Welcome Inside Karena’s Mid-Century Palm Springs Home

Hope you’re having a fab weekend gorgeous! I have something special to share with you today. Recently, Bobby and I were honored to have our Palm Springs home featured in Locale Magazine. Check out some of my fave pics below!

Bobby and I decided to make Palm Springs our “home away from home” four years ago. It’s always been a place of rejuvenation, inspiration, and creativity for us. Now we’re ecstatic to share our first design project there! We transformed a house from the 1950s, remodeled it ourselves, and designed it with mid-century modern style ~ our favorite! Each room has its own unique flair that expresses our personalities, passions, and artistic visions.

Thank you so much to Locale Magazine for featuring our home, Nick Isabella for the gorgeous photos, and Ashley, as always, for the beautiful hair and makeup! And ICYMI, I was honored to be a keynote speaker at the Locale PoWer Up Women’s Conference and share my personal story here.💛 Love you so much!












  1. Karena is FIIIRREEEEE!!! You and Bobby look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I remember seeing you and Katrina on your show Toned Up and it was so upsetting for you having to move out on your own! And now look how far you’ve come since then Karena! You have a totally different life! I’m so happy you’ve found and made a wonderful home with someone who clearly loves and adores you!!! Keep winning Karena!!!

  2. Girls – get you a man who looks at you the way Bobby looks at Karena – whoa! 😍 Beautiful home, too!

  3. Exquisite!
    The gold dress with the pleats really resonates with me. Looks gorgeous on you!
    Congratulations to you both!

  4. Beautiful Karena!!! Your house and the two of you :) Life goals, for sure.

  5. That’s great Karena, thanks for giving us a little peek into your home! I am inspired by you and Katrina constantly! I love the bit about Frank Sinatra and martinis by the pool!! xxxx

  6. What a beautiful home Karena and Bobby. You guys are definitely couple goals!! The entire decoration is so dreamy, love love love that gold bookcase and the phone is the coolest. You two are like Barbie and Ken.

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