Video Tutorial: How To Do An Easy Fishtail Braid

Gym hair, don’t care!


A braid is my go-to hairstyle when I’m running from the office to the gym or hot yoga. It’s quick, cute, and most importantly, it keeps my hair off my face while I’m sweatin’.

My hair has a lot of layers, so I have a lil’ trick for keeping them in place: a side french braid into a fishtail. This style keeps all those shorter layers from escaping during class. And MAJOR bonus: You don’t even need to wash your hair post-workout! The heat from class, especially a hot class, will steam your tresses in the braid. After class, shower but don’t wash your hair. Sleep on it, and come morning, you’ll have the most gorgeous, crimp-y waves!

Don’t be intimidated if you haven’t braided before. I’ve got ya, girl! Just follow along with my step-by-step video below. With a little practice, you’ll be a total pro! :)


Watch on Youtube HERE!


Lookin’ for something a little faster on super busy days?

Karena is the queen of the top knot! You won’t believe how easy it is! Here’s how she does it:

Step 1: Pull your hair into a high pony tail. This is the TRICK to making it stay put during your workout!

Step 2: Wrap the pony around into a high bun and secure with bobby pins. This way it doesn’t slide.

Step 3: Hey, beautiful!


Comment below with other tutorials you’d like to see!


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  1. Ohh yeah! Loved this! I’m always looking for quick hair that’s different from my high pony tail. Please post more of these tutorials since ya’l always look so gorgeous! Thank-you! I’m going to be rocking this one on the weekend!

  2. Thanks for this post! It’s so nice to have options that’ll stay in place for workouts and look good after the gym!

  3. I have always had a hard time with french braids, probably because I don’t do them often, and watching this and seeing her go under instead of over for it made my day! Hadn’t ever thought to do it that way and it made the braid work so much easier!!!!Love it an I agree with Courtney, we definitely need more tutorials!

    1. I always naturally go over!! It’s so hard for me to switch but practice makes perfect!! I have been determined this year to get more experimental and I really do just think it’s practice practice practice!!

    2. I couldn’t agree more! I like to say that I am hair stylistically challenged because I ant seem to pull off any of the cute stuff I see in pics. This completely made my day! I just tried it, and voila! It worked. Who knew?!

    1. I agree! ! I loved the makeup Kat had on in this video.. I would love to see a tutorial. Karena’s make up looks amazing, too. You girls are so beautiful!

  4. LOVE THIS HAIR STYLE!! I did small butterfly clips on one side today with a side pony tail today! I will have to try this! Thanks girls!

  5. I would love to see more hair tutorials from Karena on how she gets volume and styles her hair! I have straight thin hair, and whenever I style it in the AM it looks great, and by 10am it looks like something that died on the side of the road :)

  6. “This is really short.” Um no. No it’s not LOL. My hair doesn’t even reach my shoulders!

  7. Loved both of these! Totally trying the bobby pins next time on my top bun! Would love a tutorial on your favorite organic moisturizers and also makeup tutorial for a natural look! <3

  8. I love it!! I definitely need to perfect my fishtail!! You know what’s great about braids too? I can get a week out of my hair before I have to wash again if I use breads to disguise how yucky it is hahahahaha! fit girl problems :)

  9. I know you both have longer hair, but maybe you could get one of your gal pals with shorter hair to do a short hair tutorial? Mine is above my shoulders. I’d love some advice for how to wear it during a workout!

  10. That bathroom! Shiplap, shell sink, mermaid and antique mirror…just dreamy!

  11. Looking forward to giving this a try! I have never seen anyone other than my mom braid hair inside out. Now I know her trick since I could never see what she was doing while braiding my hair when I was younger!

  12. Yessss! So pumped with this hair style – I’ve been experimenting with braids but they never look great. I tried it and it worked fantastic in my hair! And I showed my husband and he was like, “it looks like a fish’s tail!” Me *seriously impressed*, “well yeah that’s why it’s called a fishtail braid” Him: “Is it? I didn’t know that”….so I guess I did it right lol

  13. I have a question… when you separate your layers do you then start braiding that whole section and adding the rest or take the top of your layers section and braid them adding in the rest of the layers and then working in the rest? lol I’m not good at this girl thing hahaha

  14. THANK YOU KAT!! I COULD NEVER FIGURE OUT HOW TO FISHTAIL UNTIL NOW!!!! I LOVE THIS! So cute for work, gym or wherever!!

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