May Issue of Cosmopolitan! #CosmoGirls

tone it up cosmopolitan magazine behind the scenes karena katrina

Did ya hear?! The TIU team was featured in this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine!! We’re all Cosmo girls! We’re talking all about getting your beautiful bod in tip top shape for summer! ☀️👙

Winni was really into it…

tone it up instagram recap karena katrina

Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes of our Cosmo shoot in beautiful Malibu! It was such a blast! And every time we looked for Kat, we found her at the snack table!! It was a pretty serious snack table. Kat had to try every single one to make sure they were good for all of us! ; )

Thanks so much Cosmo for featuring the TIU team! And special shoutout to Cosmo editor in chief Michele Promaulayko, writer Cassie Shortsleeve, photographer Perry Hagopian, & our TIU registered dietitian Lori Zanini.

Watch the video below…#KatSnackAttack

Watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

We LOVED seeing your #TIUcosmo snaps!

Check out more behind-the-scenes pics!!

tone it up cosmopolitan magazine behind the scenes karena katrina

Snack table goals!

tone it up cosmopolitan magazine behind the scenes karena katrina

We also saw mega babe Kyra Santoro!

tone it up cosmo behind the scenes video

Lunch on set! Salad with leafy greens, jicama, grapefruit, onions, & chickpeas. They know us…

We want to see you with this month’s issue of Cosmo!!! Tag #TIUcosmo :) We’ll be looking out for you!!!! Xxo K&K



  1. Hahaha! “Wait, I know how to get her here: Karena, there’s a table of Pomeranians out here!” OMG! I died laughing.. you, girls, are simply fantastic!

  2. So I went on a mission to get the cosmo and then our store here didn’t have it so my mum was so sweet and brought it from work without me even asking and I was so happy until I realised that it’s not featured in the German one 😭 just booty toning moves but no K&K 🙁 another sad day for tiugirls over here… Still congrats on the feature, so cool 😊❤️

  3. K I was listening to Malibu on Youtube and then it came on this video at the same time! Sooooooo weird! Congrats on the feature babes! <3

  4. Karena! Is there any way you know the name of the blue/black/white pants are from? Is it labeled in the magazine? Anyone know? I just love them! Look so great on you Karena!

  5. Omg you girls are so cute! I love you! Kat I would be right there beside you eating the snacks.

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