The Tone It Up App!

Tone It Up is the perfect tool to set, track and achieve all of your fitness and weight loss goals!

Your Tone It Up app is one of the best ways to stay connected with us and your team while having instant access to all of your favorite Tone It Up workout videos ~ perfect for toning up on-the-go. Whether you’re sharing your workouts and healthy meals to stay accountable or just need an extra boost of motivation in the morning, the Tone It Up app is there when you need it. It’s the ultimate way to SHARE, LOVE, INSPIRE, SWEAT!

Download your Tone It Up App today.
It’s available here, through the iTunes app store.
Tone It Up features:
  • Daily Motivation & Workouts
  • Instant Check ins with photo feature
  • Video Workout Library
  • Stay Accountable with your trainers and team!
  • Realtime updates and news


New Tone It Up iPhone App clear




Share your pics, workouts, recipes and motivation with us and the team! Instantly upload them to Twitter, Facebook & Instagram ~ the app takes care of the hashtags and tags so staying connected is easy.


Love your workouts and your body! All Tone It Up workouts are now available in the newly designed library of fitness videos. Whether you want to work your Booty, Abs, Arm, Total Body or Thighs ~ all videos are categorized for easy access.


Inspire others and see what’s up in the Tone It Up Community! This is your healthy lifestyle platform, and we created it just for you. Meet other Tone It Up girls in your area, share recipes, motivation and check in with your healthy meals!


Sweat with your daily workout challenges, updated everyday to reflect your Weekly Workout Schedule posted on It’s never been easier to stay on track!


The app also allows you to stay updated on all new content, recipes & tips posted on, so you’ll always be in the loop ;) We also love to send you personal text messages with tips, motivation and fun updates to keep you smiling and accountable!


    1. There used to be an Android app. It appears that maybe they’re finally redoing it? Hoping it is better than the old one!

      1. Yes!! We’re working on something brand new for you! In the meantime, you can find all your workouts and recipes super easily on We love setting a page to our home screen by clicking the arrow at the bottom of our Safari. Xxo

  1. Android, Android, Android, Android

    There are LOTS of people who don’t have apple products. PLEASE make this app for us too!!

    1. Hi!!
      You have to sign into the app using your login! It’s free to create a profile :)

  2. Hi K&K, I’ve had the app for a while now but recently it stopped working for me. When I open it it goes to a pictured you but has no menu to navigate through the options. Do you know who I can contact to get help? Does the app not support iPhone 5?

  3. The app has stopped working on my phone as well…..iPhone 5 – any hints on what to do?

  4. Hi ladies! Am I the only one having a lot of trouble with the app? Every time I open a printable, I can’t get back to the main app without completely getting out of the app… and everytime I completely get out of the app, I have to re-enter my username and password and start all over. Blah, help!

  5. The app has completely disappeared from the itunes store!! I deleted it and went to redownload (was having some issues accessing the daily workouts) and it was GONE. HELP!!

    1. I just had the same issue. It was not loading so I deleted and now cannot find it at the store…

      1. Same! I was already nervous that I was going to lose all my saved recipes and workouts if I deleted the app, but I couldn’t access them anymore anyway. Multiple issues with the app for the last few weeks, but I would have dealt with them if I wasn’t going to be able to reload it!!

  6. I downloaded the app a while ago, and lately it hasn’t been working correctly and crashing. :( Anyone have a fix?

  7. I keep getting a notification that it’s not available in the U.S. store? I have an iphone please help :) xx

    1. Hi! We’re working on a NEW and improved app! In the meantime we recommend using Safari or Chrome to access! ❤️ You can click once to your Daily workout and all posts super easily! We also love setting a page to our home screen by clicking the arrow at the bottom of Safari. Let us know if you have any questions! :)

      1. Any idea when it will be released? I just joined the Bikini Series and purchased the nutrition plan + Beach Babe 5 and not having the app makes things kind of frustrating. I have the old app but it messes up a lot.

    1. Hi babe! We’re working on a new and improved app for you! In the meantime, you can get all your workouts and recipes easily on!

  8. I changed iPhones and I can’t find the app to re-download. Does anyone know how to find it? Or what happened to it? Thank you!

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