Vlog ~ You Rocked Week 1 Of The Bikini Series!!!


This team is kickin’ booty in week 1 of the Bikini Series and we’re so so proud!! We love all the smiles, the confidence, and the strength already…it’s amazing what one week will do! We were tearing up filming this vlog…that maaaay have been the pregnancy hormones haha! We love you so much and you inspire us every day ✨

What are your goals for week 2 of the challenge? Tell us in the comments and let’s all hold each other accountable!!!


  1. Drink more water and make sure I’m following the nutrition plan on the weekends!!! So hard when hubby wants to go out Friday and Saturday!!!

  2. I want to meal prep for the whole week not just a few days and actually eat what I make, better and healthier food.

  3. Goals for week 2-10 min meditation every morning and go for a walk every day after dinner.

  4. My goals for week two are to continue to stay consistent with my meals and posting my checkins every day! I tend to get distracted by the littles and forget! Oh and I’m so excited to meet a fellow Tiu girl this week! 🤗

  5. Week 2 I will focus on am workouts and not just doing a booty call and making Nutrition Plan dinners.

  6. My goal this week is to stay on top of my daily workouts, i am still waiting for my nutrition plan to arrive and hope to start doing a few of the recipes. 👍😁💪🏻

  7. Ok so I signed up for the bikini series and was so excited and pumped to start! Then life happened 🤷‍♀️ And with all the PTC responsibilities I had this week, I only managed to get a couple walks in and some days I didn’t eat until noon! Even then, it was just sneaking a couple chips in dip, or a muffin or something 😳 Not healthy at all! This week, I don’t have so many obligations, so my goals are to meditate on Monday (after my walk), get a walk in every day first thing in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast every day, and get in at least 3 TIU workouts this week- baby steps!

    1. It takes time to make it a routine no matter what life throws at you. Just try to be better than last week or yesterday. You can do this! Changing your lifestyle takes time. :)

  8. Goals for week 2 is to continue to stay on track with nutrition plan and get in more morning workouts. Also try some new recipes from the plan 😃💪🙌🏻

  9. I am going to take more time to focus on nourishing my body with the foods I eat and space my meals out a little more throughout the day… Also, I wanna limit my desserts this week because I want to challenge myself and also I had chocolate almost every night this week ;D <3

  10. My goals for Week 2 of the Bikini Series are 1. to do my 5DM and Studio workouts in the AM instead of PM Monday through Friday, and 5DM in the AM Saturday and Sunday; 2. to eat LCG for EVERY meal and 3. to increase my weights from 3s to 5s.

  11. TO stay consistent with my workouts & meal plans, meditation and journaling. I am enjoying this community so much and so happy to be a part of this challenge. I’m on maternity leave and it can be isolating sometimes but this has really helped my confidence and I feel part of something great!

  12. Goals for week two is to focus on my workouts! Week was t bad but can definitely be better! Gotta be my bootycall in also!! Like some tipped above also try to check more often between work and family I tend to forget or won’t make time for it!

  13. I was around a lot of desserts this week so I ended up treated myself but I stuck to a few bites and drank lots of water after. This week, I am going to stick to healthy foods. I also want to commit to mediating or practicing yoga every morning.

  14. For week 2, I want to keep thinking positive, meditate more, continue to get in daily exercise and focus on my meals. No mindless snacking and drinking tea or water instead.

  15. My main goal is to stay on track while my ❤️ bf ❤️ is in town for a few days this week! I had awesome momentum and feel so great after week 1, and I wanna just keep it going! 💪🏼 Going to try to make him work out with me!

  16. My goal for week two is to be able to get better at my daily workouts. I cannot always do 15 reps, but I am determined to do so.

  17. Super excited about week two except that the matcha and spirulina that I ordered Is on hold and my tone it up powder took over a week to ship. Hoping I can just make the recipes that don’t involve matcha until it gets here or the matcha a vital part of the diet plan?

    1. You can substitute any other foods in the meal plan to suit you. Just be sure it’s the same types of items for M1 M2 M3…

  18. Karena – we do the same at my house when cooking. 🎶🍷✨

    Week 2 goals: stay hydrated 48oz everyday
    Make more time in the morning to make sassy scrambled eggs instead of smoothies

  19. My week 2 goal is to get in 3 meditations and to continue with my momentum of crushing the Daily Moves. I tend to meal prep late night for the next day, so gonna work on managing my time so I can try and get some more shut eye 😴. Here’s to week 2 ladies, thank you for holding me accountable!!

  20. My goal for week 2 is to incorporate three mediation and three yoga sessions in with my workouts. Plus being more consistent with my nutrition planning, it’s kind of hard because I have three kids one being a teenager and my boyfriend that I cook for. I want them to change the way they eat as well so I am thinking of cooking the same things for all of us and letting them add things after if they want. Love you K&K the TIU community is such an amazing and uplifting place with all the women caring for one another the way they do. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

  21. My goal for week two is to watch out on portion control – aka to not eat half of the superfood bars batch at once as Post dinner tv treat 🙈😂 – and stick to the plan guidelines even though when life happens 💕💪🏻🌸
    We can do it!

    1. Yes you can do it! Yes, life happens but you got this. I struggled with portion control too

      I try to remember why I’m doing this and review my goals and motivation.

      My Friend who lost 50 lbs said something to me once that always stuck, “ I get more satisfaction from not eating that dessert than I do eating it”

  22. I found out during the first week, that I can actually stay very consistent with my workouts (I admit that I had problems squeze in the Daily moves, but I did the workouts and walked a lot) and I am able to eat very healthy (I am not on the TIU plan, it´s way to expensive for me as a student, I rather buy the food :D) but I can´t control the sweets, I mean the chocolate, that come my way. I don´t want to say I won´t eat chocolate because I will, but it´s not necessary to eat the whole chocolate bar by myself, my stomach even hurts after, but I just can´t help myself. So I want to learn how to eat sweets and actually enjoy it. :)

  23. My goal this week is to be consistent and keep eating lean, clean’n green when I am going out for brunch/lunch/dinner.

  24. Goal for week 2?! Listen to my BODY!! I know this is a plan for a reason but my body knows best so if I am not not feeling a workout or something hurts embrace REST instead of feeling defeated!!

  25. Week 2 goals=Eat more salad, make more smoothies, make more homemade meals, do exercises first thing instead of later, Meditate more, and smile more.

  26. You all are so inspiring and motivating!! My week two goals are to strengthen my workouts and nutrition overall, especially during the weekend!! And more water!! That’s affects my mood, hunger and how I feel throughout the day. Good luck this week babes!

  27. My goal is to drink more water: I have been TERRIBLE about it lately. I even bought myself a pretty new water bottle but it’s not enough. I also need to get better about my M4; I have a tendency to skip it when I’m busy and then I pay for it later.

    Here’s a random question though: Does anyone else struggle with really tight shoulders and neck after doing the down-dog booty lifts? Any mod ideas? Maybe my head is just too heavy. :)

    1. Yes, me too! I guess I have a heavy head too :) About half way through each round, I went to my knees for the rest of the reps. It took a lot of pressure off my neck and shoulders. I just made sure I focused on isolating the glutes since I modified it.
      Also, this may sound silly, but I used to struggle with drinking water daily too, but ever since I got a water bottle that has a button to flip up the mouth piece, it has made it way easier for me. My husband even lovingly teases me “it’s one handed!” It really did make me more likely to drink it not having to unscrew a lid- with 2 and 5 yr old boys, all I have free is one hand most of the time. And I can clip it onto my purse strap :) Good luck finding the right bottle that works for you!

      1. Thanks Kristie! I’ll try that next time. :)
        I’ve tried so many water bottles and I’ll do really well for awhile but admittedly it’s the first thing to slip when I get busy. I’m a boy mom too – my oldest is three and my youngest is 11months. Enjoy your bikini series! :)

  28. Week two goals… stay focused. Week one was awesome, I got in workouts and daily moves, I put weekly meal map on the fridge with a marker and crosses off each meal during the day, and I’m down 3lbs. Going into week two I feel energized and excited and I want to keep the momentum going.

  29. Week Two Goal – I fell off the plan a little bit this weekend, especially Saturday and I really want to work on bouncing back and not beating myself up about it. I had such a great week one and one bad day doesn’t not a plan ruin. I am going to do more of the meditations this week to help keep my mind positive till I can shake off this weekend. Can’t wait to workout tonight and really feel back on the plan!
    Keep it up babes – we’re all in it together!

  30. Ready for it!! Week two goals: sticking with the workout schedule, doing better prep for dinners. I’ve gotten lunches/breakfasts in a good place but dinner is still where I hit the wall! Feeling super strong and energized right now, hopefully I can keep that going!

  31. I really struggle with post dinner snacking. So my goal is to only have a healthy snack if I am really hungry (no sugar). I workout a lot and stick to the plan all day….and then night time happens and I mess up and get discouraged. So that is the one big change I need to make.

  32. My goal for week #2 is to stay consistent with the nutrition plan through the weekends. With Mother’s Day and other events last weekend, it was easy to get lazy about nutrition.

  33. I did so well with having all of my food prepped and eating everything, it was a great week! My goals for week 2… I want to get more beauty rest! After writing down how much sleep I was getting each night and experiencing how crumby I felt after less than 7, I have decided to make sleep a focus.

    Also, during week 1 I did only daily toning moves (except for Saturday, I went to a Bikram class! <3<3) and 1 studio tone up class. I want to do 2 classes this week!! And go on one run:)

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