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Hi beautiful!

One more sleep until the most exciting day of the year!! Saying yes to yourself and making a plan to feel strong and confident over the next six weeks is so incredibly powerful. Harness that energy, set your intention, and get ready for an incredible Summer Tone Up together. 

Send this to your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and all of the amazing women in your life and ask them to join you and sign up here

These workouts are some of our favorite routines we’ve ever filmed. And now we can’t wait to do them TOGETHER as a team starting on Monday!!

Summer Tone Up Workouts!

Here are our TOP tips for crushin’ week 1 together: 

1. Set your workout reminders in your app. You can do this in your My Program page! Just tap the pencil icon on the top right. 

2. Update your app profile! Install the latest version and see the gorgeous Community of women who are joining you for the Summer Tone Up series! Read more about the exciting app updates below.

3. Every Monday your program includes a workout + a meditation. This week is a Community + Connection meditation that’s all about connecting ~ with yourself, your loved ones, and this beautiful TIU Community.

4. You’ll see Supercharged HIIT on your schedule every week! Be sure to write down how many jump squats you do at the end ~ this is your weekly challenge to see how much progress you make over the next 6 weeks!!

5. Don’t forget to take a rest day, get your active recovery in, and re-fuel your gorgeous body with the delicious recipes in your Summer Tone Up meal plan (it’s in your app!). 

6. Checkin with us on Instagram @ToneItUp ~ share your post-workout selfies so we can cheer you on! 

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Your Weekly Schedule!

From your Summer Tone Up workouts to Instagram LIVES & special events, find your entire Tone It Up schedule on @ToneItUp

Starting Monday, you’ll also be able to see your weekly workout schedule in your app under My Program. And you can track your workout progress in your app ~ do all of the videos to complete the progress circle each week!! You got this babe! 

Summer Tone Up Weekly Schedule - Week 1

What We’re Cookin’ This Week 

Your Summer Tone Up Meal Plan is designed to have you feeling lean, fit, energized, and toned! Whether you’re making individual recipes or following the day-by-day guide, your goal is to eat Lean, Clean, ‘n Green during all five meals! Yes five! 

This helps keep your metabolism and energy levels boosted all day long:

M1: Breakfast

M2: Mid-morning snack

M3: Lunch

M4: Energizing afternoon snack

M5: Dinner

We’re loving the new Cherry Chia Pudding recipe so much it’s your week 1, day 1 breakfast! 

Cherry Chia Pudding Recipe

Cherry Chia Pudding Recipe

Makes 2 servings; M1, M2


1 cup unsweetened plant-based milk

½ cup frozen or fresh bing cherries, pitted and halved

1 scoop [Vanilla Protein Powder](product~vanilla-protein ‘Vanilla Protein Powder’)

⅓ cup chia seeds

1 tsp. maple syrup

½ tsp. ground cardamom

TOPPINGS (per serving)

2 Tbsp. nonfat Greek yogurt (substitute coconut milk yogurt for vegan)

2 bing cherries, pitted and halved

1 tsp. hemp seeds


1. Blend all smoothie ingredients until smooth.

2. Divide the mixture into two mason jars, cover, and refrigerate overnight.

3. To serve, top with yogurt, cherries, and hemp seeds.

TIU Community Spotlight! 

New to TIU? Introduce yourself to the Community! Use the hashtag #TIUTeam #SummerToneUp <3 


Your New App Updates! 

New updates, new program… big mood! Make sure you have the latest version of your app installed ~ and check out these new features!! 


  • Supercharge your results with fitness tips & advice on your Workout screen with fitness guidelines! 
  • Find your favorite recipes with a search feature in your View All recipe section!

Community + Love

  • See who is doing your app program with you! Tap the profile pictures on your My Program page and see a roster of the latest Community members who have joined! 
  • Make sure you update your profile to include a picture and select your workout interests! (Just tap “Edit Profile” on your profile page!

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Join us for the 6-week Summer Tone Up! Daily at-home workouts, motivation & connection, mindful meditations, and delicious recipes! We all start together May 11th!