What Love Your Body Means To Us ~ Must-Watch New Video

“The most important thing to know about loving your body, especially here in the Tone It Up community, is that it doesn’t matter the size, the shape, the color. And just knowing that we’re here together and that we love everybody and EVERY body.” ~ Karena 

Today we’re sharing something really special with you. We created this video with our girls and your TIU App trainers to share our inspiration behind the Love Your Body Series and what it means to each of us. We want you to know that you are beautiful, breathtaking, and brilliant right now as you are. No one else is like you and your unique superpowers are a gift to the world ✨

So we want to know…what does love your body mean to you? Tell us below in the comments! We can’t wait to read them!

Special thank you to our babes Tori, Chyna, Chevy, Stef, Ariel, Michelle, Sophia, and Veena for being part of this with us!

We love you and this team so much! 💜




  1. I love my strength and overall good health! I have struggled with being overweight most of my adult life. I have never hated my body though just wanted to make it better and healthier plus look good in my clothes! I am loving the superfoods and have a pretty healthy pantry now and feel 100% better eating according to the challenge guidelines. Can I just say what I love about K&K and all the trainers? Your smiles are my favourite part of you guys!!!

    1. Awww thank you Mary!! Your positivity and beauty shines through in this message! Love you so much! xxo

  2. “Love your body” means being happy and content with who you were, who you are today, and who you will be. It’s about loving your body for all that it does and all that it’s given you. It’s appreciating strength, endurance, health, happiness and everything in between.

  3. I’m crying at work over this it’s FINE 😅. Seriously though. This community has bene so instrumental in helping me evolve the way I look at, talk to, and behave towards myself. I used to think that all of the love, support, and encouragement from you all wasn’t really meant for me, because I never felt like I had a dramatic enough outward transformation to show for the years I’ve spent as a nutrition member or as a member of this community in general. It’s take me five years to realize that any positive transformation STARTS from love, it’s not what I’ll feel when I reach an arbitrary goal to look a certain way. I’ve created so many blocks for myself because I felt like love and acceptance were conditional and had to be earned. I never realized how much I was hurting my own progress from viewing exercise as a form of punishing myself or as a means to an end, and spending entire workouts criticizing myself for not already being fitter or stronger or more toned.

    At the beginning of last year I set a goal for myself to rewrite that voice in my head that wanted to put myself down, and work on healing the disconnect between my brain and the rest of my body. I’m still working on that every single day, but the support from this community and all of the amazing trainers has been crucial to that. Even if I never have any outward transformation photos to show, I know that the internal work I’ve done and will keep doing every day is the most important work I can do, loving my body from the inside out. This series is so, so special and meaningful to me and I am so grateful for you 💕.

    1. Love Your Body means taking care of body, mind, spirit, and soul. This series helps each of us to do this. We have a vessel that allows us to communicate with the world around us, and to take care of it, foster growth, and support others in their journeys helps us to live our best lives. Thank you Tone It Up Trainers for helping us live our best lives!! Your support, recipes, conscious products, meditations, and workouts have made a huge impact on my life (my career, health, fitness, community), and thatnk you TIUteam for all of your support, motivation, and words of wisdom!!!

      1. Love Your Body is cleansing your soul inside/out. If your soul is not pretty, then everything else around you is not pretty as well. It’s essential to look closely into your soul and check off the areas that are bitter so that once all the bitterness goes way, everything else will fall into place. I loved watching Katrina’s baby. That brought tears into my eyes because I feel happiness when I see the baby and how much I longed for my husband’s and mine’s one day. I pray that one day, I will get to have the one piece of my husband that’s beyond incredible and amazing. We would be creating love that came from us, the love that has strengthen us as a married couple over the years. Love conquers all.

      2. Love this message Katelyn! We’re all here to support each other as we love our bodies through this series and every day! xxo

    2. Alex that is so so special to hear! You are absolutely right ~ it all starts from within and how you speak to yourself. You are gorgeous, strong, brilliant, and powerful — and you deserve all the love in the world. We love you!! xxo

  4. CRYING at the desk. Thank you girls for this community, the growth of it is outstanding and it really is just the best team of girls ever! thank you K&K love you

    1. Theresa that means SO much to us! Thank YOU for being such a special part of this community. We love you so much 🤗

  5. Loving my body means showing it grattitue and grace. I know how strong and capable it is, and am so proud of the things I have achieved with it. I move it, nourish it, and let it rest daily. More than ever I LOVE MY BODY!

  6. Loving my body means fueling it with the nutrition that uplifts my mood and provides me energy to tackle the day. I love my strength and the confidence I have… I owe that all to Tone It up and the TIU Community.

  7. I cried through this entire video. All of you are wonderful and every single beautiful lady in our tiu community inspire me every single day. ❤️

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