What Are You Grateful For? The TIU Team Shares

Who’s excited for Thanksgiving?! We love this time of year as a chance to connect with our friends and family and reflect on all there is to be thankful for! ✨

 Recently we asked you on Instagram what you’re feeling grateful for and your answers moved us so much! We’re sharing some of them below!  ❤️Each of your answers was so unique, yet similar in that the simple things in life bring us happiness and a reason to be grateful. We’re feeling so thankful for this amazing community of women today and every day!

Tell us what you’re grateful for in the comments below. Reading your answers is so inspiring and a great reminder to us all!



What The TIU Team Is Grateful For ~



“So grateful for my home. Because of Camp Fire, the air quality outside is so awful. It’s scary, but I’m glad I have a place of refuge in all of this.”



“That my sister who is in the marines gets to come home for Thanksgiving!”


“This inspiring, strong, Tone It Up community of women who give me the confidence to get through what might be the hardest year of my life! Especially grateful to @wr_tiu for pushing me to join her here! 💕



“California firefighters and first responders. My gratitude for them brings me to tears❤️”



“The beautiful miracle growing inside my belly 💜 35 weeks pregnant.”



Studio TIU yoga sequences. Saved my overloaded mind this morning at 5 am🙏”



“The ability to breathe, surrender, and let go & this amazing community💗”



“Today I am feeling grateful for my job❤️ I’m so grateful to be teaching my sweet kids with special needs. They make my day!”



“My sweet boys who try to take care of me when I’m sick. Their little kisses 😘 always makes me feel better.”



“The gift of travel and getting to experience new places, see history, try new foods, and make new memories!”



“A roof above my head…with everything going on this is something we take for granted each day, but truly…I’m very grateful.”



“Finding Tone It Up Nutrition and the community….I am so happy I feel fit for the first time in 34 years!”



“I’m focusing on gratitude too💗Grateful for how this TIU Team comes together in times of need! I know that I am never alone ever since I became a TIU Girl!”



“For all the TIU arm workouts as I shovel this crazy snow in NY! ❄️”



“I am grateful for my body for working so hard for me every day!”



“Grateful for you TIU Team🙏”



“My healthy children and family❤️”



“How gorgeous everything looks in the first snowfall of the year (And the warmth of my winter coat!!)❄️”



“Baby snuggles💗”



“For my parents who are amazing and always have my back and pick me up when I need 💗”



“Thankful for feeling tiny little baby flutters! (almost 16 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby)”



“Being able to give birth to my son two years ago. Which made me want to take better care of myself to be around for him and that’s how I found Tone It Up!”



Tone It Up Nutrition Christmas Morning Cinnamon Buns 😍 Currently making a double batch and added some pumpkin to the filling 🙌🏻”


What are you grateful for? Tell us in the comments! We are so grateful for YOU!!


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