We’re Obsessed With These Cute & Comfy Sports Bras


You know we basically live in workout gear, and we can never have too many sports bras! We have go-to bras we’ve worn for years and we’re always lookin’ out for great new styles. Lightweight bras are amazing for hot yoga and more support and coverage is best for cardio. No one needs a “wardrobe malfunction” at the gym! 🙈

After years of running, lifting, and stretching in different bras, we’re sharing some of our faves with ya. These range from light to high support and work for a variety of cup sizes because every girl has a uniquely gorgeous shape! Consider these your new support system — besides the #TIUteam, of course! ;)



Tone It Up Mystic Waters Bra, Medium Support

Tone It Up Maven Wrap Bra, Medium Support

Koral Element Bra, Light Support

Kohl’s Jockey Front-Close High-Impact Sports Bra, High Support

Phat Buddha Greenwich Criss Cross Glitter Bra, Medium Support


Onzie Elastic Bra, Light Support

Nux Tempo Bra, Medium Support

Lorna Jane Vanity Sports Bra, Medium Support

Lululemon Energy Bra, Medium Support

Sweaty Betty Ultra-Run Bra, High Support
favorite-cute-comfortable-supportive-sports-bras-tone-it-up-set3Kira Grace Flirt Halter Bra, Light Support

Kira Grace Romance Diva Bra, Light Support

Athleta Contour Bra by Wacoal, High Support

Panache Sports Bra, High Support


  1. Love this post!! Thanks for some great high support options! The struggle is real with finding a supportive and comfortable sports bra! Definitely looking into the athleta and ultra run bras! xoxo

  2. This is great! I feel like I’m always looking for new sports bras and there’s so many options our there it’s easily overwhelming. Thanks for the recommendations

  3. The panache bras literally changed my life- before, I’d have to layer 2 or 3 to get enough support and…containment… and they hurt and made breathing difficult. But with the panache bra, you only need one! Especially if you have a hard time finding a bra due to small band size and large cup size, panache might really help you 💜

  4. Thank you so much for this post K & K. I always struggle to find sports bras that fit me well. The struggle us real when you’re chesty with a small waist :-).

  5. Very cute, BUT I am sure I am not the only one who would appreciate some athletic wear options that are more affordable. Though I love to treat myself, that is on a rare occasion. Are there more recommendations under $40??

  6. Love all of these bras and another fave for high impact support is the Victoria’s Secret Knockout bra with front zip so you never have to do the sweaty bra dance taking it off 😂

  7. Thanks for the tips! My #TIUHusband agreed that for every 5 lbs. I’m down I get a new bra! Woo!!

  8. I love panache sports bras! I wear a 32F and they are the only brand that really fit well + cute style options

  9. Which sports bra would you guys suggest for maternity and breasts that have say, doubled in size in 20 weeks lol?

  10. I LOVE sports bras too! They are amazing and always comfortable. My favorites have come Fabletics – I’m a total fan!

  11. What is Karena’s bra in the picture?! Im in love and need something like that!

    1. Hi babe! It’s an older bra but we have some really cute new ones that I love in the Tone It Up Boutique right now! xxo

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