Tone It Up 5 Day Detox Q+A!

Hey gorgeous!! Happy New Year! Kat and I are so excited that the Love Your Body Series kicks off SO SOON ~ mark your calendars for January 14th! And did you see?! We’re all doing the 5 Day Detox Plan to prep for the series! This plan is the perfect way to refresh your mind, body, and spirit before the series begins. You’re about to feel amaaaazing!

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You can do the detox anytime before Love Your Body ~ this week or next ~ whenever works for you! Today we’re answering all of your questions about the Tone It Up 5 Day Detox. We want you to be ready to ROCK!



How do I get the detox?

Grab it HERE! And we’ll send it straight to your inbox for free!

When should I do the detox?

Whenever works for you before Love Your Body starts! This week or next!

Can I mix in different meals?

Of course! These meals are just suggestions for you. Do what works with you and your lifestyle! Just make sure to follow the ‘Detox Do’s & Don’ts list’ and you’ll be golden! There are a ton of recipes on that match the Detox Guidelines as well.

What can I substitute ingredients with?

If there’s an ingredient that you don’t have or can’t have, feel free to sub in another. Again, just as long as it fits the Detox Guidelines.

I’m headed to the grocery store…how much of everything do I need?

Depending on if you’re doing the detox alone, or with someone else, 2 bags of lemons, a bag of apples, a bundle of kale, a bag of carrots, and a carton or two of egg whites and almond milk should be sufficient. The grocery list is flexible for you and your needs!

Can I drink other smoothies?

YES! We included more smoothie options in the recipe section! You can also get one made, but keep it lower in sugar by using berries, ice, plant-based protein only, and a nut-based milk or water.

What if I don’t see a food group listed on the plan?

We made the recipes and foods based on detoxifying foods that are low in sugar and will help you de-bloat and cleanse for the 5 days. It’s not that the foods that aren’t included are bad, we’re just nixing them for the week for rebooting purposes. Stay within your recommended detox foods and you’ll feel amazing!

Can I have coffee?

YES! We recommend iced coffee or espresso with a splash of unsweetened almond or coconut milk. Try cutting your normal caffeine consumption in half this week. If you normally have just a cup, try swapping for some green tea or black tea instead. We also love taking ginger, lemon + cayenne shots for energy!

When should I eat my meals?

Depending on your schedule, space your meals out by about three hours. Remember to have water with lemon with you at all times and sip all day! Fresh juices and smoothies are perfect pick-me-ups!

When should I work out?

This is up to you and your schedule! We recommend waking up 45 minutes earlier (so going to bed 45 minutes earlier), so you can crush your workout first thing in the morning! We usually have our coffee first and then work out. If you need to work out in the afternoon or evening, go for it! Just make sure to stay hydrated! Remember, we offer work out classes every hour on the hour in Studio Tone It Up on the app! It’s amazing because no matter the time, you can always find motivation by taking a class live with other women in the community!

Why have Tone It Up Protein over other proteins?

We highly recommend Tone It Up Protein! We initially searched for a protein that we trusted to recommend for our community, but couldn’t find one. So we made Tone It Up Protein just for you! It’s perfect, especially for the detox, because it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, plant-based, and has simple, clean ingredients. We don’t recommend whey (it’s a by-product of cheese production and can cause bloating) or any other protein with a lot of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. You can find Tone It Up Protein and Tone It Up Protein Bars at your local Target or HERE!

What will my results be?

This plan is amazing for de-bloating, cleansing your system, rebooting your energy, and giving your body, mind, and spirit a refresh before the Love Your Body Series. The biggest differences you’ll see are:

✓You’ll feel lighter

✓ Your energy levels will be up

✓ You’ll sleep better

✓ You may notice you’re more alert

✓ Your digestive track will feel light

✓ Your skin will feel fresh from all the hydration and clean meals

✓ You’ll feel organized and in control

✓ You’ll feel confident and empowered!

How do I save my plan?

Right click and download onto your computer! You can print it too! If you want it on your phone, we recommend saving it to your iBooks: Click on the plan download button from your email and open in your preferred browser. Next click the “share” button at the bottom of the page and tap “copy to iBooks.” You may have to swipe left for the iBooks option to appear.