We’re Doing These 5 Things To Get Ready For The Bikini Series

The BIKINI SERIES is just around the corner and we’re prepping NOW! (If you haven’t already signed up, click HERE to get your Free Starter Pack.) Karena and I are here to help you succeed during this Challenge. We know you can do it, and we’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

It’s time to prep! You can do a few small things now that will help you achieve BIG results throughout this entire series. Now is the perfect time to get your body, home, and even your phone set up for the Bikini Series. These five tips have been key to our success, and they’ll be major for you, too!

And keep your 👀 on ToneItUp.com every day from now until the Challenge kicks off. We’ll have tons more tips (and surprises) to get ya ready for SUMMER!!! ☀️👙 Including Bundles, Workout Videos, AND TIU Equipment!

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TIU Girl Closet

Dive into your closet and check out your workout clothes. Are you holding onto anything you don’t wear anymore? Donate it! Think about what apparel make you feel the most confident. What inspires you for summer? What will motivate you to run that extra mile? Put those clothes front and center! Create a space in your closet where you can set out your fave yoga pants, tanks, sports bras, sneakers, and socks. I do this every Sunday and @winnithepooch likes to help! ; ) 🐶  It makes it so easy when you’re running out the door for your Booty Call. Plus, when you have a clear space, your mind is clear to focus on your goals. (I never roll up my socks though! Strange I know…Who else doesn’t?!)

Set The Stage

Create a place for your Tone It Up DAILY WORKOUT! If it’s there, YOU’LL DO IT! It actually doesn’t have to be an entire room or big space~ both Karena and I just set up mats and dumbbells. This will be a space just for you, so make it your own with your fave candles or a motivational quote on the wall.

I just created my Tone It Up space and here’s what I put in there for the BIKINI SERIES…

✓ Yoga Mat

✓ Dumbbells- We recommend one lighter pair and one heavier. About 5s & 10s! If you want, you can grab 12s too for those squats and deadlifts! Get it GURLLL!

✓ Exercise Ball

✓ Candles :)

✓ I got these copper bins from Target and love them for the gym and closet!



✓ Mirror for those sweaty selfies!

Make a Pretty Pantry!

Look through your pantry and ask yourself if all the food in there will help you reach your goals. If not, donate the nonperishables!

Here’s a peek into my pantry right now! I’ll be sharing my first grocery trip too! Members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, be on the lookout for a your Week 1 Grocery List for the challenge, which will include what’s in our fridge AND pantry!

Some TIU Approved Pantry Items 

✓ Almonds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, nuts + seeds

✓ Quinoa ~ we always have this around!

✓ Organic Beans ~ we get garbonzo, black, white, + mixes

Safe Catch Tuna– the best!

✓ Always need Vermont Maple Syrup… (thanks for sending Angela’s Mom!)

✓ Coconut Oil ~ also in our beauty cabinet!

✓ Spice it UP! :) We love ordering McCormick Spices– a lot of em! Cinnamon, cayenne, red pepper, basil, oregano, pretty much everything…

✓ Balsamic Vinegar + Healthy Oils ~ olive, grapeseed

✓ Tomato Sauce + Organic Ketchup (not together in a recipe, but ya know. Same food fam, haha)

✓ Hot Sauces! We love sriracha :) We also love hot mustard + whole grain

✓ Tone It Up Protein!!! AND COCONUT is comin’ BACK! Be on the lookout this week!

Also, see our top 3 Nutrition Guidelines for the BIKINI SERIES HERE!

Join us on Insta!

We’re going to be sharing tons of tips on the Instagram during the Bikini Series. And did you see?! LIVE workouts!! If you don’t already, you can follow us @ToneItUp and @KarenaKatrina. Turn our notifications on (3 little dots in the right hand corner) so you know when we upload a pic!

If you’re not on Instagram yet, now is the perfect time to download it and set up a TIU handle. Checking in with the community keeps you accountable, and it’s so motivating to have #TIUgirls around the world cheering you on. When we need a lil’ extra motivation, we always scroll through #TIUteam. Instant inspo!

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Ask a girlfriend to join you

Accountability is key to success so we always recommend having an accountability partner by your side. Plan workouts together, share Lean, Clean, ‘N Green recipes, and check in with each other. Everything is more fun with a girlfriend!

Save this pic & upload to Instagram! Tag your girlfriend, @ToneItUp & #TIUteam!

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