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This Bikini Series is all about taking it back to where it began. After scouting exotic locations in July, we decided to bring it home, Manhattan Beach. This is the place that brought us together, where we became best friends, and where we started chasing our dream to create the #TIUcommunity. So as we’re about to embark on this Bikini Series, we’re taking a moment to look back at how it all started.

Okay…so we know this is so crazy, but we came up with the idea for the first Bikini Series the night before we shot it!! That’s actually how most of our ideas happen. We remember thinking–we need to do a long series of workout videos that motivate the community for summer. So we called Leckrone up, and told him we were going to shoot 8 videos in front of our house. In the morning, we went to the store and grabbed some pineapples, watermelons, and packed up our floppy hats and we made our way to the beach! Some of the best ideas β€” the ones that change your life and the lives of others β€” can come out of the craziest, most unexpected moments. Anyone else feel this way?? Comment below!!! We shot the entire first Bikini Series the week before it was released. And just as we were about to send our first email about it, we thought, β€œWouldn’t it be fun if we named our morning workouts Booty Calls…like when we call on our girls to work their booty?” Just like that, inspiration struck and the Booty Call was born! πŸ‘

Tone It Up Bikini Series 2017 Karena Katrina

Not much has changed since that first Bikini Series, but the good news is, we don’t shoot our workouts the week before anymore!! We actually decided to shoot in Manhattan Beach in July and shot this Bikini Series this past fall, because we wanted to make sure everything was perfect and on point for you. In the beginning of ToneItUp, we only had one workout video and one recipe per week. Now, we have so many editions of the plan, tons of new workouts, Beach Babe videos, thousands of recipes to choose from, and inspiration and advice every single day. We’re also able to connect with you in real time every day on Instagram Story and Snapchat. We’re always working on creating even more new, exciting videos and tools to help you succeed, all the time! We’re so grateful that you are our constant motivation, our drive, our inspiration, and our #1 supporters to keep working hard every day. Thank you!

We can’t wait to start this Bikini Series with you! We’re all starting together Monday!! Sign up HERE and let’s do this, girl!


Karena & Katrina

PS…a Behind The Scenes video of this year’s series is coming SOON! You’re going to crack uppp!!!

Tone It Up Karena Katrina Bikini Series

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  1. I remember watching all you videos the day you posted them. I LOVED them. Even without the production crew helping, you girls always kept me interested and excited to workout. And I used to HATE working out! So thank you for not giving up or giving into critics opinions (’cause I’m sure there were some). You’re doing an incredible job!


  2. My favorite time of the year! So happy to have been through this journey with you both since 2012. You guys just keep topping yourselves while staying your humblest awesomest selves. To the best 8 weeks to come!

    Lots of love from Thailand <3

  3. Its amazing how far you guys have come and what you have accomplished, love the video…perfect lyrics and I had a giggle at the throwback clip! thank you for your hard work and dedication on this years Bikini Series! Can’t wait for monday now….Im counting down like a kid waiting for xmas!!!

  4. I LOVE the new Plan – thank you!!! So excited to try the tasty recipes :) Am excited for my second BS – thank you, K&k, the TIUteam and TIUHQ, for making this such fun! <3

  5. I’m so so so so excited for my first bikini series <3 All the reciepies look amazing and I can't wait for the meal prep tomorrow :D Thank you K&K for doing all of this for #TIUcommunity. We love you <3

  6. I am new to the TIU community and I am amazed at what a supportive, kind, empowering, and motivating community you girls lead! I’ve never in my life been able to stick to a nutrition plan OR home workout program and I am excited every morning to wake up for my BootyCall with you and my accountability buddies and eat the recipes you’ve shared with us. Thank you both for making something so fun and life-changing!! I am SO excited for my first Bikini Series!!! <3 Shelby

  7. Love the New Plan! I was wondering how can we know how many kcals are in each recipe in order to work it out to lose weight. Does anyone know??

  8. This video is so amazing! I love how fun it is but also how sweet and reflective you get. The song is πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Love you girls so much and can’t wait to start this #TIUbikiniseries with you!! Meal planning/shopping today and cooking tomorrow…so it is technically starting today…amiright?!??? 😘😘😘

  9. Yay! Cannot wait for the behind the scenes video. I have had a lot of last minute inspiration successes in business too. Sometimes when we go with our gut and just “ship it”, magical things happen. 😘

  10. Good morning! 😊 I am 53 and my daughter and I signed up for this series. I’m just curious as to the success of 50+ young women? 😁

  11. Thank you so much K&K and TIU HQ for the new plan!!! I love the structure and flexibility!! Life gets crazy and it’s nice to have options!! Can’t wait to get started and start my transformation!!!

  12. Thank you so much K&K! And thanks for the meal prep plan so we can follow the bikini series plan if we need more structure! ;) love the flexibility too!

  13. What a beautiful edition, great job TONE It Up team! Quick Q, will y’all be offering printed versions of the new Bikini Program?

    Thanks! M

    1. Thanks, babe!! We’re not offering printed versions of the plan. The TIU journal is a great way to stay on track! You’re going to rock this Challenge!

  14. So sweet the throwback! You girls’ friendship & the love for health & fitness you share is just amazing! And since “you’re going back to where it all first started”, I think it would be great if you include some of the workouts from your first bikini series into the weekly schedules too! Maybe a throwback Thursday?πŸ˜€πŸ˜†πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘™πŸšπŸΉπŸŒž

  15. All the feels right now watching that video! It has been so exciting to watch YOUR story as it unfolds and Tone it Up continues to grow! Love the flashbacks to some of the old videos because a lot of them are still my favorites!!! I’m excited for Monday and hope that we have some Throwback Thursday workouts and include some of the workouts from Bikini Series past (Bikini Arms 2014 πŸ˜‰)πŸ’•β™₯οΈπŸ’•β™₯οΈπŸ’•

  16. All the feels right now watching that video! It has been so exciting to watch YOUR story as it unfolds and Tone it Up continues to grow! Love the flashbacks to some of the old videos because a lot of them are still my favorites!!! I’m excited for Monday and hope that we have some Throwback Thursday workouts and include some of the workouts from Bikini Series past (Bikini Arms 2014 πŸ˜‰)πŸ’•β™₯οΈπŸ’•β™₯οΈπŸ’•

  17. What an amazing story. Thank you for the Bikini Series and for all of the inspiration over the years. The #tiuteam is so grateful for the evolution of Tone It Up and all it stands for!!! πŸ˜—

  18. I’m so excited!!! πŸ‘™β˜€οΈπŸŒΈ
    Katrina, I NEED to know your hair routine! Besides beach waves could you share some of your fav products???

  19. Does anyone know where Katrina’s pink one-piece is from? I love it!

  20. I cant believe this is going to be the 4th Bikini Series that I’ll be doing!!!! Love you girls <3

  21. Excited to start this series. You two are definitely inspirational. Thanks for the tips! Workout clothes are ready! Now to follow all the nutrition tips. Thank you πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

  22. Excited to start this series. You two are definitely inspirational. Thanks for the tips! Workout clothes are ready! Now to follow all the nutrition tips. Thank you πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

  23. All the feels watching these throwbacks! So glad that I’ve gotten to watch you beautiful ladies grow to where you are today :) And the behind the scenes/bloopers videos are definitely my fav :D So excited for BS 2017!!

  24. I love the throwback in this video!!! I remember all those surfing workouts from 5 ish years ago!!! I joined after having my first babe. Keep up the good work ladies! I am one happy customer! Ready to get back at it after having my last baby!

  25. I LOVED this!! I felt all nostalgic having followed you girls and been inspired by you for so many years. This is my 5th bikini series and I’m so excited! Thank you sharing your beautiful souls with us and for motivating us to grow! <3

  26. Hi! I haven’t received the Bikini Series Nutritional Plan in my email yet. Can you please try to resend?

  27. I haven’t received the Bikini Series Nutritional Plan in my email yet. Can you please try to resend?

  28. Aw! This video makes me so emotional! It is so amazing how far your girls have come, and how much everything has evolved. Thank you for all your hard work as always! This year is going to be amazing!

  29. Funny! Back in the mid 1980’s, the days of the VCR, I had the idea to shoot a workout video, but I just didn’t have the means to get it out to the public…lol…thank you to you both and your team for making things happen !!πŸ‹πŸ€—πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€οΈ

  30. So I’m pretty new to this community, but I honestly have never felt so JOYFUL about taking on a (diet/exercise/lifestyle) challenge like this in my life. (Granted, I’m pretty scared about failing my own expectations here too, but that’s another story.)

    Girls talked about “feeling all the feels” above watching the vid, and I gotta say, I’m feeling them too. There is something freeing, happy, light, Cali-dreaming about it, and this whole TIU thing (that’s #TIUthang), which already feels wonderful… and right. XOXO

  31. I’m so excited to start this journey as a new member! I’ve been doing the free workouts since January, but I’m finally in! So excited to be on this journey with you all! Especially being a south bay girl myself (Grew up in Redondo and now living in Hermosa Beach) I found this the most fitting Bikini Series ever! Here’s to a new chapter! <3

  32. So excited to begin!! Had a rough winter and I can’t wait for monday! One of the reason I love TIU is because you girls are so real!! You just live your dream and share everything with generosity. You are not perfect and assume it. You even laugh about it! I love that! ;P Thank you for all you do for us! :D

  33. Commiting to the entire challenge! Where is that white one piece bathing suit Karena is wearing in the video from? I love it!

  34. Love this song! Did some research to add it to my playlist… for all those wondering it is “Rewind” by Wingtip :)

  35. I’m so excited to be part of this community. I have never been able to stick to a home workout. I love the motivation that you guys always provide. As a busy mom, I need all the encouragement I can get. I’m so exited for my first bikini series!

  36. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you ladies have done. Thanks so much to you and your wonderful team for all the help this week with getting everything working and on track to go!!!! You guys are amazing :)

  37. This is the best! So so fun!!! How do you girls keep getting better with age? …. bootycalls and bikini seriesπŸ’•πŸ˜Š

  38. This video has me pumped for the #bikiniseries! I cannot wait to try all the new recipes too. YUM! What are some of the brands of clothing you have featured in the videos? I’m always looking for good workout clothes and y’all’s are are always amazing!

  39. Yes!! TY for putting together this amazing program and spear heading a movement of women supporting women! I’m a long time member…but will be my first bikini series that I am totally committing myself too! Can’t wait! πŸ’—

  40. I am so excited to have found ToneItUp! I love waking up to see what workout you have put together for us. It is almost like Christmas every day. It feels so good when I realize I can do an exercise that I couldn’t before. I love feeling strong, and ToneItUp helps me feel that way! <3

  41. I love this video! The music, the present and past clips and of course you two! It’s got the spirit of what attracted me to Tone It Up and keeps me here — vitality, fun, friendship, the ocean, the beach. I love the surfing footage. Thank you for creating a community where one woman’s victory is another woman’s happy dance and motivation, and one woman’s struggle is received with care and love and returned with encouragement to not give up. Thanks for the love, Katrina and Karena and TIUHQ!

  42. Video is awesome and so motivating! Can’t wait to start tomorrow — my 15 year old happened to catch the video and is now doing the program with me! Thanks again – she’s excited, too!

    1. Aw that is so sweet! Tell her we say hi! That’s the age I really got into working out and eating healthy too :) So empowering as a teen!

  43. AWESOME video!!! What an inspiration you two are and so proud to be part of this community you made! I think I’ll have the bikini series video on repeat while I meal prep today:) Thank you for the changes of the plan too~I love them!! Definitely will help me stay more consistent. Now to get my new workouts downloaded:) XOXOXO!!!

  44. Omg this made me so nostalgic! I remember the FIRST bikini series! You girls have been such an inspiration to me and have completely changed my life :) Can’t wait for this year’s bikini series!

  45. This honestly made me tear up! I joined TIU the night before the first Bikini Series and this bought back all the feels!! What a journey we have all been on. I was watching this and just had Kelley Jame’s ‘Summertime on my Mind’ playing in my head. Cheers Bikini Series Babes! Here’s to the best 8 weeks of the year <3 <3

  46. Happy 5th Bikiniversary to everyone at TIU, but especially to our precious and fearless leaders, K & K!!! Love y’all!

  47. So happy about the throwback! It’s why I became a TIU girl in the first place. (Fun fact – my husband proposed to me 25 years ago on Manhattan Beach to the right of the Pier).

    P.S. I’m a 45 year old with back issues – I can’t do all the moves, but I adore the joy you Ladies (and your crew) put into every video, the food from your meal plan is pretty and tasty, and the protein powder is the only one I drink now! While it’s been fun going along to the exotic locales of the last few Series – Manhattan Beach is the best. Please take us on video tours of the streets and little shops one day please – film a walking workout along the strand and up and down the hill to the Beach. Such goodness in your backyard – no wonder you two are so Happy!
    Thanks K & K for having such a fun business.
    Oh and those classic workouts that can still be found on the internet are golden! Good then, good now. <3
    Can't wait to to start this 2017 Bikini Series.

  48. hi there!! I’m new to the TIU community and I am wondering how the Bikini series works. Do i need to purchase the Beach Babe 5 video to follow along? Does it come free for being a member? Any information would be greatly appreciated and can not wait to get started and to start seeing changes in my health, mentally and physically. Love you girls and all that you are!!! Much love

    1. Hey Celinea! Welcome!!!! Just for signing up for the BIKINI SERIES, you’ll receive the Starter Pack, 2 exclusive videos, and a free Q&A video tot get you going! You’ll also receive the Free Weekly Schedule, 3 free workouts per week (2 LIVE!), recipes, motivation, and TONS of surprises! When you join the Nutrition Program, you’ll receive the main plan, the recipe guide, the special edition with 50 new recipes, a printable journal, weekly emails from us, and more!! You can also add the Beach Babe 5 videos, which are premium workout videos to take your results to the next level! To save, we recommend the Digital Bundle PLUS you’ll get huge savings right now! :)

  49. What is the easiest way to log on and watch Beach Babe 5 videos? Every link I click takes me to the shop to purchase it and I already did! Help!!

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