Hi beautiful! You’re crushing the Summer Tone Up…and it’s time to level up! You’ve already shown us how strong, resilient, and incredible you are. Now make sure YOU see that too! 

We’ve designed your Summer Tone Up series to progress each week right along with you. That means more challenging workouts and more intense moves — and you are capable of crushing each and every rep! 

Week 4…it’s go time! 

Summer Tone Up Workouts!


This week is all about harnessing your strength and sharing it with your girls! So add some more resistance, increase your reps, and boost your cardio — this is your time to shine! This week’s NEW routines will help you do just that: 

Kettle Booty Max – Let’s max out those booty gains with Kat’s favorite kettlebell moves! You’ll get three strength circuits all dedicated to your gorgeous glutes. Oh, and stick around for Stef’s stretch at the end — it’ll feel so good! 

Extreme Abs – We’re challenging those rockin’ abs to one of our toughest routines yet! Join Chyna and Stef for this core-torching routine without a single move on your back.

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Your Weekly Schedule!

Find your week of Tone It Up workouts on @ToneItUp

We recommend doing both the LIVE workouts on Instagram and your Summer Tone Up series workout of the day. We’ve designed your weekly schedule so that these routines complement each other! If you can’t make both, no worries. And if you can’t make a LIVE, they’re saved on IGTV!

Summer Tone Up Week 4 Schedule

What We’re Cookin’ This Week! 

Supercharge your morning meal with our new favorite energizing breakfast from your Summer Tone Up meal plan (available in your app!). The Necta-Green Toast is satisfying and refreshing — perfect for summer! 

Necta-Green Toast_808x456

Necta-Green Toast Recipe

Makes 1 serving
M1, M2, M3

1 slice Ezekiel or gluten-free bread
1⁄2 avocado, peeled and pitted
1/2 nectarine, sliced 1 tsp. feta cheese Chopped basil leaves

1. Toast the bread.
2. Smash avocado on the toast and
top with remaining ingredients.

TIU Community Spotlight! 

Remember, you are strong and beautiful ~ never forget that and always have compassion for yourself! Use the hashtag #TIUTeam #SummerToneUp and share your accomplishments with the Tone It Up Community <3 


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