst…did you see your new Peanut Butter and Cafe Latte flavors?!

✓ Grab Your Journal

Journaling is so powerful and one of our top tips to crush the challenge! Your journal is where you can track your workouts and meals and write down your daily goals and intentions! Grab your new Tone It Up Journal HERE! 

✓ Prep A Playlist

A good pump-up playlist is SO motivating! Looking for inspo? Follow us on Spotify HERE!

✓ Get Your Water Bottle

Make sure you have this on you at all times! We want you treating your water bottle like your phone…you’d never leave your house without it! Water boosts your metabolism and makes your skin glow so drink up buttercup! Grab your TIU bottle from Target HERE! 

✓ Your A Game 💪

We know you’re bringing it girlll 😌


  1. I’m so happy for you, Kat! You’re going to be an incredible mother. Can’t wait for the Bikini Series!

  2. Wow so many good news on one day, i can’t wait for the bikini series and a big hug for Katrina ans Brian!! By the way.. i loovvvee the pink bikini’s, where can we buy them?

      1. Awww thanks for the quick reply! I wish you never told me the brand. I totally love ALL their bikini’s ☺️
        I would like to send a baby present from the Netherlands to Katrina, do you have an office address i can send it to?! We have so many cute baby clothes here!

    1. SOOO excited!! We’ll have news for you soon ;) You will have all the LATEST info before workouts are released & your Bikini Series Challenge kicks off on May 7th! xxo

      1. Very excited to start my first ever #bikiniseries! Also looking forward to hearing about us Android chicas :)

    2. Yes please help out the Android girls!! Can’t wait to get to use the app too. And congratulations Kat!!

  3. Agree with Annet – so many good news! You made my day #TIUteam :) Wish all of you the best and can not wait for my first #bikiniseries What about Android babes, can we look forward to have TIU studio app soooooonnn? How can I access the bikini series videos without it?

    1. Hi babe! You girls always make our day ;) So excited to start your first Bikini Series with you! It’s going to be so much fun! We’ll have news for you soon ;) You will have all the LATEST info before workouts are released & the challenge starts May 7th! Can’t wait! xxo

  4. Hello! I received an email saying that if you are a member you get access to the Bikini Series early, however I am unable to access it. Is it not available yet? Thanks so much and cant wait to get started!

    1. Hi babe! For members of the Nutrition Program, we’ll be sending you your new 8-week Bikini Series Edition a few days before the challenge kicks off so you have time to prep. Keep an eye on your inbox ;)

  5. Oh my gosh!! I just found out through this post that Kat you are expecting!!! I am so happy for you and Brian, you will be amazing parents. So much love to you both for this amazing and special time! xx

  6. I’m so happy for you Kat and Brian! I mean…yeah, yay for bikini series and everything but a BABY?! So excited! You’re going to be the cutest parents!

  7. Is it possible to buy the lifestyle kit if you are already a nutrition plan member?

  8. We are all so happy for you Kat, and you’re going to be the best Aunt Karena!!!
    Are we only going to have access to the specific Bikini Series workouts through the app?? If we can’t get the app since you’ve only made it available to IPhone users, is there anyway we can purchase the workouts separately like we have done all the years before? I’m just a little confused…

    1. Thank you so much babe 🤗 Aunt Karena says thanks too ;) We’re working to make sure you have easy access to all of your Bikini Series and premium Studio workouts! You will have all the LATEST info before workouts are released & your Bikini Series Challenge kicks off on May 7! We gotchu!! xxo

      1. Thanks for the super quick response, and I can’t wait!!! Y’all have a wonderful day down at HQ!

  9. Sooo excited for you Kat & Brian!!! IS THERE GOING TO BE A PREGNANCY EDITION!!!??? Any tips along the way throughout this bikini series on special foods to eat and how to workout safety throughout the different stages of pregnancy!!!???

    1. Thanks so much babe! Awww love that idea! I can’t wait to share my journey and tips with you 💖

  10. I’m sover the moon about all this news. Katrina and Brian are going to be great parents and Karena is going to be the best auntie. This baby has no idea the level of love he/she has already. Huge congrats!

    1. I’m over** the moon about all this news. Katrina and Brian are going to be great parents and Karena is going to be the best auntie. This baby has no idea the level of love he/she has already. Huge congrats!

      1. I would have to agree on the love. I am already jealous that I am not the TIU baby with all that love that is going around. Jk….well kinda ;) BUT I’M SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!!!

  11. My heart is full of many joys but the biggest one is that you are starting to expand your family! Hooray for TIUBABY!!!!! Congrats Katrina & Brian ….also Auntie Karena :) The Bikini Series is just a bonus too ;)

  12. First of all: CONGRATULATIONS! From the moment I learned about Tone it up, at the beginning of this year, you’ve given me so much inspiration, a positive boost and so much focus on the important things in life (living and enjoying it to the most – which I’d strangely forgotten)…Just imagine, if you can do that for someone who doesn’t even know you in person, how much of an inspiration you’ll be for your child(ren), those who’ll get to feel your positive vibes first hand. With all the love you (all of you) send in to the world, I am sure your little one couldn’t have chosen a more loving family to be born in. <3 Enjoy every moment!

    Now…I do still have a question; every day I work out in studio Tone it Up, it's so motivating to see and hear all the moves explained to you, and to feel the energy of all you trainers. I however struggle with the daily moves (basically because no-one is talking me through it). For the success of the bikini series; is it necessary to do the daily moves AND a studio class? Or can I just do take the classes? Orrrr, do you suggest I take two classes to make up for not doing the daily workout? I come from a place absolutely hating to work out, so I'm not really good at intuitively feeling what's right for me to do :/

  13. I feel like I have been waiting soooo long for you to have a baby!!! haha! I remember sitting in Miami at the retreat when it was brought up! So excited for you all! Babies are amazing!! #Momof3 #TIUhelpsmelosethemombelly ;P

    1. Yes!! Your clean, plant-based, non-GMO Tone It Up Organic Protein ships internationally! You can grab it HERE!

  14. I’m so excited for the bikini series, this will be my first time ever. I just purchased myself the new lifestyle kit yesterday.

    By the way as a member where do I see the bikini series for this year? Will it be emailed or do I have to check here on my TIU?

    1. Hi babe! So excited to start your first Bikini Series with you and for your new lifestyle kit! You’re going to LOVE it! We’ll be emailing you your new 8-week Bikini Series Edition a few days before the challenge kicks off and you’ll also be able to find it here under “My TIU” 🤗

      1. Last question

        For the bikini series workout will it only be available for the TIU app subscribers? (I do have the app but I haven’t subscribed to the studio yet)

        Where do members get the bikini workouts? Or will it come along with the meal plan that you guys will be emailing the members?

  15. Congratulations Kat!!! So exciting!! I cant wait for this Bikini Series! We are all going to be looking and feeling like bombshells!

  16. WOOOOOOWWW!!! Congrats from Germany for these great news!! This is sooooo special and you two will be absolutely great parents, don’t worry! :) It is really funny, I never met you guys in person, but it is as if a girlfriend of mine told me she is pregnant and I’m absolutely happy :) Have a great pregnancy and enjoy every Moment! Lots of Love! <3

  17. Congrats Kat and family! I started TIU exactly 1 year ago – when I was about 20 weeks pregnant! I absolutely loved doing the workouts and did them up unit the night before I gave birth to my beautiful little boy. TIU was key in helping me have a healthy pregnancy and being a fit mamma. Wishing you the very best in your pregnancy, Kat!
    PS: Bryan, you should read The Birth Partner by Penny Simpkin, it’s amazing and will help you give Kat all the loves during labor!

  18. Congratulations Kat and Brian!!! Your seriously going to be soo cute prego! I do have a question though. I’m all about health and fitness but sometimes there are times that I don’t have time to cook or meal prep and I turn to a frozen meal. I know they have tons of sodium but what would be your recommendation for the best/healthiest frozen microwavable meal out there?

  19. Hi, I am a member however did not get the starter packet for the bikini series in my email yet though I signed up for the bikini series…thanks!!

  20. Hi! I need help please! My hands and fingers are damaged so I can’t hold dumbbells. Anyone knows if I can replace them with wrist weights instead for the daily moves? Many many thanks, I am really excited about the Bikini Series 🍍🍍🍍☀️☀️☀️❤️❤️❤️xxxxx

    1. Hi babe! You can absolutely modify moves and we recommend reaching out to your doc or physical therapist just to make sure it works best for YOU!! xxo

  21. The number one thing I need to know from this post….. Where did those pink and palm swim suits come from?!?!!?!?!

  22. HI! I just bought the Lifestyle Kit- where can I access the Bikini Series Guide for this challenge? It looks like the one in my downloads is from last year.

    thank you!

    1. Hi babe! We’ll be sending you your new Bikini Series Edition next week before the challenge kicks off. Keep an eye on your inbox! xxo

  23. I finally did it (after many years of just browsing on this website :() ! Joined the bikini series and nutrition plan program! Nervous but still excited! lol

  24. A TIU baby is SO exciting!!!!!! Congrats to Kat & Brian!! 💕You’ll make amazing parents!!!
    So excited to start my 4th Bikini series! {& May 7th is my 39th bday~so better yet!!😉}
    Can’t wait to rock this one!!!

  25. Can’t wait for the Bikini Series!! Would love a new kettlbell workout as well if possible!!

  26. Quick Question!!
    What’s the difference between just the Lifestyle Kit ($67) and the Nutrition Plan + Lifestyle Kit ($170)? Do they both come with the book of recipes?

  27. Right now, I just cannot afford the Studio (I wish I could… ugh… priorities). Will there be anywhere else to get the videos that go with the daily moves? Thanks babes!!

  28. This will be my first TUI challenge and I’m super excited to get started!! When will the Vegan plan be available?

  29. I can’t wait for the Bikini Series this year! I just signed up for the nutrition program! I was reading through the whole kit and and wanted to know if you would recommend prepping the Meta-D or Bombshell Spell ahead of time for the week or if mixing it fresh each morning is the way to go?

  30. Excited for the Bikini Series! Quick question: can you make Meta-D / Bombshell Spell ahead of time? (e.g. with meal prep on Sunday)?

  31. Will there be bikini series video downloads available for purchase like in the past? The app is a great idea but i just can’t afford a monthly payment right now.
    The bikini series is so fun! Thanks girls!
    And congrats Kat and Brian on the new baby!!!

    1. Thanks babe!! Totally understand ~ as always, we’ll have free workouts every Tuesday during the Bikini Series for Tone It Up Tuesdays! PLUS more bonus days this year!!! Keep a lookout 🤗 And always, we have complimentary workout options every day on your Weekly Schedule and Daily Workout page. xxo

  32. How do you prep or batch the Meta D or Bombshell? Is it just a matter of making more of the recipe, or are there some ingredients to wait and add the day of?

  33. Hello! I have started to work out a week ago so I will be finishing the bikini series a little later than you. I have a question though. Is it normal to blow up like a balloon after a week of working out and following a healthy nutrition plan? I was not working out at all before so I am hoping I will get back to normal after a couple of weeks or so. Is that right? Am I doing something wrong??

    1. Hi beautiful! Bloating is completely normal and happens to all of us as women. To de-bloat, make sure you’re always sipping on water. It’s SO important. Staying hydrated raises your metabolic rate and flushes out toxins. We also like to sip on detoxifying ginger tea and eat lots of de-bloating foods like asparagus. Journal your meals to hold yourself accountable and check in with your TIU community for support. We’re always here for you and we love you 💛

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