Wedding Series ~ Planning Progress & What’s on our Menu!?

Wow, this past week has been so exciting!

Between your BIKINI SERIES the Wedding Series and the launch of the Bridal Edition, I am on cloud nine! Your amazing feedback and support means so much to me. Have you tried the new Bridal Babe Workout!? Check in and let us know how much you love it!

Not sure if you saw on Monday… but my Mom loves this workout too! ;)

Did you see her transformation story? She’s so brave! It takes so much courage to upload before and after pictures, and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

Today, I’m releasing the start to our Wedding Menu and the 3rd Wedding Series Video ~ our final catering meeting! Keep an eye out for what’s coming next ~ Karena and I will be sharing her Bridesmaid shopping trip! Also, a big thank you to Karena for contributing such a heartwarming section of the Bridal Edition :) In the months to come, we’ll be posting everything from DIY crafts, gift ideas, and vlogs to bachelorette trip details :) We love sharing this entire experience with you, because you all share so much with us!

We feel like we’re there every step of your way ~ which brings this team together!  If you haven’t browsed #TIUbrides on instagram, it’s pretty incredible!

Today is Our Final Wedding Tasting!

For those of you that are just meeting my fiancé Brian… you’ll see he’s a self-proclaimed comedian… okay, he makes everything a joke, but that’s why I love him!! His grandpa Bill was the same way :) I hold in my giggles so he doesn’t think he’s too funny ;) Plus it keeps him on his toes.

Thank you Nathaniel, the founder of Contemporary Catering, for meeting with us! We had a lot of fun.

After meeting with three other catering companies and doing a ton of research, we finally made our choice with Contemporary Catering. Here’s why…

There are so many catering companies to choose from, but a lot of them seem to simply “go through the motions” and serve the same thing without getting to know the bride and groom. This leaves no room for the unique and personal touches Brian and I want for our Big Day. Our wedding planner, Constance Curtis, knowing exactly what we were looking for, referred us to Contemporary Catering. She told us the owner loves to connect with the couples before meeting for tastings. And she was right! We got on the the phone with Nathaniel and he immediately started asking about us, where we were from, what we were like as a couple, what our families were like, what foods we loved and so much more. He wanted to get to know us as a couple to be able to give us the best experience possible.

A personal experience like this means a lot to us. Nathaniel created a custom menu inspired by what we loved as a couple!! We immediately knew our catering meeting would be a success. Nathaniel is not only passionate about food ~ he’s passionate about the experience, how people share it and the way it brings them together.

Brian and I are having a summer wedding, and we love seasonal fruits, grilled vegetables, fish, fresh salsa and crisp, refreshing appetizers. We also love great wine, paired with delicious food. Nathaniel pin-pointed our food preference as a fusion of South Pacific Rim and Caribbean Cuisine. We couldn’t agree more! Our favorites on the menu are…

  • Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Ginger-Papaya Dipping Salsa (this was a MUST at the wedding!)
  • Shaved Fresh Figs, Chevre, and Crumbled House-Candied Pecans with a Touch of Cayenne on Red and Green Belgian Endive.
  • Banana Leaf Wrapped Ono Slow Grilled Over Mesquite with Mango, Fennel and Shaved Red Onion, Scorched Corn, Charred Pineapple Salsa.
  • And Brian of course loved the late night food… his Gourmet Fried Mac ‘N’ Cheese Squares with Organic Marinara.

We’ll be sharing our entire menu SOON! If any of you are planning your wedding and have any questions, please feel free to ask.

When we went to the tasting, a few of you asked me how I ‘stay on track’ while going to so many tastings. Great question! This is the fun part of wedding planning. I really don’t want to avoid everything, but I also want to stay healthy. When I have a shoot coming up, which is more often than not, I really watch my portions. Things I splurge on at tastings: coconut shrimp (my favorite!), appetizer choices, fish, chicken and of course, dessert :) Things I avoid at tastings: heavy cheeses, starches, pizza and burgers (I leave Brian to the final taste test of these). If you really want to make sure you absolutely love everything, then go for it!! Taste a couple bites of everything. You really don’t need to finish everything that’s put in front of you. That’s why it’s called a ‘tasting.’ I challenge you to eat lighter the rest of the day, and the day following and to do two extra rounds of your Bridal Babe workout to celebrate your tasting meeting!

Have a great day today ~ I hope you had a chance to do your NEW Santorini Bikini Workout video posted yesterday! If not, fit it in! We also posted Check in winners this morning, so catch up on the blog.

A BIG special thanks to Nathaniel and Constance for making our tasting a complete success!!

♡ Katrina & Brian

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