Wine Not Wednesday Video ~ Rapid Fire Q&A, Who Drinks Wine First, Busting Stress, & Following Your Dreams!

Happy Wine Not Wednesday!


Today, we’re answering your questions and NO topic is off limits. We’re getting real about how we keep our marriages passionate, deal with stressful days, and handle mini bar treats while traveling (sometimes we just need ‘em!). Oh, and that time a cow sneezed all over Kat!! We swear we only had a few sips of wine while filming this video. It just looks we had more because we’re having so much fun! ;) 🍷

One of our favorite questions was, “What is your best advice for girl bosses wanting to start their own business?” We get this question a lot, and we love helping other strong women start a career they’re passionate about. Our advice: Just got for it. It’s going to be scary. We were terrified starting Tone It Up, but we knew in our hearts that we wanted to stay on this journey and that it would be worth it. And we were right! If you’re not scared, you’re not pushing your dreams to the next level. Take those moments that are uncomfortable and use them to grow and achieve things you never thought possible. We believe in you!

We also took a rapid-fire quiz where we reveal who’s the better cook, driver, dancer, and wing woman! ;) This quiz is so much fun to take with your girlfriends! We listed the questions below. Answer in the comments and challenge a gal pal to reply too, then compare your answers!! And watch the video below to see what we said!!


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Who is more likely to show up to an evening workout?

Who is more likely to show up for an early morning workout?

Who is more artistic?

Who is the better dancer?

Who is the better driver?

Who is the faster runner?

Who can do more pushups?

Who can do more pullups?

Who squats the lowest?

Who is the better cook?

Who loves kale more?

Who is more likely to break into song?

Who is on their phone more often?

Who drinks more coffee?

Who stays up later?

Who is up earlier in the morning?

Who is more Zen?

Who takes more selfies?

Who has more shoes?

Who is more likely to get a tattoo?

Who is more likely to spoil their hubby?

Who is more spontaneous?

Who is more likely to lose something?

Who is less likely to shower?

Who is more likely to start the party early?

Who is the last to leave the party?

Who is the better wing woman?

Who makes the better Perfect Fit Pancake?

Who makes the better Perfect Fit smoothie?

Who’s hungry?!

Want even more #WineNotWednesday videos?! Here are a few of our faves! Enjoy, babe! ; )




  1. Ya’ll are the best! I love these rapid fire videos, so funny! Also, thanks for the boss-babe advice. I’m in a weird place right now figuring out how to start my own practice/business. It’s so scary! Knowing where to begin is really hard, but ya’ll are right. . . I just need to start!

  2. I’m in the process of setting up own Yoga business and thought of being my own boss-babe is probably the most scariest adventure (and i have had quite a few adventures in my life) I have been on in the 38 years I have been on this earth. Thank you for the advice.

  3. You girls are so cute and funny what a great community that you have made and we all so appreciate it one question I hope you girls answer in more depth soon would be how you started your company and got all of us are attention to follow you I’m trying to start an online company and it is quite challenging to get people to even see your videos im not even trying to sell anything just start a following. Thanks so much for everything you guys do . Mahalo!

  4. Do you (or any other TIU babes) have any favorite guided meditation apps or YouTube videos?

    1. Yeah! For me, meditation was something I’ve wanted to get into for like 10 years, would start for a couple days then stop, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing. There are lots of meditation apps out there, but I’ve been using Headspace for almost 7 months–it’s really good for beginners and walks you through a variety of mindfullness-based techniques. It’s like $78 or something for the year…but if you think of it as a year-long series of meditation workshops, it’s totally worth it! The longer I keep it up, the more benefits I’m seeing. Good luck!

  5. thank you for this, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t see it. I have been trying to load a program online to watch for the past half hour (I live abroad so stream everything) but it wouldn’t load so thought i’d check in here and hopefully there would be a new wine not wed vid…you guys dont disappoint…I got in from work, had yet another argument with my partner and listening to you two talk about breakups and finding your way really resonated with me…so thank you for making me feel like i had a chat with my girlfriends back home. Im so grateful for this community. thank you

  6. YES girls! We are all DYING TO KNOW! Who’s going to get pregnant first and WHEN!? All of us going through it can’t wait for you babes to be moms! And for some TIU approved pregnancy workouts too!

    Loved this video! Love you ladies XO

  7. Wait, what is Karena going through that is personally challenging right now? Everything okay?

  8. I was home sick, not able to push through the cardio portion of todays workout and this video just turned my whole vibe around! Not feeling guilty about missing my 25 minute run and just in an all around better mood! Thank you!!

  9. LOVED THIS! As I drink my bourbon with lemon juice, mint and honey…. And I just want to say- as a fellow 30something married bossbabe who is still on the fence about Baby time… THANK YOU for continuing in your own time! :) I’ve been married almost 4 years and that question is something I still struggle with. I rebel a bit at the societal pressure to have a baby by now. I have no doubt that a kiddo would be great and think mamas are AMAZING, but I’m just loving life in this moment!!! I was at the 2015 retreat when you brought up the baby question and said we’d be the first to know (and Mama Jane had some objections to that!!!), and I still admire how you both are continuing to live life by the day, have fantastic relationships with your men, and march to the beat of your own drums. Love you girls, thanks for everything you do for this community!!! xoxo Annieappy

  10. K&K you seriously make my day! (hah RHYMED!) You guys are so funny and silly. Cracks me up! I always look forward to wine not Wednesdays! :)

  11. Had a really bad day at work today and about to lose my job to mass lay offs. Been feeling discontented in my work lately and now I’ve accumulated so much extra stress as I figure out next steps. This video had perfect timing!!! Needed to hear some advice in this today.

  12. So cute and so fun to watch while getting ready for work! Katrina, please advise where your top is from, I love it!

  13. Thank you for this & a reminder! Oman you girls literally are the best *on bucket list* Meet Karena & Katrina one day :)

    I am trying to build my own decorating blog and business as we speak! Its scary but I definitely don’t see myself at an office job or working for someone else my entire life. Also I really love the concept of embracing that its not cheating, I need to remind myself of this but know in moderation and to kick it back in gear the next day. Do not obsess if you enjoy life even for a few days just don’t stop or give up on your life style. Which is healthy and fit and happy :)

    Love you girls

  14. You ladies are too cute! :) Always looking forward to Wine not Wednesday and this video was great to watch! :)
    Thank you for everything you do and for being real.
    Love you ladies. xoxo

  15. Love Wine Not Wednesday! I especially appreciate your positive, healthy, and loving advice to the TIU community. Thank you!
    Kat, now come to Portland, Oregon and be my wingwoman! :)

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