We Messed Up… #TIU31

Hey beautiful! It’s DAY 2 and we’re thinking of you! Karena and I already see you rocking the 31 Day Challenge and we couldn’t be more proud 💗

We want to make sure you’re celebrating all your little successes along the way. As women, we can be hard on ourselves. While it’s important to stay on track and set goals, it’s also essential to practice patience & positive self talk. If you skip your Studio workout for a lil’ extra sleep or forget to buy an ingredient for your dinner recipe, no biggie babe! Remember it’s not all or nothing. Every day is an opportunity to learn what works for YOU!

We both already ‘messed up’…but we’re still doing the challenge. As I was meal prepping on Sunday, I had big plans to make everyyyythinggg on the list. I had an event on Sunday that I had to go to and I ran out of time, so I just made the Pumpkin Mini Muffins and decided to customize some other meals this week. Karena meal prepped and forgot it at home on day 1, so she ordered something else at the office ~ it happens and it’s all good! Not all is lost!

If you mix and match your meals, switch up a recipe, modify or miss a workout, orrrr even have pizza and wine on a Friday night…you’re still doing the challenge.

We’ve been seeing some questions from girls in the community that we wanted to share and answer here.

Am I still doing the challenge if…

✓ I went to my favorite yoga studio for my workout instead of doing the Studio class?

✓ I hit the snooze button?

✓ I picked up a smoothie on my way to the office instead of having my prepped smoothie bowl?

✓ I celebrated my best friend’s birthday and had a slice of birthday cake & a glass of bubbly?

✓ I couldn’t find cranberries so I subbed strawberries in my smoothies?

I didn’t meal prep at all, but I’m following the guidelines in the plan?

✓ I drank alllllll the PSL?

The answers to ALL of these questions are…


You are absolutely still doing the challenge and rocking it 🙌🏻 Make the challenge work for you and your lifestyle.

Our number one piece of advice is to stick to your guidelines in the plan as best as you can and show yourself grace and compassion ~ you deserve it. 😽

We lay out ALL the guidelines for ya in your 31 Day Plan!





  1. When this came in my inbox today..it really spoke to me. This is why I truly love Tone It Up, because I love how K + K recognize that we make mistakes, we have slip ups, life happens, and that it is OK. It’s OK to have off days, it’s not about how you fall down it’s about how you get yourself back up. LOVED THIS! Stay strong girls everywhere, we got this!

  2. I love how the plan can be customized without us feeling like a failure. Thank you for bringing such balance and beauty to our lives!!!

    1. Thank YOU for being such a special part of this community Christina! Glad you’re loving the plan!

  3. This is exactly what I needed :) I know it’s only been two days, but with this being my very first Challenge, I have to admit that even though I was super excited in my kitchen meal prepping I was also overwhelmed. Just like you ladies mentioned that we make mistakes but as long as well follow the guidelines as best as we can and support one another, it’s OK and it’s an amazing feeling. I am so glad that I am doing this and learning a lot along the way. Thank you again K & K as well as the TIU Community for all your support and encouraging words! xoxo

    1. Hey Cristina! So happy you’re joining us for your first challenge!! We never want you to feel overwhelmed. We’re here for you for any questions you have and to support you every step of the way! You’re going to crush it! 💗

  4. I love this so much!!! This is perfect for anyone who is new and feeling overwhelmed! <3 I know I've gotten caught up in the all or nothing mindset, and I still need the reminder sometimes too!

    1. We can all use the reminder sometimes and it’s so important to always be kind to ourselves & support each other! Sending you so much love Monica 😽

  5. I love everything about this. Definitely not throwing in the towel. My sister had an emergency c-section in the late afternoon yesterday & I may had something not on the plan. I had to see her and my beautiful new niece Makayla Elizabeth. She was 9lbs. 4oz! I still got up and did the Studio Tone It Up workout this morning plus 31 deadlifts and upright rows before heading to work today.

    1. Omg congrats on your beautiful niece!! So happy for you! And wow…way to crush your workout 💪😽

  6. I’ve been a TIU girl since 2012 (whoa!!) and I’ve never fully completed a challenge because I had that all-or-nothing mentality. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve finally let go of that…and lo and behold, I’m finding it easier to follow the guidelines and enjoy being a part of this challenge. I realise that I’ll give it my best shot and do what I can but I don’t beat myself up if I can’t be 100% perfect; that’s not why I’m doing this anyway. Love you K&K!

    1. Hey Michaela! That’s such a great attitude! So excited to be doing this challenge with you and so thankful you’ve been a special part of this community for so long! Love you lots!! xxo

  7. This email in my inbox was just what I needed. I have a tendency to beat myself up if I slip up on healthy eating & this was a great reminder that it’s not the end of the world. This is why I LOVE K & K and will be a TIU girl ’til the end! Thanks babes xx

    1. Hey Kendall! We love you so much and are SO grateful you’re a part of this community 😽

  8. I needed this email as well!! I did my shop on Sunday and forgot pineapple juice for my bombshell shot but improvised with pomegranate Health-Ade Komucha for my first day! I did find 100% apple juice near my job so doing META-D for rest of the week. I also got a bit overwhelmed and ended up having the red cabbage and carrot salad for lunch, dinner and lunch the next day. Last night I made the cauliflower bologense which was my first time using a garlic bulb so I had to look up how to work with one! It turned out to be very tasty! It is a bit more work but very worth it as I have lost three lbs already and feel amazing! Thank you ladies for sharing your passion for wellness and igniting mine!
    P.S. My love of tone it up came when I came upon Balanced and Beautiful on Amazon. It is a inspiring book!

    1. Hey Mary! This makes us so happy 🤗 You are crushing this challenge so far and we’re so proud!! xxo

  9. Thank you so much for this post, you guys inspire me even more:) so blessed to have found Tone
    Side note on the weekends I work at 6 am and the Sunrise routine from BB2 always gets me ready for my day, love you guys :)

  10. Thank you so much, I definitely needed this today! I caught a cold that hit hard on Sunday afternoon (when I was planning on meal-prepping!) so I’ve been all off this week! But its ok & I’m gonna get back on track! Any ladies have tips on what to do/eat when you’re feeling a little under the weather?

    1. Hope you’re feeling better soon babe! 💗 Definitely take it easy and get plenty of rest this week. Make sure you’re hydrated and try a shot with lemon and ginger. We also love some warm and cozy soups when we’re sick.

  11. It looks like I won’t be using this nutrition plan. I’ve purchased the plan and I was waiting till I find a job to buy the tone it up protein but apparently my mom won’t stop saying I wasted my money so it looks like I won’t be using it

  12. I’m very disappointed that we literally had to pay $170 for this nutrition plan and we still have to pay monthly to use the app? That’s totally not fair

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