Wine Not Wednesday ~ Tone It Up Travels!

Hey babe! Happy Wine Not Wednesday…grab a glass and get ready cuz we’re about to tell you some stories we’ve never told before! Kat and I are talking all about our favorite Tone It Up trips and some of our wildest travel stories 😂

Getting chased through the jungle in Puerto Rico, train adventures in the South of France, and filming Beach Babe in Hawaii and Turks and Caicos…we hold all these memories so close to our hearts because they’re all a special part of the TIU story! And of course the trip of a lifetime — the Tone It Up Tour. That was the best one of all because we got to see you and experience the magic of your city ✨ We’re getting SO excited for Studio Tone It Up Live — the ultimate girls’ day — comin’ up soon. You can reserve your spot and come work out with us HERE!

Check out some of our fave travel spots below and make sure to share your recommendations and where you think we should travel to next in the comments! And we wanna hear your crazy travel stories 😜



You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!

Same of our fave travel pics & top spots~


If you’re ever in Oahu, you HAVE to go to Haleiwa Joe’s on the North Shore. Their coconut shrimp is amazing!

Filming Beach Babe in Turks & Caicos

The Conch Shack in Turks & Caicos

The Conch Shack has live music on Wednesday nights ~ so much fun! And on Thursdays, there is a street fair called Fish Fry!


We love Cabo & Playa del Carmen!


With our girlfriend Nicole Hill at Sandals Resorts!

Where should we travel to next?! Tell us in the comments ✈️


  1. Come to Switzerland, to beautiful Interlaken. We have it all, Lakes, Mountains, cute Villages, big Cities and lots of Adventures, the best Chocolate and Cheese in the whole World! ;-) xo

  2. Love this video so much!
    My family goes to The Reserve at Paradius Punta Cana twice a year-it’s so beautiful and the vibe is relaxed and happy.
    I also love Tel Aviv!

  3. Guys, you need to come to the UK!! I live in a beautiful seaside town, so many gorgeous beaches, countryside,good shopping and things to do!!! Happily show you round all the good cocktail bars 🥂

  4. Come to Switzerland – Zurich! Beautiful city, surrounded by amazing nature……. Karena, it’s great for hiking;)

  5. Come visit us in Cleveland. You can check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  6. The uk or Australia for a tour, but give the community plenty of notice so I can make sure I’m in the right country!

  7. You gals are the cutest! When I win the bikini series I’m going to take my hubby to The Bahamas or St. Lucia with Sandals. Wow just looking at their website looks like so much fun. I spent a few days in Cinque Terre after college-what a fun place!! Definitely go back to Florence and drink wine watching the sunset at Piazza Michelangelo, the Boboli Gardens. In Tuscany–do the wine tour/truffle hunt at at Ruffino with Juilio the Truffle Hunter (as seen on the bachelor) and wine and lunch or dinner at Antinori winery. We honeymooned in Italy and it will always be one of my favorite places :) Love you gals<3

  8. Hi girls, love this video so much. You have traveled to some amazing places. I would personally love you to come to Scotland. I remember Kat saying that she wanted to visit places with history. Well Scotland has lots of that. We have beautiful coastlines, mountains, lochs, historical sites, So many castles and plenty of forests to hike in. Please come to the uk one day. Xx

  9. Hi babes just wanted to start off saying that you girls are the cutest I just can’t get enough of these awesome videos thanks for always being so genuine and funny! I truly enjoy laughing with you babes! 😂 I’ve been to Europe and I also can’t wait to go back! It was one of my favorite trips! Watching some of the clips from the TIU TOUR made me remember one of the best time of my life, was when you girls came to MIAMI and I got the opportunity to go on stage and workout with you hot babes 😍🤣 OMG one of my dreams came true that day! 🙌🏻OMG that day sure was LIT 😂🔥 and it happened to fall on my birthday 🎈

    You girls are so inspiring and have shown me how to love myself for all that I am these past few years! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you and the rest of the TIU team!!!😅💗 Cheers to your success girls! 🍾 If I were to ever win a TIU challenge, I would like to go to a sandals resort in either Turks and Caicos or Greece! Thanks for sharing all of your adventures with us I LOVED this video😘 can’t wait for you girls to announce more TIU TOUR dates for this year! Also, I can’t wait to visit California I’m planning a trip August with my best friend 😁any suggestions of fun places to go too and winery?

    1. Awww this means the world to us! Miami was the BEST day!!! 🤗 You’re going to have so much fun in Cali! We put together a list of our fave places in LA HERE! xxo

  10. Girls, if you wanna experience something outstandingly unique and magical, go to Traena Festival in Norway (summertime). Traena is a very small and sweet island surrounded by glaciers in the rough sea at the polar circle. You reach there by speed boat and if you re lucky you will be accompanied by wales :) Once there you can enjoy the great hospitality of the locals, kids asking you to carry your luggage in a small “Boller-wagon” where you gonna stay. You can either sleep in tents wherever on the island you want (because its so small) or get a separate section in the local gym or find a family who is offering a room. The next days gonna be full of amazing concerts on the island. Traena Coffee is something you have to try in case you re cold ;-) The last day there will be a special concert on the neighbor island Sana in a cave. You get there by small boats and have to hike up through a tunnel in the mountain which is enlightened by tea candles and people sing or play contemplatively or tell fairy tales from the north. Since its summer time the sun wont go down completely and dunks the nature into surreal light, like if you were in a romantic movie. Not to forget the phenomenal pictures you could take there. Last thing to rhapsodize about: the people. If ve never seen such friendly, open locals who welcome thousands of strangers home at their small island. Hope I was able to water your mouths! Go there, you wont regret that experience :) Best wishes Ta

  11. You really need to come to Cologne, Germany!! You can explore the beautiful dome, it’s the third biggest church building in the world. And you can eat a lot of nice things in Cologne, from cupcakes to acai bowls – everythings great. Would love to meet you there.<3 Best wishes girls, Louisa

  12. Talk about a great way to get even more excited for a trip to Florence and Cinque Terre in June!!! And, I’ll be with one of my TIU besties, so you better believe we will be getting in some TIU workouts! <3

  13. I love this! Talking about Hawaii brought me back to when I lived there with my sister. Being there helped me get through a rough time and heal my anxiety…that place is magical, no joke!

  14. Come to new jersey ! Pleaseeeeee! I love when winnie is in the videos ! Hes so cute

  15. If you guys go to Australia, please take me with you! I’ll work for free as long as necessary to repay the debt and my availability is wide open! 😉

  16. I love this video!!! So adorable and fun!! I would LOVE to go to Sandals Exuma…been looking into for a vacation either this year or next year (now that hurricane season is creeping up)

  17. We are doing our final big trip this summer-Italy. We are going to Florence, Naples, Venice, and Rome. Going all out. I say final because we are planning on starting a family after this trip. ;-)

  18. This makes my Wednesday night! I also love love loved Cinque Terre 😍😍 I would go back in a heartbeat – the pesto was to die for! I would say come to Connecticut but that won’t win over austrailia :) I hope you have a blast on the TIU Tour, I went to NYC last year and I was amazing! This year I had terrible luck and I’m going to be in LA for the first time when you are in NY and in NY when you are in LA 😭 I was planning on scoping out Manhattan Beach because it feels so close to my heart because of all of you! When I win the bikini series I would want to go to Hawaii to see what Karena loves so much! Have a great night K&K and thank you for all you do 💕

  19. I love cruising! 🛳 Do you have any recommendations on how to eat healthy with the sometimes limited food options? We did make some yummy homemade salsa and guacamole (and margaritas 😉) while in Cozumel and the flowers in Honduras were beautiful!

  20. Omg I almost got left at a castle in Germany! High school trip and as we walked back to the bus i looked up and couldnt find anyone. My passport was in the hotel and i didnt know how i would even contact my group. I halled booty huffing and puffing in panic mode and found my group right as they were closing the doors!

  21. This video made me smile and laugh so much!! Made me want to plan my next vacation!! I really want to visit Bermuda! And when I win… oh many they are all amazing.. Barbados maybe?

  22. Please come back to Hawaii and have a meet and greet!! I would love to meet and work out with you girls! 💕

  23. Please come back to Hawaii and have a meet and greet!! I would love to meet and work out with you girls! 💕

  24. Love y’all so much! Y’all need to come to Lafayette Louisiana and eat some boiled crawfish!! So good y’all would love it!😍

  25. Australia girls! The nature here is so amazing, I’m from Amsterdam and my bf from France from which the first is Def worth a visit also. But we live in Adelaide now and just the hills and the beaches are beyond! Hiking, visiting the wineries. We always compare it to the Provence 😍

  26. Ladies you must include the London in the UK in your next TIU Tour. So many girls would love meet you and say thank you for this community!

  27. RK says:

    My Boyfriend is currently stationed in Hawaii on Oahu! I have been to visit a few times and I love it there! I love the North Shore and Haleiwa Joe’s IS SO GOOD!

  28. Costa Rica!! It’s one of the best trips I’ve ever been on! Everyone is so friendly and the beaches are wonderful. <3

  29. Come to Ohio! Heart of the United States! Love you girls and hearing about your travels!! xoxo

  30. Next time you go back to Oahu you NEED to go to Kalapawai in Kailua!!!! Hands down THE BEST restaurant I’ve ever been too! I still dream about it 2 years later and drool over their Instagram wishing I could go back! We spent 1 week in Kailua and literally went here about 4 times for lunch (french dip and pastrami sandwich!!! <3 ) and 4 times for dinner! Had the best seared ahi ahi two nights on the run with completely different flavours each night. Cannot believe this tiny cafe/deli in such a quiet town serves such amazing food and has chefs that can recreate the meal overnight and be just as amazing! And Kailua and Lanikai beaches are beautiful and so chilled, so worth the stopping if you're not staying here. xxx

  31. I had to work the day of your DC tour date last year (and was close to baby’s due date) so please come back here! There’s so much in the area around DC – The Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway are some of the most beautiful places ever.

  32. Well since Sandals doesn’t have a resort in Puerto Rico (want to go there to learn more about my husband’s heritage), my next place would be to St Lucia or Antigua! These are on my husband’s and I’s bucket lists! We enjoy traveling and learning about the different parts of the world and seeing all of God’s beauty! Can’t wait to fulfill these dream of ours!

  33. I’m doing the entirety of the bikini series between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia, where I’m currently on archaeological excavations. You definitely need to visit both countries, especially the islands of Crete, Santorini and Aigina in Greece and Lake Ohrid in Macedonia!

  34. You guys have already seen so many awesome places, and the world is just so beautiful wherever you go, but I do feel Scandinavia has a lot to offer, and is really sort of a hidden gem since we’re kind of hidden up here in the north. BUT the nightless nights during summer when the sun barely sets even in southern Finland are just something so special. Of course, I’m biased because I’m from here, but it is beautiful. And the Archipelago, Lapland and our forests, just the nature is amazing. We also have the cleanest air in the world, so that’s gotta be worth something :D

  35. Please come to Pittsburgh! We have lots of fun things to do and great restaurants that are lean, clean and green, many options for stage/workout set up and bridges…so many bridges!

  36. For the next tour come to Omaha or Kansas City!!! I’d love to work out and drink wine with both of you!!

  37. Some of my favorite places to vacay are…..Colorado, Okoboji, Arizona, Switerland, and Spain!!

  38. Come to Ireland! It’s raining most of the time but it’s so green and beautiful! ☘

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