We’re answering all your 7 Day Slim Down questions! YES WAY COOKIES & WAFFLES!

Give yourself a pat on the booty girl!

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You’ve accomplished so much in the BIKINI SERIES and we’re so proud of you. And we’re not done yet…there’s more comin’!!! We’re all doing the 7 Day Slim Down together starting Monday, June 19!!

If you haven’t done the 7 Day Slim Down with us before, you have so much to look forward to:

✓ Boosting your metabolism

✓ Banishing bloat

✓ Making those muscles you sculpted POP

✓ Feeling the most light & energized ever…all while eating delicious whole foods ~ pancakes and cookies included ;)

We’re so in love with this program and can’t wait to share it with you.

Today we’re sharing all the details on the 7 Day Slim Down and answering all your questions before we get started as a team!

So first thing’s first…what is the Slim Down?

Katrina and I designed this 7-day program as part of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan to help you get ready for a big event, getaway, date night, girls’ night out, or simply to feel confident and radiant for the most important person: YOU!! We do it before a big photo or video shoot like the Bikini Series!

This isn’t your main lifestyle TIU plan; it’s a shorter program for special occasions that helps you tone up and de-bloat. That’s why it’s available exclusively with the Nutrition Plan, so you can maintain your results with the program. This is the perfect time to do it — you achieved so much during the Bikini Series and this program will take your results to the next level!

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What will I be eating on the Slim Down?

Your body is going to be feel so light and refreshed! We include 5 meals a day of tons of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods! We’re talkin’ lots of lean protein, fresh fruit, metabolism boosting veggies, protein pancakes, waffles, cookies AND delicious smoothies.

AND be on the lookout for some brand new 7DSD approved recipes!

Can I have treats?!

YES!! We’re the last trainers to ever tell you to give up treats. :) We have special 7 Day Slim Down approved cookies and muffins for ya~ and a rosé spritzer!

How will I look and feel after doing it?

Glowing! Confident! Radiant! The 7 Day Slim Down banishes bloat and helps you feel tight, light, and toned. Your abs will be poppin’ and you’ll feel amazing!

See these jaw-dropping 7 Day Slim Down transformations from our gorgeous members!


Will I get a meal-by-meal guide?

Yes!! You know we gotchu ;) We’ll be sending Nutrition Plan members the new Slim Down plan and meal-by-meal guidance later this week. Keep a lookout in your inbox!

What will my workouts be like?

We’ll be incorporating total body toning and cardio to sculpt from head to toe and to boost your metabolism! We also have a brand new 7 Day Slim Down total body workout coming your way next week!! These workouts pair perfectly with your 7DSD Nutrition Plan for the best results.

What if I have a dinner or a night out planned during the Slim Down?

This happens and we totally get it. Once you’ve read the Slim Down, you’ll have all the guidance you need to make the best choices. Scan the menu for a meal with lean protein and lots of greens. Ask your waiter to make sure the veggies are steamed, not fried. And in the next two weeks, we’ll have tons more tips for you including 7DSD approved treats and slimming sips you can make for a girls’ night!

Can I do the Slim Down for 5 days instead of 7?

Of course!! The biggest de-bloating benefits come in the last few days of the Slim Down so just start with Day 3 in the plan when you’re ready to jump in.

Can I do the Slim Down if I don’t want to lose weight? 

Yes, the Slim Down can work for you and your individual goals. If you don’t want to lose weight, you can use the calorie add-ons in the 7DSD plan. You’ll still get all the amazing de-bloating benefits and feel light and refreshed!

What if I’m traveling during the Slim Down? 

No worries! We’ll actually be traveling next week too while doing the Slim Down so we’re right there with you! We always pack snacks in our meal prep containers. The new 7DSD approved cookies and muffins are perfect for traveling! And when you’re out to eat, you know what to do ~ just keep it Lean, Clean, ‘N Green girl. We always love to reach out to our TIU girls in different cities on Insta to get recommendations for healthy restaurants.

I’m a member ~ where do I find the 7DSD?

Keep a lookout! We’ll be sending you a new 7DSD plan with brand new recipes and meal-by-meal guidance. You can also access the Slim Down and all other editions of the plan in the “My TIU” tab!

What are TIU girls saying about it?

Everyone’s obsessed!!

I know a lot of you have been debating doing the TIU 7 Day Slim Down, so I wanted to repost my #TIUchallenge results from last year. If you were successful in your goals this challenge, raised your fitness, and packed on muscle, the next 7 days will bring your hard work to the surface. TRUST ME!” – Yassi

“In JUST 7 DAYS my body changed immensely from committing to this process – it works WONDERS! 🌟  I knew ending the challenge with the 7 Day Slim Down was EXACTLY what I needed to debloat + detoxify. After 7 days, not only did my hard work SHOW but it jump started me into self controlled eating and awareness in the months to come 🍽🥒🥕🍓🥑🍉🍋🍊🍐🍎  I can promise you, it is more of a mental battle than anything but YOU CAN DO IT. Take it ☝🏻 day at a time! Now let’s crush these last few days and end the #tiubikiniseries feeling our strongest, healthiest and happiest yet! Summer 2017 is just about to begin! 💃🏼☀️👙 “-Whitney

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