Tori’s Love Your Body Message…This Video Will Brighten Your Day!

Karena and I were texting this weekend about the Love Your Body Series and how special it’s been so far. Watching you truly embrace and love your body and feel empowered and confident…that is everything to us 💫

We just finished this new video showcasing your amazing Studio Tone It Up trainer Tori ~ can’t wait for you to see it! After the TIU Tour in LA, we were scrolling through Insta looking at all your checkins…like always ;) And we came across a video of this gorgeous girl dancing and smiling so brightly! That’s how we found Tori!

We’ll be sharing more about Tori soon ~ for now, Karena and I wanted to share her inspiring Love Your Body message. We absolutely love this quote from her ~ “The most amazing, magical thing about a woman is that there is only one you and that is your superpower. There is no one else who can take your place. There is no other person who has the special gifts that you were given.” 💖

Watch her full video below!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

We also created THIS Love Your Body Series video that you have to see…rewatching it brings tears to our eyes every time!!


  1. 💕💕💕💕this Tori! It’s so true, we’re all given this incredible piece of machinery (our bodies) and we are beautiful!

  2. I love this, Tori! Thank you for the encouraging words and inspiration ❤️ Personally, I’ve loved TIU for a long time, and receive new encouragement every series. But since becoming a Mom, I missed most of the series last year. So 2018’s Love Your Body series had been the perfect way to start fresh again!

    Finding time to workout with a Tot has been challenging, but it’s fun to involve my son in my workouts! He loves squats and downward dogs haha!

    I’m really wanting to connect with all women here at TIU, but I’m especially intrigued by the TIU Mom’s and how they live their healthy lifestyle 😊❤️

  3. Thank you for this message and the positivity! I have fallen off a bit lately, but I can always jump right back in. I like what Tori says about loving our bodies because it’s the only one we will have in this life, so we must take care of it. We also might as well love our whole selves too while we’re at it!!! :D

  4. I absolutely love tori!!! She has an energy that is so contagious and confident! I love dancing So having her teach some dance class in the studio has been soooo much fun!!

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