TIU Tri: Transition Secrets with Jenny Fletcher

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Race day for the Oceanside Ironman 70.3 is arriving quickly! The 10 day countdown is on. During this stage of training, called the tapering phase, workouts slow down a bit, and I’m starting to gear up mentally for the race. Right now I’ve been running through practice transitions at triathlon_traininghome to prep for the periods when I’ll be switching gears from the swim to bike and bike to run.

For some, myself included, triathlon transitions can be one of the most intimidating parts of the race. How do you find your bike among thousands of triathletes (trust me, I’ve been known to get lost in the transition area), and quickly change from wetsuit to bike equipment to running gear?! Having a quick transition can save you several minutes in your overall time. I asked professional triathlete, fellow Oakley athlete and Branson Ironman 70.3 winner Jenny Fletcher to share some of her transition secrets with us!

For all the #TIUtri gals, keep checking in! It’s exciting to see many of you signing up for your first triathlon! It’s also very inspiring to see many of you taking on the challenge of a longer distance race and setting a new personal goal! I can’t wait to see some of you in Oceanside on race day. Make sure you say hi so we can cheer each other on!


If you missed last week’s TIU Tri video, check it out below. In this video, Jenny shares her own triathlon story, along with nutrition tips for race day. You’ll also learn tips on mental focus, how to ease the transition from bike to run, how to find your rhythm in each section of the race and more!

One of the most important tips Jenny talks about is the importance of nutrition. Success in triathlon depends on several factors and proper nutrition is imperative when training for any race. If you’re on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan you are fueling your body with all the delicious nutrients it needs to power through training and stay strong on race day!

triathlon-jenny-fletcherIt’s also important to practice your race day nutrition during your long training sessions. Never try something new on race day! Choose healthy sources to refuel, ones with carbohydrates and calories that will digest easily and quickly, such as bananas and all-natural sports drinks and gels. Find something that works with your stomach. I like Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gels and coconut water for electrolytes, hydration and refueling.

Bananas are also a good choice. Since they’re tough to chew while on the bike or while running, you can mash them up, add a little cinnamon and save them in a ziplock baggie on your bike.

On race day your body is in continual motion, so you want to refuel constantly, and the best time is during your bike ride. You will have just finished a long swim, so it will be time to refuel and rehydrate. If you get behind on this, it can affect the rest of your race.

Everyone’s needs are different and unique, but as a general rule you should be consuming a liquid every 15 minutes (water and/or hydration electrolyte drinks such as coconut water or all-natural sports drink) and calories from a gel or a banana every 30 minutes.

Thank you Jenny for coming by to tri chat and have some laughs. It was truly great to see you and you’re an inspiration to many! Jenny will be racing at the Oceanside 70.3 too, so make sure you say hi and cheer her on :).  Follow Jenny on Instagram & Twitter!

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  1. HenleyFenix says:

    Great advice guys! Fueling on the bike can feel like you’re sometimes eating when you don’t need to, but it’s _so_ worth it!

    Karena, I wrote some advice down on Medium for people who haven’t done Oceanside before. These are just a few items I learned from my first time that might help your mental check (just things that threw me off). Including how you have to pack your gear bag at T1 before leaving since they move everything over to T2 during the race (since transitions are separate for Oceanside). I hope they help!


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