We Always Bring These 5 Things To Unwind On The Road

After a day of working out together, connecting with you, sipping rosé, shaking our booties to DJ Madds, and soaking in all your amazing energy, we come home from the TIU Tour stops feeling so exhilarated! Katrina and I are always like, “How do we just go to bed after THAT?!”

So we have a few tricks to unwind and bring on those calming vibes. We never leave for a Tour stop without these items in our bags ~ we’re actually packing them for Dallas and Houston right now! They help us feel relaxed and centered while we travel and keep us refreshed for the adventures ahead. Pack them for your next trip and we promise your hotel room or airplane (or even tour bus 😉) will feel like a Zen paradise!

 Scented candle🕯

My favorite thing about staying in a hotel is drawing up a bubble bath! You may have seen on our IG Story that in DC I sent Kat a snap of my tub and she ran right over to take a pic of me ;) I always bring a scented candle in my suitcase to make the bath even more relaxed. I love a lavender scent to unwind!

Relaxing reading

A good book makes a bubble bath even better! Check out some of my favorite inspirational reads in my Book Club post HERE!

A soothing scent

Having our favorite scents with us always reminds us of home! We’re obsessed with Issey Miyake perfumes and we feel so lucky to have them on Tour with us so you can try them too! Their L’Eau d’Issey Pure is my go-to ~ it’s floral, aquatic, light, and delicate! I even like to spritz it in my hotel room for some soothing vibes in the air! Aaaand a spritz at the meet & greet so we’re fresh for ya ;)

Eye treatments

We place these on our eyes during flights or right before bed to look fresh and bright!


Love a glass of kombucha at the end of the night! We even ask our hotel for wine glasses so we can sip it and feel fancy ;) Health-Ade is our fave because it’s organic, gluten-free, and made with only the highest quality ingredients. Plus they have the best flavors! The Cayenne Cleanse is amazing!

And of course a massage never hurts ;)

And with Zeel you can get one anywhere! You can book amazing massages that come to you. We’re the luckiest because we have Zeel on tour with us to help all our TIU girls unwind and soothe their muscles after booty-kicking workouts!!

What are your best tips for relaxing on the road? Tell us in the comments!


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