Wine Not Wednesday ~ Play the Humming Game With Us!

Aaaand I will always love youuuuu ♪♫💗

Kat and I are back playing the humming game! We’ve played it once before with our friends at Qalo, you can watch it HERE! This game is SO much fun! We promise we get better as we go on too!

Here’s how to play ~ one of us listens to a song and hums it so the other can guess it. We add in some charades and dance moves too! If you guess the song right you get a point, and whoever gets the most points wins! If you get it wrong, you have to drink your wine…or maybe you should drink if you get it right haha 😉

Next time you get together with your girlfriends, make a playlist and play this game! Make sure to share your video with us on Insta too, we want to watch ’em!



P.S. Who else has a particular look when they sing a song? Apparently, I have a Cardi B face 😂

You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!


  1. Ahhhh! You ladies had me laughing hysterically!! I’m in charge of games for a girls get together this weekend!! I’m going to have to add this! Love you ladies!! <3

  2. We play a version of this called “Name That Cluck” where you have to cluck like a chicken. 🐔

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