What If I Slip Up During the Bikini Series?

Don’t sweat it! 💦

It happens to ALL of us! We know how it feels to have a few days when we get off track with our workouts or we eat something that isn’t on the Tone It Up Plan. Throughout the next 8 weeks, you may have those days…and that’s totally OK! We’re all human and we’re all in this together. The Tone It Up Plan is a lifestyle and it includes celebrations, birthdays, events, slip-ups, and days that are unexpected.

The most important thing to know about slip-ups is that we don’t want you to feel guilty. You’ll actually never hear us use the phrase “cheat day.” Because it’s not cheating to have a slice of cake at your girlfriend’s birthday, or ice cream on a date, or some champagne at a celebration. That’s just enjoying your life, and we never want you to feel bad about that! If you feel bad, it could lead to more slip ups or just not-so-awesome feelings…but you have to know, you ARE AWESOME.

And slip-ups are totally natural. Think about it: Anytime you try a new challenge there are some setbacks. The first time you rode a bike as a kid, you probably didn’t get it right away. There were some falls (and maybe some scratched knees) along the way, but you got back on and did it! The Bikini Series Challenge is the same way. If you slip, it’s not the end of the challenge. We never want you to feel like all is lost or that all your hard work so far has gone to waste. It hasn’t at all!

Slip-ups come at the right time when we need them because having an off day will make us appreciate those days when we’re ON! And we’ll learn from those days and bounce back even stronger!!

With our tips below, we’re showing you exactly how to bounce back and continue rocking this Bikini Series!!

Not a Monday?! Not a problem!

We know this saying all too well… “I’ll start again on Monday!” Why not today? If you miss a workout or have a heavier meal or a treat on a Wednesday, you don’t need to wait until the next week or even the next day to bounce back. You can start fresh at the next meal or workout.

Tone It Up Sandy Sweat Free HIIT Workout

HIIT it!

After some treats, your body has extra glycogen stored in your muscles. What does that mean? You’ll be able to get through those tough workouts! You can hit the weights for a full body routine or we love High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Try your new Bikini Series Sandy Sweat HIIT routine HERE! It will boost your metabolism like crazy!

Tone It Up Best Healthy K Kale SaladVeg out

If you have a heavy dinner, just have a lighter breakfast and pack plenty of greens into your meals the next day. The Coconut Kale Beauty Smoothie is the perfect M1 to bounce back. Try it HERE! Then have a piece of fruit for M2 and a salad with tons of greens for lunch. (K&Kale Salad, anyone?) This will give your digestive system a break from heavy foods and refuel your bod with nutrients. You’ll feel so vibrant and refreshed!

Raise a glass…of water!

After lots of social events, traveling, and possibly a few cocktails, your body is dehydrated. It’s time to replenish! Focus on drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day. This means if you weigh 150 pounds, aim for at least 75 ounces of water. We love adding natural flavors to our water like cucumber, mint, and lemon. This Cucumber Spa Water is so refreshing and it will give you Zen vibes! All you need is a massage! ;)

Bounce back even stronger

Every slip-up is an opportunity to learn, and learning to bounce back is key to your success. I found myself having things I didn’t want to eat at social events. I’d have chips with guac and salsa at a restaurant or some of Brian’s sweet potato fries. I didn’t consider it part of my day because I didn’t order it. I didn’t even notice how much I was having fried food until I challenged myself to nix it for the Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge. I noticed my pattern, and I learned to make a few small changes that made a huge difference.

I swapped the chips and buttery crackers for veggies (cucumbers, carrots, & baby peppers) with guac, hummus, or salsa. The chips are just a vessel for the dips anyway, right?! I started asking for steamed Brussels or poké without wontons at restaurants and I let Brian keep his fries!; ) If you’re out with friends and everyone is eating foods that don’t fit with your TIU lifestyle, it’s best to say you’re just not in the mood for something so there’s no peer pressure to veer away from your goals.

Be proud of YOU!!

Our best advice is to be proud of your accomplishments! Just by doing the Bikini Series you’re doing something incredible for you. We’re so proud of you! You’ve got this!



Are you doing the Bikini Series with us?! It’s not too late to sign up! Join us HERE to feel strong, fit, & confident this summer. You’ll get tons of support and tips just like this!

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How do you deal with slip ups? Share your advice to the TIU team!


  1. Thank you TIU for making it okay to slip up! Without such motivation and encouragement its so much harder to get back on track.

  2. Such perfect timing! After five days away, I need to get right back on schedule. You ladies read my mind and know exactly what to say when I need guidance. Thanks for all that you do!

    1. Do you have to deal with slip ups?
      If so.. You will find love inspiration motivation and support here in the community and over on Instagram. All of us have bad days. And I am glad that I can say this because my live is not easy right now.
      We are one huge community and every single one of us (I guess) had/ have problems to deal with something. And because of this huge community there will be always one that can support you! If you think you can’t do, come to TIU! We are here for you

  3. Great tips! Like Anne of Green Gables says: “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

  4. What a great post! Super inspiration and super true for all of us! No more “cheat days” and more “I’m not in the mood for that” days! Thank you K&K <3 <3

  5. I am so glad you posted this. This is my first time around on the bikini series and it has been a challenge even in the first week! Thanks for the motivation and being honest that slip ups happen. :) :) !

  6. I love this post, guys. This attitude is so key for powering through the Bikini Series (and life, uh duh) because not only is it positive, it’s straight up realistic. Just the right amount of structure and room for life’s unpredictability.

    Not to mention, I’m 3 years runnin’ in the Bikini Series train and this one is my favorite so far! I’m loving how supportive everyone in the community is. I kook forward to more cool posts both on here and on Instagram.

    Lots of love and kale from Thailand,

    1. Hey Immy!! Amazing! And so happy to hear :) We’re going to rock this challenge together!

  7. Yes! Much needed, it was my best girlfriend of all birthday – my mom! – and we shared a few glasses of wine but also made healthy smoothies the next day 🤗

  8. This post, for me, comes in the right time! Last week I started my first Bikini series, but the week wasn’t so good for me. Bouncing back into a fitter and healthy routine after my vacation is hard! So last week I started with will power but it disapeared very quikly. On my way to work this morning, on the bike, ( with a healthy breakfast in my tummy and a homemade salade in my bag for lunch) I told myself; second week, second change. You got this. And now, I’m ready to work out after my work, so reading this gives me even more energy to face this challenge head on! Thank you girls so much for everything you do for all us girls out there, trying to be fit and healthy!
    You helped me become fitter and learned to love working out. 18 kilo’s down, 9 to go. Let’s see what this challenge brings me <3

    And to all the girls put there; we've got this!!!

  9. I LOVE this article!! I needed these words in my life yesterday; it was so hard. I had a few ‘slip ups’ last week and am travelling next week. It took so much focus on positive energy to just think about how we are all still moving forward and it doesn’t matter if some days are really hard. Some days, all you can do is take a really long walk and make the best food choices you can despite all the crappy feelings. I woke today to completing an EPIC bootycall and running an extra mile as fast as I could on my lunch break.

    Thank you so much Karena and Katrina and the TIU community for changing the way I relate to food and view my body. <3

  10. I feel like it’s kind of confusing because you are saying that there is no cheat day and that you want us to have a glass of champagne on a date or a slice of cake at a birthday party…but then you call those things a slip up. If they are ok every once in a while, how is it a slip up? To never slip up wouldn’t that mean we would have to say no to lots of champagne and cake and doughnuts and ice cream and other things that you say are “enjoying your life?”

  11. I so needed to see this. My week 1 was pretty much a bust due to an ear infection which I know isn’t my fault. But I was so upset because I wasn’t doing the workouts and I felt like I already failed this challenge. But after my husband reminding I’m human and seeing this article I know I can still rock the rest of the bikini series!

  12. YESSS! Love this post so much! Definitely takes time to learn how to live life and enjoy without guilt! No cheat days, all days are just living! Make the best choices you can day in and day out then when it comes time to celebrate a best girlfriend’s birthday you won’t feel guilty! I used to feel SO guilty after a celebration (to the point I would not even enjoy them!) but as long as you make it a special moment and follow the plan week to week those celebrations of life won’t undo your hard work <3 I also had a major win last Friday night and used carrot chips for guac and salsa when I had friends over for dinner ;) We've got this #TIUteam

  13. This post was very reassuring! I tend to beat myself up when I go off track. Thanks for reminding me to chill out!

  14. Super inspirational ladies!! We all need some pep talks once in awhile. My first #TIU bikiniseries. Loving your morning smoothie bowls, keep it up girls!!!

  15. Great tips! I’ve been wondering about this… It’s so hard for me to stay on track on the weekends and I felt so guilty about it. And my guilt wasn’t helping anything! And now I know what I can do if I do slip up. Thanks!

  16. I really needed this today! I usually push water, which always helps, but I love the tips about your mindset and refreshing with alllll da greens 🥗😋

  17. These tips are awesome! I appreciate how much the TIU team loves and encourages one another❤️

  18. Great tips! I love the emphasis on loading up on the green veggies – especially after a night of imbibery!! All that chlorophyll is great for detoxification :) Pass the kale salad!! :)

  19. Thank you for this, it was perfect and refreshing to read. I want to say that TIU has helped me banish that guilt, or the heaviness I give myself after slip ups. It is very liberating and makes the process all that more fun and enjoyable. Thank you! Xoxo

  20. I started to almost tear up, had to stop myself because I’m at work – but it gets you right in that soft squishy heart place. I love this lifestyle, my life is So much better since I found Tone It Up and have continued to grow and learn with it. This aspect, the not feeling guilty and bouncing back because a slip up isn’t the end of anything, it really changed everything. Ugh, I could rant about my love for TIU so I’ll just say – THANK YOU. I LOVE THIS. <3 <3 <3

  21. LOVE this! This is actually why I joined TIU this year. I’d toyed around with the idea for a while and after 10 weeks with a personal trainer on an incredibly restrictive diet, a month of counting calories and seeing minimal results, I finally joined. I loved the idea of things not being a “cheat”. It’s all about balance and trying to cut pasta out of my life completely or chocolate or wine or cookies just wasn’t going to happen. Instead, with TIU, I’ve learned that it’s alla bout balance. I can eat those things, in moderation, at the right time of the day. Plus, so far, I’ve loved ALL the recipes. Those blueberry chia muffins? No way those things are healthy! DANG! Thank you, Katrina and Karena – I love this whole thing and I’m ready to kick butt on Week 2! (kmj_tiu on insta)

  22. Such a timely message. I was just reflecting on how I almost quite Bikini Series (I’ve never finished one) because I slipped up Saturday and Sunday. But this year my WHY was to fully commit to something. To get back on the horse even when I slip off. And to see it all the way through. Thanks for reinforcing that for me today :) Love you ladies!

  23. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation! These are all great tips just in case those days/meals come up. I was feeling pretty anxious about the weekend and the meals but I did great :-)

  24. Needed this today, been a little naughty with my meal choices over the holiday weekend… Always made it up with a good breakfast and lunch next day – which helps me not feel guilty when I’ve eaten a heavier or not clean, lean, green dinner. My resolution is much stronger moving into week 2 – and I’ll definitely use these tips in case I fall off the wagon. Back on the meal plan I wrote out for meal prep Sunday from tomorrow AM. :) xx

  25. Thank you so much for posting this. I was feeling so down this weekend for missing a couple of days because I woke up with a pulled muscle on Friday and even just getting dressed would hurt! Back at it again today and feeling much better :)

  26. Thank you for posting this! I tend to go gung-ho the first couple of days I start something new and then feel like a failure when I screw up…which of course happened last week. I’m so thankful for all the encouragement and no judgement from the TIU family since I joined. Still anxious about the workouts and the meals, but hopefully it will all just click soon.

  27. I love how you guys post just what we need to hear at the perfect moment. Mi d readers 😉
    Yesterday I realized I was unprepared and didn’t prep enough food to cover Sunday and I ended up having a free sample slice of pizza at target (m3) and then made a veggie burger with sauteed potatoes at home for M5. I think being conscious and present if you slip up makes a world of difference instead of mindlessly grabbing something on the go. Now I don’t feel so bad since I’m right back on the wagon. 💕💕

  28. I’m so in love with this post! I always feel SO disappointed in myself when I fail to follow the plan or have some sugar during a challenge when we’re not supposed to. And then I just fell like giving up. It’s so refreshing to be reminded that we’re human and we all mistakes and even when it’s as small as indulging in a piece of chocolate or a cupcake, that these girls in this community love us anyway! For example, I went to a friend’s house for a get together and they ended up ordering a pizza for everyone. I felt bad being like, oh well I can’t have carbs after M3 (I mean, they’d probably be like, what is M3?!) and I felt so guilty. But I had to remind myself that I worked out that morning and the next day was Sunday Runday, I would be okay if I slipped up. So I ate one piece of pizza and then just ate the rest of my dinner off the veggie tray. But this post came right in time to remind me, it’s okay! Just get back on track and keep truckin’. Thanks K&K!

  29. Wondering if you girls have any tips for staying on track while out to restaurants?? I’m finding this the toughest place to stay on track as most social gatherings center around food and often are out at restaurants where healthier options are harder to find…or maybe even sometimes just harder to choose :) Would love any tips as this is my first bikini series and new to the TIU community

    1. I like to check out the menu ahead of time whenever possible. That way you go in with a solid idea of what you’re going to get and there’s no need to get tempted by other’s orders or by super yummy-looking photos in the menu haha. Hope it helps! If you happen to slip up, just like the article above says, get back on track by the next meal! Happy Bikini Series to you!! <3

  30. Agree with everyone else, thank you for making it ok to slip up. I found last week I “slipped” up twice last week by eating a large fruit bowl at night. I then caught myself asking why am i getting hard on myself for eating fruit? It’s not fried foods, sugar or fat. If I’m hungry or have a craving and I choose fruit, that is ok,a nd I was able to start over the next day. Turns out I still lost 2 pounds last week. That showed me it really is ok.

  31. This no “cheat day” is new to me and what an amazing perspective to have on it! It’s okay to have that slice of pizza with my hubby…I mean it pairs so perfectly with the wine and weather so why not!?! And the next day/meal I was right back where I want to be; TIU approved all day err day. Love this community :)

  32. Love this! I think that it is so important to enjoy life, have the wine, have the cake, and recognize that IT IS OK and then move on. I think an “all or nothing” attitude is why so many people fail on their fitness journeys. This Saturday night I had some wine and went out for a delicious pasta dinner with my husband. I skipped dessert because I was so full! Used to be that I would say “well, I already had the big dinner, might as well gorge on dessert too.” But I didn’t! Then yesterday I had a light breakfast and a delicious smoothie for my M3. Veggies and grilled protein for dinner. Felt good!

  33. I’m so glad you made this post! If I slip up I can come right back here and re read this so I dont completely get bent out of shape. Good luck TIU community!! I am so glad to be a part of you!! #tiubikiniseries

  34. It really does help to see that you too have slip ups:) We see you both with these beautiful bodies and think “well, they can’t possible sneak their husband’s fries, like I do”. I know you say that balance is important but it also helps to know that you all have cravings and slips ups as well:)! That said, I am trying hard not to have too many – but definitely don’t beat myself up anymore. Those days are over for me – thank goodness!! Thanks Katrina for keeping it so real with us!

  35. Thanks ladies 😌needed to hear this. I had a pizza lunch meeting last week! I filled most of my plate with the antipasto salad with half a slice of pizza…not gonna lie. Tried not to hate myself for the pizza. For dinner I had a big thing of water n a protein shake for dinner. Got right back on it the next day! 💪🏽

  36. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!!! My sister brough y’all to my attention only 3 weeks ago. Last night was my first meal plan, prep….and my anxiety was sky high. Meal prep bombed. I really needed this article today!

    1. Yes! I agree! It makes such a difference! It’s amazing to be reminded that we’re awesome… period. Even with slip ups, we’re still awesome. We don’t need to strive to be awesome & punish ourselves for slip ups before we can become awesome. We’re already awesome & always striving to care in the best way possible for our awesome selves by rewarding our bodies with healthy food & workouts! :) It’s been so enlightening me for to love my body NOW and think of rewarding my body by making it healthier with delicious nutritious meals & fun challenging workouts! ….rather than constantly thinking/being told that my body is gross/unacceptable now & I have to work out & starve myself with flavorless food & punish myself with exercise to MAKE myself awesome! We’re already awesome! :D

  37. Thank you for making this post! I love that you don’t use the word cheat day and how this is truly a lifestyle and their isn’t a reason to feel guilty. I was very sick last week for almost the whole week and i somehow felt guilty because I couldn’t do all I could but their isn’t a reason I should feel guilty. One day at a time and you can just strive to do the best you can :)

  38. Love the part about sneaking a few fries and thinking they don’t count because you didn’t order them. I literally was just telling my husband this morning how much I used to do that without realizing it! I challenged myself during the first week (and was really tested over the weekend) to stay 100% on plan. When I was faced with my husband’s non-plan meals and eating habits, I had to consciously choose not to sneak a bite. Can’t believe how much those add up over time and I honestly never realized how much I did it, until I stopped completely. WOW!

  39. Exactly what I needed to see today! Went on a surprise vacation last week and it threw me for a whirl regarding my workouts and meals. Thanks for this post!

  40. Thanks, K&K! You girls are amazing! Your positivity keeps me going every day! Here’s to rocking the TIU Bikini Series!!!

  41. Yes, thanks for your message ! I really needed to hear that. Feel much better when I stick to our Plan vs eating out.

  42. I love that there is no “cheat” day or meal. That we can enjoy a treat at a party or life event. Thank you for reminding us about balance!

  43. This post is a great one to keep in mind! I love the TIU outlook on healthy living. SO me! When I slip up I try to get active immediately…like take a walk or take the stairs…do anything to get my body moving. I also take a digestive enzyme…very helpful!

  44. This is spot on for me. Like you said, and as some of my other lovely tiu sisters have mentioned here, I never consciously think of things as “my” food if I don’t order them, and all of that adds up! I’ve been trying to log everything I eat, and this week am using a calorie counter just to really help my brain register all the “extras” that add up, so I can understand better the weight gain I have been experiencing. It’s so important to remember that for good and for bad, it’s all the little things we do or don’t do that add up to make a big difference!

  45. I love this post. Celebrating life and honoring myself and my body. Perfect balance, Perfect fit ;)

  46. Thank you for sending this emIl exactly when I was stress eating a cup of cheeze-its. One good thing about my slip ups like that is that I realize I really don’t feel any better afterwards so I’m less likely to repeat certain indulgences. You girls are the BEST for sticking by us like you do!

  47. I was a bit worried this weekend because my girlfriends surprised me with delicious chocolate cake and macarons for my birthday. I couldn’t refused the treats, of course, but I did feel a bit guilty throughout the weekend haha. And what a perfect timing this article is! Thanks for writing about slip up! Definitely needed to read this and be reminded that it’s okay and that I don’t need to wait till the beginning of the week to keep going with the Bikini series!

  48. oye what perfect timing…I got halfway through booty call this morning and an old recurring back injury flared up and I could finish. Just when I was hobbling around starting to feel down about it I saw this post. Thank you for the reassurance, tomorrow will be better! Now, back to rolling around on a yoga therapy ball….xo

  49. Thank you so much for this! This past weekend was rough. I over indulged on sugary alcohol on Friday and paid the price on Saturday. In addition, we were tasting cakes for our wedding all day Saturday, but Saturday night I ate a really clean light meal (at a Tex-Mex restaurant no less) and jumped back on Sunday morning. TIU has given me the tools to use my food for fuel not feelings.

  50. This is such a great post and the perfect reminder that this is a daily lifestyle filled with ups and downs! Thank you for creating a plan that is flexible for all TIU Babes and lifestyles. This busy momma has slip ups and amazing non TIU plan life moments… all the time AND I LOVE NOT FEELING GUILTY ABOUT THEM!!!!! XOXOXOX

  51. I love this post!! I’m known as the health nut at my office and there was a retirement party w/cake last week and I felt like all eyes were on me when I went for a piece. The people around me were like “ooooh, you eat cake?” Like I was committing the biggest sin ever. It was very uncomfortable so I left the party and ate my cake at my desk. I work hard and play hard dang it!! I’m eating my carrots and hummus as I type now. :)

  52. Thank you so much for this post!! It couldn’t of came at a better time. I had a few slip ups with my meals and workouts last week and was feeling super guilty. I definitely got right back on the challenge the next day but seeing this post reassured me that I could keep going and helped me remember this is a lifestyle change not a diet and It’s ok if we slip up. We got this ladies!!

    1. Do you have to deal with slip ups?
      If so.. You will find love inspiration motivation and support here in the community and over on Instagram. All of us have bad days. And I am glad that I can say this because my live is not easy right now.
      We are one huge community and every single one of us (I guess) had/ have problems to deal with something. And because of this huge community there will be always one that can support you! If you think you can’t do, come to TIU! We are here for you

  53. I think it’s safe to say we all needed this today! I slipped up a few times last week with my nutrition. I hadn’t meal prepped as much as I wanted to, and working in a sports bar, my TIU-approved options at work are quite limited. This week I am committed to fully meal prepping for my shifts and bringing nutritious (AND delicious!) meals with me!

  54. Normally I stick to things that I want to do but sometimes I slip up.. And that makes me feel worse! I have to learn to deal with it! And these tips are so helpful and I think I can twist them to fit into or better said get out of school or personal issues easier! TIU you are amazing and the whole community is incredible! I am so grateful that I found TIU one year ago!

  55. Thx K&K. It’s nice to know u both are human too. Great post and keeps everything real. We all want to follow the plan but some days life gets in the way. Great to know it’s ok to have an off day!!

  56. Thank you for letting us know that YOU also have slip-ups! We are all human and I love that about you ladies! XOXO!

  57. Love this post!! I have a question though – what are yalls thoughts on Beanito chips?! They are black bean chips – we eat them around our house instead of corn tortilla chips. Are they a good enough substitute?! Also, what’s your take on tortillas? Should I be opting for corn? I know that no tortilla is preferable, but what’s the best if I’m dying for something – corn or flour?
    Thanks ladies! Love yall and your support throughout this journey!! <3

    1. OH! And what’s the benefit of Ezekiel bread versus whole wheat/whole grain bread?! I’m on a grad student budget and I try to save money where I can haha let me know your thoughts!!

  58. Leave it to K&K to know exactly what to say to lift our spirits if we are being too hard on ourselves! Today I was tempted by tacos AND Reese’s at the office (it’s frustrating we have SO many treats everywhere but usually I can dodge them)… and Mondays are already tough enough! This post really helped me put everything in perspective. One of my fave quotes is “Turn your setbacks into comebacks.” Stay awesome, babes!

  59. Thank you K&K for the reminder that the perfect life includes the occasional treat or indulgence. There’s no reason to sacrifice your sanity for a bite or two of some ice cream, your favorite french baguette, or extra glass of Rose during on girl’s night. This journey is not about how many times or how hard we fall, it’s about how we get back up and bounce back. You rock, K&K! (and TIUHQ!)

  60. Thanks so much for this post – it was exactly what I needed to hear today ❤️. I love the support and encouragement that comes with this TIU Community!

  61. This is a great article. I struggled with bulimia for years, and today I slipped. It’s hard not to be tempted to go back to old, unhealthy behaviors. These behaviors are self-destructive and incredibly hurtful to not only my body but my psyche. Thank you TIU, for all the support and <3!!

  62. Thank you for posting that info. I haven’t slipped up yet but, it may happen. Its good to know how to handle it. Your the best! 😘

  63. This post could not have come at a better time! I had some unexpected circumstances come up this weekend and I was not able to get my Sunday Runday in. I still followed the meal plan all day, but I was too swamped with schoolwork and errands to fit that workout in. I definitely felt that sense of “guilt” and had to remind myself that tomorrow is a new day. Missing one workout is not going to ruin everything :) thank you Katrina and Karena for reminding us of that.

  64. I think this article has some really great points! My only problem is with the following statement:

    “If you’re out with friends and everyone is eating foods that don’t fit with your TIU lifestyle, it’s best to say you’re just not in the mood for something so there’s no peer pressure to veer away from your goals.”

    I think that you shouldn’t have to lie about why you are making healthy choices. I would much rather be loud and proud about my healthy decisions rather than hide them. If you have friends that have such a problem with you making healthy life choices, then cut them out! Instead, wouldn’t it be better to surround yourself with people who are inspired by your healthy decisions? Not try to set you back?

    Just my thought!! :)

  65. Perfect post! ❤️❗️Thank you. Got sick last week so I’ve missed working out & couldn’t eat. Finally feeling better and excited to wake up tomorrow to a new day and get back on it! 😉

  66. Oh my! So glad to read this on my lunch break. Especially since I work at Trader Joe’s and the breakroom always has non approved “treats”!!! Must resist!! 🙅🏼

  67. Yesterday happened to be my slip up but I don’t feel guilty. It was a family day filled with a birthday party and a company baseball game at our local team. But today, I went light with a salad. Thanks for the advice!

  68. This could not have come at a better time! I had such a strong start even though I was at a conference in Miami and then I fell off the wagon hard. It was becoming increasingly challenging to find time for a work out while travelling never mind trying to offset the huge amount of additional calories I consumed from the dinners and cocktails. Thanks ladies. I’m back home and looking forward to getting back on track!

  69. Thank you so much for this article! I had a really stressful week last week and a really busy weekend. I did really good with my meals, except for a few evenings I had more then just my meal 5. I enjoyed what I had and it was all healthy food but just more then what the plan includes. I didn’t feel guilty but of course you can’t help but feel that you didn’t give it your all. It’s so true though that these slip ups allow yow to improve that situation when it happens again and learn from it. I now realize how much eating or cravings I get when I’m stressed or when I’m rushing around and don’t take the time to evaluate the situation and understand where my hunger is coming from.

    Thank you for being so awesome and supporting so many women!! You are both so inspiring!!

  70. Already slipped up in week 1. Yikes! I was feeling bad but chose seeing some friends for lunch over a workout. I needed that time to laugh and relax. I promised myself I’ll make up for it tomorrow with some extra cardio and a very lean, clean and green day.

  71. Thank you so much! I needed some tips to cope with my traveling for fun. Now I know I can have a nice dinner on these travels, and what to do the next day!

  72. I have a question for the community – I’ve just signed up for the 8 week challenge, but I’m already a week and a half behind. Do I just jump right in to where the schedule is, or do I start with Day 1? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks! xx

  73. I’ve been avoiding reading this post – I thought it was going to be much more hard core! I’ve been sick, and today was my first workout since Thursday. It was weak, but this post really assuaged my guilt! Thank you for the reassurance that setbacks happen.. it’s what you do after that counts!

  74. I just had a donut this AM with my coworkers. It was my treat for the week. I don’t feel guilty. I’m just moving on and focusing on making the rest of the day LCG and getting in the live workout tonight.

  75. This post reminds me that not everyone is perfect and it’s okay to make a mistake. This community is so awesome and amazing that it makes the bikini series even more fun!

  76. So glad you ladies shared this post again. My first time reading this was last summer during my first Bikini Series as a follower and not yet a meal plan member. YAY! I joined the meal plan during the 👀💜 challenge. This entire community is so incredible and helpful, I ❣being a #tiugirl and hope to help others as much as this community has helped me.
    Our mistakes do NOT define us, but the do provide us with an opportunity to learn and grow.

  77. I love all of this! I couldn’t agree more and have always disliked the term ‘cheat meal’.
    I have been a tiu member for a loooong time, now. And for some reason just noticed the serving sizes on meals. I would usually make a recipe for my husband daughter and myself.
    Sooooo if it says ‘1 serving’ is that just for one person???
    If so, I have been doing this alllll wrong. For a long time;)

  78. This post was much needed today!!! Thank you! I just had a potluck at my church on Sunday and needed to hear these words. :) I’m proud that I chose TIU approved foods for the lunch. Thanks to my #TIUSister for bringing the Hawaiian pork and K&K salad. I, however, made non-TIU approved chocolate cake. lol. I ate a few bites of it, but I also ate slowly and listened to my body. Turns out, I didn’t want an entire piece! I was satisfied with just a few bites. I was proud of not gobbling it down like I would in the past! I’m loving my new TIU lifestyle <3

  79. Thank you for this! I’m starting the bikini series a week late due to a recent job/schedule change AND a dear friend’s weekend-long bachelorette party, eeekk! I followed the good ole’ TIU guidelines as much as I could, but (needless to say) there was some over-indulging. These tips and tricks came at the perfect time! After having followed this plan for so long, I found that after a good night’s sleep I didn’t feel nearly as bloated or lazy as I thought I would. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much following TIU has changed my habits and lifestyle without even thinking.

  80. Thank you so much for posting this, this was something I needed to hear and oh so helpful to know that you can still live your life. That’s what I love most about this that your not FORCED to do this, we’re all in it together and you do this for you. You can still enjoy your days but will still come out on top. It’s a lifestyle not a 8 week challenge.

    I seriously love you girls

  81. This came at the right time for me as well! I’ve been in the middle of midterms and drowning in papers so its been difficult to keep on track (missed 2 days). But this post gives me some much needed confidence so thanks very much K&K! You two are new in my life, but are making such a positive impact. P.S. I love my new shades, hat and tote. Can’t stop using them all!! XOXO

  82. I needed this!! After a Saturday night of binge drinking that included a 5am ‘Jack in the box’ taco run (not even sure what is in those tasty buggers), Sunday Family Dinner that was SURPRISE spaghetti; I hit the week with 4am alarms JUST TO GET TO WORK by 5am. The accumulation of all of it meant that I was forfeiting evenings at the gym with my hubs for going to bed. Though I haven’t gotten a decent workout in since Saturday, my eating has been pretty clean. So there is that! I’ve also made a plan to hit a spin class around lunch time with a girlfriend to help get me through the hump and make sure I actually make it!
    This article was such perfect timing! The discourage was there.
    Thank you!

  83. Thank you for posting this K&K! It was much needed! I have been suffering from binge eating for a long time. No one would know it, and most people don’t, but it’s a personal struggle of mine. I’m starting small and trying to improve my eating habits with this year’s #bikiniseries. Sometimes I slip up, today I ate an entire chocolate Easter bunny after lunch, but I know that with each mistake, I can’t be sad and regretful, but I have to learn to forgive myself and bounce back stronger. I love the TIU workouts and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t do at least one, but eating healthy is my struggle. I’ve got a long road ahead, but I’m learning not to feel guilty when I overeat. Everyone slips up – we’re all human. It makes me feel so much better when I hear that it happens to everyone. So don’t give up girls, bounce back strong, forgive yourself, and smile. :) Love you girls, thank you for the reminder post! <3

  84. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. Not just for the Bikini Series but for life right now. This week my boyfriend broke up with me, I start a new job AND I’m still trying to handle eating disorder treatment. Needless to say I definitely slipped up this week. I hardly ate since monday and then yesterday tried to get back on track but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Today for M1 I had a blueberry chia muffin AND some fruit plus did a booty call for the first time in four days. I’m going to get back on track thanks to the TIU community and Karena and Katrina. TIU is seriously the best thing that ever happened to me!

  85. K&K I have a question – I have had a really hard/busy year in both my work and out of work life. I went from working out 6+ days a week without even thinking about it to barely being able to get in 3-5 workouts a month!!! I tried to balance it out with good eating but eventually, the stress caught up to me and that went out the door too. My question is about getting started again – do you recommend doing the 7 day slim down or something like that to jump start or just starting with the bikini series now? (my schedule still hasn’t lightened up much but I’m getting better about putting my foot down to do what I need to do). Thanks for all you ladies do! You make being healthy so fun!

    1. Hey girl!
      We suggest to start small. Make small changes with your routine like drinking more water, going for a morning walk, and prepping on Sunday for the week. And always listen to your body! You’ll know when you’re ready to start adding in more! ;)

  86. So needed this today! Ive been having a hard time, especially this weekend, after finding out I couldnt join in on Saturday, i was pretty bummed. Homestly it seems like so much is stacked agianst me for this with the way things are at home, but I want to continue this so much! Thank you for this post- definently needed some advise from you girls!

  87. Thank you! I read this the first time when it was posted and liked it then, but fast forward a few weeks and I needed the encouragement! I’ve had a rough week, haven’t worked out like usual, allowed myself to eat stuff that I knew would make me feel lousy, physically and emotionally! I tend to beat myself up a bit, especially when it comes to this aspect of my life. But, I’m not going to tomorrow, and if I start, I’ll read this post again! 😉

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