Wine Not Wednesday Vlog ~ Our Favorite Hobbies!

Hey gorgeous! Happy Wine Not Wednesday! Pour a glass of vino, kombucha, or some sparkling water in a wine glass like me and let’s all cheers to YOU! You told us your goals for week 2 of the Bikini Series and you’re already crushing them! 💪🏻Karena and I have loved seeing all your checkins, sweaty selfies, gorgeous food pics, and dedication to your health and this community….you’re inspiring us and everyone around you! 🤗

Today for our Wine Not Wednesday chat, we’re talkin’ all about our favorite hobbies (besides working out of course 😉) Karena and I both like to tap into our artistic sides and love any hobby where we can express our creativity. And of course get outside in nature and spend time with our loved ones!

Be sure to tell us your favorite hobbies in the comments below! We always LOVE to get inpso from the community on fun new things to try!  

Relax tonight babe ~ you deserve it!



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What are your fave hobbies?! Tell us in the comments! We can’t wait to read all about ’em!


  1. My favorite hobbies include: going to the beach (I live on an island!), getting breakfast with friends (is that a hobby??), cooking, traveling (I LOVE exploring new places, I try to go to at least 3 new countries a year!), and hiking!

    I also love running, yoga, walking outside, boxing, and swimming, but we said other than working out :)

    oh! I also do a lot of fundraising / volunteering! I am a chapter advisor for my sorority and I fundraise a lot for St. Jude :)

  2. Haha this made me laugh! I am in med school right now and that requires me to live away from home, my pets, and most of my friends who I usually do activities with – so finding hobbies has been a challenge. I used to always say working out and yoga was my hobby but now I have the Studio TIU app and the workouts are so quick and efficient I may actually need to find another hobby! I’m interested in women’s health so when I am not studying I am organizing events for my classmates related to that :)

  3. I love love love crocheting. I’m currently making a baby blanket for a fellow TIU girl!! It brings me so much joy making beautiful works of art that can be enjoyed for years to come.

  4. I love to crochet and knit. Working with yarn calms me during any situation and I get the pleasure of knowing I’ve made something someone will enjoy. Baby blankets, snowflakes angels and just about any kind of ornament. I’m teaching myself to macrame so I can make some decorations for my wedding renewal.

  5. We live on the water so we try to go paddleboarding every weekend. Sometimes we will put them in the truck and go explore new places, other times it’s in our own backyard but we always discover something new. Or we spend a day on the boat. And we’re an hour from Orlando so we like to venture out to the mouse house every once in a while. Oooh or go to a spring and canoe. Oddly I never considered myself outdoorsy but this just made me realize maybe I am. Oh and I LOVE to read.

  6. I love hiking, but I live in a really flat area so I have to travel to the Adirondacks to get some quality hiking in! I also am a movie buff so I make an effort to go to the movie theaters and read reviews of all the up and coming movies. I also love to camp and be outside in general!

  7. Netflix bingeing, reading classic novels, naps, & window shopping with a coffee or tea in hand.

  8. I love gardening and scrapbooking are 2 of my fav hobbies. I enjoy going out dancing and listening to live music , any festivals are amazing I do enjoy karaoke with my boyfriend in our basement and playing rockband hehe Reading outside on a nice summer day in a hammock is bliss

  9. Does shopping count?! 😜 but besides that love spending time with friends and family. Working out and the occasion crafting

  10. Last winter a bouldering gym that my hubby helped to build opened for business, and going weekly to climb has become one of my favorite hobbies! I also love to play the piano, check out local coffeeshops and try their mochas (especially with housemade almond milk–yum!), make herbal goodies like dandelion vinegar using dandelions from my backyard, and cook nourishing from-scratch meals. And, I have a penchant for watching favorite tv shows at nighttime while eating a healthy snack such as pink lady apple wedges with crunchy peanut butter and cinnamon on top. When I have the chance, I enjoy getting out of town and hiking or exploring some little town on the Oregon Coast. Oh, and crossword puzzles! :)

  11. I’ve started taking wine/spirit tasting classes at a local wine shop with my bestie or husband! So fun, and I learn a lot too and they’re on week nights so it breaks up my work week. We also live near 3 large parks in St. Louis so every weekend we walk, hike, bike and have lots of have picnics with our pup! Cooking is another fave too like Karena! It’s such a focused and creative task, and I like pairing it with entertaining guests. You get to make something that nourishes and brings people together 💛💛💛

  12. As an actual school teacher and someone getting their yoga teacher certification, I don’t have a lot of free time. But I love to garden, do yoga, hike with my dog, and sing at my church and random places around town for fun! Gotta have time for that creative expression!

  13. Kayaking, Netflix binges, cooking, farmers markets. I love anything that involves food. Trying to get I knitting to help with my anxiety. Any time spent outside is always good. I love hiking! If anyone’s in Northeast PA that likes to hit the trails or any kind of adventure, I’d love to meet up! :)

  14. As a nurse practitioner who works at a trauma hospital, I’m always looking for ways to prevent burnout and I just learned that if you plan something at least every two weeks to look forward to, it keeps your serotonin (one of our happy hormones) at an increased level! So for the next few months, my partner and I are planning a new big hike every other weekend!

  15. Katrina, don’t you love to do floral arrangements?! Thats a hobby! Lol

    My hobbies include singing, reading, listening to podcasts, spending time with my Subaru car club, and taking my dogs for walks or tothe dog park.

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