Wine Not Wednesday with Jillian Michaels!

Raise a glass, girl!


We’ve had so many incredible, surreal moments since starting Tone It Up, and working with Jillian Michaels is definitely at the top of the list! Karena and I grew up following Jillian and reading fitness magazines with her on the cover. I mean, it’s Jillian FREAKIN’ Michaels. She’s the biggest fitness icon of our generation! It’s been a lifelong dream to train with her, and now here we are!


The coolest part is that Jillian loves the Tone It Up community. (She even surprised the Tone It Up retreat during our Booty Call!) Now, we feel so honored to work with her and share our workouts with you. You have to try our BODY LOVE Tone & Shred routines with Jillian HERE! You’ll be sculpting and sweating like CRAZY!


After an intense day of shooting, we invited Jillian for some Wine Not Wednesday drinks and girl talk. Jillian has a rep for being such a badass, but she’s also one of the sweetest, most genuine people. We put her on the spot with questions and she did not hold back! In the video, we talk her 29 (!!) pets, fave TV shows (she gave Karena some serious shade, lol) and nicknames (just call us Fluffington and Gran!).

Join us over a glass of wine and watch below!!


Watch on YouTube HERE!


Get Jillian’s INSANE BODY LOVE workouts HERE! gold-glitter-line

And as promised, THIS is what we act like when we’re about to have company :) “I want these things looking like microwavable popcorn- 3 minutes DEEP!” – “Knobs- David put seashells on the doorknobs”

Anyone else!? Haha!

Comment below and tell us your nickname, hidden talent, fave meal, biggest pet peeve, favorite Instagram account and more #WinenotWednesday answers in the comments. Don’t be shy, babe; tell us everything!


  1. hahaha. This was so fun to watch. It cracked me up @work! Good job Gran & Fluff!

  2. oh my gosh love that Jillian needed a “booster” I am only 5′.1″ so I would be in the same boat and have always looked up to Jillian Michaels!!

    1. haha Yep. I’m 5’1.5″ (sooo claiming that .5″! lol). Seems like we both look “up” to Jillian! Also, she’s actually why I became a personal train. K&K are why I am now almost done with school to become a dietitian. :)

  3. This was awesome! I love the Wine Not Wednesday videos, but this is my favorite so far! I think she brought out another side of you ladies ( ;

  4. Karena almost dieeeeed ?!? I’m still kind of shocked and so glad everything turned out ok!! Great Job on the Heimlich Bobby! <3

    1. I agree, I was a little distraught by that but I’m glad Boobs was on it.

  5. Best everrrrr WNW!
    I laughed so much & very appropriately was watching this while having my dinner and sipping my wine. #dinnerforone tonight.
    Not gonna say…but I nearly finished half a bottle by myself! Oops!

    Rapid Fire:
    1. My nickname is Carla (very boring, I know) – my full name is Carlynne
    2. Hidden talent – when Im tipsy and I fall – because I AM going to fall at some point….if Im still holding a glass or bottle, it will remain intact! I might have bloody knees from the fall…but the glass or bottle will be safe!
    3. Fav meal – Mushroom pizza with extra garlic and chilli
    4. Pet peeve – Firstly, Jillian was hilaaaaarious while describing hers! hahahaha! Mine – 1. if you dont hang washing up correctly. Each item needs to have space and nicely hanged so less chance of creases, as this means less time ironing. I hate ironing, but I do it, because its a part of life. 2. use coasters people! 3. i really hate it when people are eating things in the supermarket before they actually paid for it! I mean….what if your card is declined and you dont have cash on you? It grinds me.
    5. Fav Instagram acc – this is a no brainer…@karenakatrina then Louise Roe :-)

    Thank you my super duper trainers & @jillianmichaels for a great dinner date! xoxoxoxo

  6. PS. I cannnnnnnnnot believe K&K dont watch GOT!!
    I mean….really? For real? Seriously? Why?????

  7. This is my favorite wine not Wednesday by far!! I was laughing so hard at my desk, I was trying not to laugh out loud a couple times.
    Omgosh Karena I’m glad you came out ok that is rather scary (and of course Jillian too!!)

    Love you ladies!

  8. Hysterical! You guys had me ROTFL!!!
    Loved the detailed descriptions…y’all continue to inspire me each and everyday. ♥
    And I just bought the Body Love Workout Videos so it’s a super happy day for me! 😃

  9. omg im dyinngggg laughing at my deskkkkkk

    and ps that youtube video is the best thing ever I watch it every holiday season lmaoooo


  10. That was the best!!!

    My nickname: Hoppy or Pallone (college volleyball team, 5’6″ but I got some hops, then palloney from my last name Pallone, the use to sing it with the oscar Meyer theme song, my Palloney has a first name… etc)
    Hidden talent: I can sing the alphabet backward
    Favorite Meal: shrimp linguini alfredo
    Favorite insta acct: TIU

  11. Truly hilarious! Love that you did this collaboration and the workouts are amazing ❤

  12. This Wine Not Wednesday was great!
    1. My nicknames are Mollz Ballz, or MoBo
    2. My hidden talent is that I can balance a spoon on my nose for basically the foreseeable future if I want to.
    3. My favorite meal is white wine, clams, garlic, parsley, and mushrooms over pasta with parmesan cheese. My mouth is literally watering now.
    4. Pet peeve: When someone is a know-it-all. It’s one thing to simply share interesting information but it’s another thing to be the “well…actually” person ALL THE TIME.
    5. My favorite insta account is gsdstagram (German Shepherd Dogs). They post pics of the CUTEST fluffy puppies.
    6. My ideal relaxation situation: A glass of red wine and some Gilmore Girls. I’ve seen all of the episodes at least 4 times, but I love it and it’s the best show to wine(d) down to! is relaxing. Someone’s gotta say it.
    7. I don’t know of any rumors about me…
    8. Red Wine ALL THE WAY. Although a light crisp white or a rose in the summer is quite refreshing.

    This was so fun! Thanks Karena, Katrina, and Jillian for making my night!

  13. Best. WineNotWednesday. Ever. Seriously, drop the mic. This makes me miss throw-back Biggest Loser so much.

  14. I am like Karena with my guilty pleasure of stupid reality tv and Kat with drinking rose any time (day, weather, meal). :)

  15. Hilarious! So fun to watch while I’m having a post-workout glass of wine! Love the daily workouts! Thank you K&K and very cool to have Jillian as a guest!
    1. nickname- Jillybean…totally unoriginal.
    2. hidden talent- I can do the splits anytime and without stretching…I have been known to recreate the Elf scene doing a split on an escalator!
    3. favorite meal- surf & turf.
    4. biggest pet peeve- people who chew their food VERY LOUD and lick their fingers (Ewww!) especially when sitting next to them on a plane ride.
    5. favorite instagram account: dr.evanantin Ladies, check out this handsome vet! You’re welcome!

  16. You girls are so much fun!! LOVED this interview! And so glad Karena was saved by Bobby!! How scary!

  17. I could not stop laughing during Jillians rant about driving– in tears! This was fabulous

  18. WHAT??? (head explodes) My worlds collide in a most beautiful way with my favorite trainers teaming up!!! wha what???? fist bump in the air!!!

  19. WHAT??? (head explodes) My worlds collide in a most beautiful way with my favorite trainers teaming up!!! wha what???? fist bump in the air!!! so excited!

  20. I’m literally dying haha Loved that Companys coming Over video, bahaha s

  21. This was too funny!!

    Name: Chanelle, nickname–Nell, bell, nelly
    Fave tv show: GOT of course!!
    Pet peeve: I’m with Jillian, can NOT stand slow drivers! Especially people who slow down while changing lanes. Also, chewing with your mouth open.
    Fave meal: anything with carbs and cheese, pasta, pizza, bread and cheese!
    Fave insta account: besides K&K, yoga girl and the skinny confidential
    Hidden talent: I can play the piano, and sharp shoot
    Fave way to relax: I’m with you girls, ROSE all day.
    White wine all the way, and if I do get in the mood for red, I like it chilled.
    Least fave workout move: PLANKS hands down!

    Can’t wait for the next wine not wednesday video!

  22. This is why self driving cars are going to save the world and all the crazy traffic and conjestion!! Once they work out the kinks of course.
    I’m right there with you Jillian!! People drive like they are out to lunch. AND it’s not #tiuapproved.

  23. Also.. I cannot believe Karena & a Katrina do not watch the Walking Dead!!! 😱😱😱
    thats my shit ❤

  24. Um, just gotta say, I am WITH KAT on the “polish silver/set the table” thing… although I realize this might be out of place in (more casual) California… hilarious video — very loose and funny. I like how these vids humanize K+K, because they seem so perfect on the exercise videos/photos.

    Loved it — thanks!

  25. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. You three are hysterical. I love you!

  26. Hahaha I love you ladies!!!

    Here is my answer;

    Nickname: Conscious, blue squirrel, Coco, Princesse Hippie.

    Hidden talent: hulla hoop

    Fave meal: roasted maple and almond brussel sprouts from the Tone it up plan.

    Biggest pet peeve: when I witness lack of self respect.

    Favorite Instagram account: @Toneitup


  27. OMG this was soooo hilarious to watch!! You ladies are seriously my 3 favorite ladies in fitness!! I’m prepping for my June wedding and you guys totally give me the inspiration and motivation to keep going.

    I have to say, my fiance would say I’m exactly like Jillian!!! LOL I try to be passive but downtown LA has some pretty DUMB drivers! hahaha.

    Love you Ladies. Love #ToneItUp <3


  28. I LOVED THIS VIDEO!! That was so much fun with Jillian :) It totally made me miss your Toned Up show on Bravo.
    BTW – You girls should step up your TV show game. You’re missing out on some good shizz. Walking Dead is so good!
    Here goes my rapid fire answers…
    Nickname: Rose
    Hidden Talent: I give good massages
    Fave Meal: YOLO – chicken rolled tacos
    Biggest Pet Peeve: Inconsideration (If we all start by being kind, compassionate, and considerate to others we can change the world).
    Favorite Instagram Account: Besides TIU, AdrieneLouise (Yoga with Adriene)
    Fave Way to Relax: Red Wine
    Least Fave Workout: Cardio. All of it. Anything cardio.

  29. What is the bubbly rose they are drinking? Anyone know the name or brand? Looks delish. Thanks!

  30. Love all three of you ladies, just read Jillian Michaels new book ‘Yeah Baby’ as I’m prepping to be a fit mom. Hope to see some mommy fitness tips and bounce back ideas from you two as well!

  31. Hands down the best Wine Not Wednesday edition yet! Hilarious – I love Jillian!

  32. Love it!!! So funny!!! I’m a nickname fanatic so that was my fave part. I call my husband “bucket” … no idea why. Thanks for letting us share in the fun!

  33. OMG this was so hilarious!!! Love all three of you…Jillian, Fluffington and Gran!! :D

  34. This was really fantastic! Great chemistry among the three of you! Could not stop laughing out loud.

  35. Watching this at work as well and was trying hard not to laugh out-loud. Loved watching this. So fun to watch.

  36. This was hilarious. I love the K&K approach to workouts, but Jillian’s face when they were talking about pet peeves was priceless. All moms will understand.

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