Rosé with K&K in Jamaica! Beauty secrets, tanner, bootycalls, & hiccups!

We’re blown away…literally!! Today we’re sharing a new Wine Not Wednesday chat we filmed for you at the beautiful Sandals Resort in Jamaica and it was getting a little windy up in there!! Karena’s wine glass almost didn’t survive! 😂

Before things got too crazy, we answered all your questions — and you know we have no filter so it got real, real fast ;) We’re talking all about our favorite sunless tanners, our top beauty products of all time, our go-to M4 snacks, and how to motivate your #TIUhubby to work out with you. Bobby had some ideas on that one 😉  And…you wanted to know how much coffee we really drink. Karena sometimes has 6 shots of espresso in a day and I’m not far behind her!

Now raise a glass ~ or a bottle ~ and join us in Jamaica!!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

More tips from our chat ~

Our fave beauty products ~ We’re both obsessed with coconut oil and the Mermaid Mask!

Getting your #TIUhusband to be your TIU workout buddy ~ Find something you both love to do! It could be playing tennis or joining a dodgeball league or even taking brisk walks to get coffee! You can also recruit him to do our new BOBBY CALL HIIT Workout. Bobby was such supportive TIU hubby & he was really feeling the burn. We’ve seen so many #TIUgirls doing this workout with their boo! Take a couples’ sweaty selfie after and share it with us on Insta #TIUteam.

Coconut macaroons ~ They’re our go-to M4 right now. SO delicious! We promised you a brand new recipe in the video and we’ve got one for ya!! Best news: It’s 7 Day Slim Down approved!! We’re all doing the 7 Day Slim Down together starting June 19 and macaroons are part of the plan ;) What other Slim Down plan includes cookies…and pancakes and muffins?!  Learn more about the Slim Down HERE! And check back tomorrow on for the new recipe!

 How to overcome a plateau ~ We give our tips in the video above and have EVEN MORE advice from some of our #TIUgirls in this post HERE!

Thanks for hangin’ with us! What workouts do you do with your TIU boo? How much coffee do you drink a day? And who else grabs their boobs when someone asks them a question? ;) Tell us in the comments!!


  1. 3 shots of espresso, stat! I add almond milk and spices…I love the healthy recipe on TIU for Pumpkin Spice Latte and sometimes I throw in turmeric also.

  2. I am all about cold brew as a caffeine fix – black with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg! Love the advice on getting the #TIUboo to be a workout buddy. We’re both active, but sometimes it’s tough to find something we both love to do!

  3. I thought I drank a lot of coffee! haha Usually, I have 4 oz of strong coffee and add almond milk and a little pure maple syrup for sweetness!

  4. Does anyone know the under eye cream brand and name that K&K were talking about on the last wine not Wed with Emily? Thanks! 😀

  5. I love my coffee black but it’s bad for my stomach. I put a tsp of 1/2 n 1/2. Is that TIU kosher?

  6. The tiuhubby and I love to do everything together, whether it’s tennis or riding bikes or hiking. 😊 I’ve actually cut back my coffee this bikini series to about a cup and a half (can I count it as one if it all fits in one mug?) 😄 I use a little almond milk, stevia and I love my collagen peptide proteins. My fave M1 is coffee with 3 mini muffins. 💖 I make all my muffins mini because I feel like I am eating more! 😁

  7. This post was so much fun!!! Thank you girls for always being so candid!! That wind was crazy!!!

  8. I was grinning from ear to ear watching this. Thanks for the great laugh, ladies! Way to sacrifice yourselves (but not the rosé!) for the sake of WNW! And yes, as a 38DD, I hold my girls whenever I have to do any kind of swift movement. Otherwise, I’ll give myself two black eyes!

  9. Everyone should have friends like you guys, seriously gives us hope that girls can build other girls up the way you both do for each other!

  10. K&K!
    Back to the 7DSD question: how often do you do it and do you stick to the 7DSD or 5DSD? Looking forward to the new recipes!

    Love you babes!

    1. Hi Tanya!! We don’t do the Slim Down that often, just when we’re prepping for something big like filming the Bikini Series ;) You can do it for 5 or 7 days. We’re answering tons of 7DSD questions HERE! Can’t wait to do the Slim Down with you! xxo

  11. Love you ladies – which self tanners do you use exactly? I’ve read a ton of review of both Bondi Sands and St. Tropez and I don’t know what to get!

  12. I have a question, when you talk about journal, do you write down what you ate during the day or do you write down to plan ahead what you should eat? Or both?

    Thanks :-)

  13. Loved this! Quick question – do you do AM & PM workouts everyday? I usually just do the workout posted in the schedule for the day all at once in the morning, but wondering if splitting them up to do something in morning and night is best? For example w/ this Thursday’s workouts, doing Absolutely Bootyful in the AM then 20min cardio in PM?

    1. Hi Kaitlin! You can do whatever works best for your schedule so if you like to do the full workout in the morning, go for it!!

  14. As far as journaling, do you think it’s better to write it out opposed to logging foods into an app such as MyFitnessPal?

    1. Hi Candice!

      We recommend doing whatever works best for you! We like to stay accountable by writing in our journals ;)

    1. Yea, except I really hope you come to Australia, (Queensland, Brisbane) hopefully. :)😘

  15. Thanks for sharing all your great tips! I love answering your questions, getting to read everyone’s responses, and better yet, reading K&K’s response to their questions!! This community is so involved and it’s so awesome! So for me, my whole #TIUlife is now revolving around my baby girl. I’m nursing, so I limit coffee to 1/2 a cup each morning with a little coconut milk (then it’s water alllll day). My #TIUhubby is a carpenter, so he stays pretty active 6 days just from working. And I grab my boobs more now than I ever have, just because they’re full of milk! Haha. Oh, and pretty please come to Houston!!!

  16. Hey Karena and Kat,
    I’m having a celebration for my Birthday and I really like yur Rose,
    I was wondering which type of Rose do you gurls drink? Also, I love your outfits and the inspo you gurls have for all of us. You have helped all of us become better women and we thank you for that. Luv you both😘

  17. Hello!!

    Loved the video!!!
    I was wondering if yall have done a video about how your periods (or if you could?) challenge you with your lifestyle or things you can do to help with symptoms? I have been having problems with my cycle and I was wondering how yall deal with the stress/annoyance of them and how you stay motivated to do your workouts??

    Thank you!!

    1. Hey!
      The 7 Day Slim Down Workout is perfect for banishing bloat during your cycle. I’ve also found that meditating in the morning and at night helps me to de stress. (Look at Karena’s Morning Routine) also, I also get annoyed with mine especially coming up to an event. But to deal with the annoyance, I like to just be with my gurlfriends and just laugh about it. My Best Friend and I have a code word for if we are in public and there is an ‘accident’, the code word is WATERMELON. So she might be like, “your WATERMELON” and so coming up with code words, jokes, laughing and sometimes having a gurls night is a perfect way to deal with your cycle. To stay motivated, I like to look at TIU quotes, watch Rose with K+K, do TIU workouts (this is a great way to get rid of cramping but you become happy so you stay motivated). I hope this helps. Keep powering through girl, we’re all with you gurlfriend.
      xx :)

    1. Hey,
      After watching ALOT (and I mean ALOT) of Rose with K&K, I have heard them mention enough that they use Bondi Sands. Also, I have and still use Bondi Sands before I go to the beach, before a modelling shoot, a celebration or any special occasion (even my Birthday sometimes). Bondi Sands is extremely good and trustworthy. I would recommend exfoliating yourself first though before you self tan. Hope this helps. (in fact, writing this has ‘inspired’ me to go and self tan, I think I call my TIU GURL PAL to join me :P)
      xx ;)

        1. Hey Sandra,
          I use the foam. It applies well and it’s the easiest to control the amount out of the foam, dry oil and tanning milk. Hope you have fun self tanning. (to apply use the self tanning mitt or apply it with your hands but put on plastic gloves, also ask one of your friends or family member to apply it to places you can’t reach like your back)
          xx :)

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