The Essential Oils Karena Uses Every Day


I’ve been using essential oils for years, and they’re, well, essential to my routine! ; ) I grew up in a house where incense and candles were constantly burning, so aromatherapy has always been a part of my life. I’ve found that scents, like meditation, can lift your mood and give you energy. Think about it: How happy do you feel when you smell fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (or Perfect Fit brownies)?!

I apply different oils every day. When I’m in the shower, I like to spritz or dab oil on my wrists, rub them together, and inhale. I also stash oils in my meditation room, purse, and the drawer next to my desk at the HQ so they’re always on hand! These are my five go-to oils and how I use ’em!





Eucalyptus is energizing, and I love using it in the morning or when I hit an afternoon slump. Did you know it’s also used as a natural bug repellent?  Bugs love me…so I’m always looking for something natural to keep them away!


I always use this one to unwind before bed. Research has shown that lavender improves sleep quality, decreases anxiety, and quiets your mind before you drift off.


This citrus oil relieves stress and anxiety and creates balance in your mood.


I love this oil mixed with bath salts for a detoxifying soak in my tub!


The tangy citrus scent helps boost my energy when I need a pick-me-up! gold-glitter-line

Do you girls use essential oils? Tell me all about your faves in the comments!


  1. I love this and these are some of my favorite scents, too! I have chronic migraine, and essential oils help with pain when nothing else does. A yoga teacher tipped me off years ago to the power of peppermint oil on the temples 🙌 I also love eucalyptus in the shower and lavender before bed!

    1. I guess need to invest in some peppermint oil! I got slammed with a terrible migraine last week in the middle of a work day and nothing was helping!

      1. Yes yes yes!! Peppermint saves me when I have a headache. I just ran out and need to go get some more

    2. Yes peppermint is the best!! My TIU retreat roomie introduced me to essential oils! Helps so much with my migraines!

  2. I add a drop or two of grapefruit and lemon in my water bottle, helps me to drink more water while making it more alkaline. Peppermint in also great under the tongue to help concentrate (be careful with the brands of oils please, there are only 2 I trust: du terra and young living). Lavender is so amazing to relax!!
    Love essential oils.

    1. Awesome! I was going to ask for suggestions! Ive been curious about oils for some time! The eucalyptus and lavender sound perfect to add to my daily routine!

      1. I have never used essential oils before but would love to! What do you have to be careful about when picking a brand?? I live in Ireland so probably can’t get your brands :(

      2. Just a tip someone at du terra told me: if you’re putting the oils in water to drink, make sure you’re not using plastic water bottles. Make sure they’re either glass or metal. Otherwise the oils seep into the plastic and can be corrosive! :)

  3. A massage therapist friend gave me a lavender oil foot and temple massage as I was in early stages of labor with my daughter. I will always love lavender!

  4. I love mixing Grapefruit and Lemon essential oil with Almond oil as a base and massaging it around my thighs, booty and abs. Great for detoxing and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

  5. Eucalyptus, Mint, and Lavender are some of my favorites, although my boyfriend is allergic to Lavender, so I need to find an alternative. :(

  6. Essential oils are really the bomb. I use Rose Otto with Jojoba in my bath when I want to pamper myself. Something about the rose scent is just very comforting to me. Also, I use Lavender essential oil to treat acne! I actually heard about this from a holistic acne coach, and it has been a miracle for me, being that I’ve struggled with acne my whole life. I’ll just dab it on any spots I may have before bed, and its calming effects double as a sleep aide! I wake up the next morning with diminished spots every time; it’s fantastic! Love this post. <3

      1. I don’t! Just straight. If your skin is hypersensitive though, you can always dilute with just a little water. :)

    1. Hi Chelsea! I’ve been struggling with acne lately, something I haven’t dealt with in nearly 15 years. I’ve tried using tea tree oil to help (and it does-a little) but I haven’t tried lavender. Do you just dab blemishes with a q-tip or a cotton ball? My issue is pretty much all over my face and worst of all, my neck. Also, do you use a carrier oil with it?

      1. I started using tea tree oil on breakout when I could first start to see/feel them. Mine tend to be large cystic pimples so they hurt. I cleanse with a Micellar oil/cleaning oil, moisturize with Josie Marian Argan oil and then put some straight tea tree oil a cotton ball or swab and swipe over the trouble areas. I only used the tea tree at night though, abuse the smell is so strong. It seems to have helped with my breakouts. It doesn’t make them disappear but it shortens the duration and the severity.

      2. Hi Megan! I have used tea trea oil in the past as well. Tea tree and lavender oil are both antiseptics, which is why they can assist with the bacteria found in acne. I find the tea tree a little less soothing, and as Elspeth said, strong smelling. I will dilute it with water though to use as a spritz on my makeup brushes after cleaning them! I do just dab the lavender on straight to spot treat with either a q-tip or my finger. I try to do it overnight because it gives my skin time to really work with the oil, since skin is in “rest/repair” mode overnight. If you get a lot of acne on your neck or hairline, it could very well be the hair products you are using. I have found this is the case with myself. Check your products, and change your pillowcase often! I cleanse my face with straight Jojoba oil and a washcloth, tone with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar and water, spot treat with lavender oil, and use a dab more Jojoba if I need some extra moisture. Simplifying is key! If you’re looking to buy a sort of do-it-all product, I HIGHLY reccomend Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever. The creator knows what she’s doing! It is so simple, and it’s a game changer. I hope all of this helps! I know the pain and frustration of dealing with acne every day. Just remember, you are beautiful no matter what!

    2. I’ve never heard of this, but I definitely need to try it now! I’ve suffered with acne since I was 13 (I’ll be 30 in two months) and have tried everything!

  7. I honestly do not know why i dont use essential oils i love candles and incense. I am working on staying relaxed and meditated throughout the day so im definitely going to add these to my shopping list <3

  8. When I was pregnant, I felt so hormonally off balance that I started using essential oils. I used DoTerra Balance everyday. Its a combination of spruce, rosewood, frankincense, and blue tansy with fractionated coconut oil. I would rub it on the soles of my feet before I put my shoes on for work. It was a nice way to massage my aching feet and reap the benefits of the extra balance I needed!

    1. Balance is my favorite! When the kids are on my last nerve or when work has me stressed it totally helps!

  9. I love to use a few drops of lavender oil with Epsom salts in the tub for a good long soak especially after HIIT or a Beach Babe routine. Thank you for all the tips! I’m gonna pick up some Rosemary and Eucalyptus oil too!!

  10. I love essential oils. I just got a new set of 10 and can’t wait to use them and figure out what the benefits are of each one. I love adding peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree oil to my conditioner and epsom salt baths for the tingling sensation.

    Question for Karena– What carrier oils do you like to use? I’m fond of sweet almond oil.

  11. I do a patchouli/orange/ylang ylang blend for a venice beachy vibe fragrance. A little bit of patchouli dirties it up just enough (like Venice Beach!) so it’s not too girly.

  12. What are some pointers for buying essential oils to know you’re getting the real deal?

    1. CPTG Quality Testing
      The purity of an essential oil is its most important characteristic. An essential oil that isn’t pure means you run the risk of putting germs, heavy metals, or adulterants onto or into your body, which can provoke irritation, adverse effects, or even sickness. Without an accepted standard for essential oil quality, doTERRA created its own testing process, calling it CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. The CPTG process certifies that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants in their essential oils that would reduce their efficacy. doTERRA even goes a step further, putting all their products and the packaging through a battery of tests to ensure a long and effective shelf-life. This protocol ensures potency, purity, and consistency batch to batch. I’d be happy to share samples and info with K & K and any TIU girl that’s interested in EOs. I started using some motivate before workouts in the am and diffusing marjoram & lime to create my zen 🙌🏻 When doing a TIU yoga session with Karena 😻 Follow me @ christie_mcinnis for more insight on oils & such. Or Welcome to the calm of the oilin’ world 🌎

      1. I would love to get some more info from you on using EO’s! I’ve been kind of scared to use them on my body, and have only ever put them in a diffuser.

        1. Hey sweets, I’d be happy to help. There are so many smell good/feel good combos to help with anything from sore muscles to allergies and even upset stomachs, that can be applied directly. Can you DM me on my Instagram page christie_mcinnis

          Look forward to hearing from you!

    2. Young Living is also another great brand. They have a seed to seal process so you can see exactly where the oils came from. They are 100% pure and absolutely amazing :)

  13. I love using essential oils! My favorites are lavender, rosemary, tea tree oil, frankincense and a blend for headaches. I love being able to use them so I don’t have to rely on medicine plus they smell amazing!

  14. I love essential oil, using it for my self made natural cosmetics. Cleansing my face with an orange jasmine facial oil with OCM, it makes me happy (take care, orange is photosensitive with sun!), my detox body scrub with grapefruit and peppermint is so refreshing, really comforting in summer. And to calm down in the evening I’m using my sleep pillow mist (also for the room) with a combination of lavender, tangerine and camomile, it works for a beauty sleep! Great combination for cold season is eucalyptus, pepperoni and lemon! Will upload my “recipes” soon on my blog, would love when you take a look!

  15. Thanks for the photo of them!! I’ve always wanted to use oils however was warned by essential oil enthusiasts that they’re not all made the same. Never wanted to spend money on ones that weren’t good and never took the time to research them so if they’re good enough for Karena they’re good enough for me! I’m going to look them up and order them. Thanks Karena!! Love ya babe!!

    1. I would highly recommend looking into young living essential oils and doing some research!
      they source their products from beginning to end on their OWN farms… quality stuff and THE REAL stuff.
      I’m a distributor for them so feel free to message me with further questions, if you are interested in knowing more! :)

  16. Definitely going to try those! I’m always trying to find new ways to lower my stress and anxiety that may develop as a result from my hectic schedule, or from my classes at college.

  17. I love all of these! I use also lemongrass. it’s very energizing and you can use it when you’re working because it keeps you focused and improves creativity

    1. Aw, and also…you can add grapefruit essential oil in homemade sugar body scrubs, because it helps with blood circulation and cellulite

  18. Lavender and Clary Sage are awesome to turn a mood around! Very calming when you’re feeling a little anxious. I sip on a blend of cinnamon, grapefruit, lemon, and ginger in my water. And Rosemary, Geranium, and Lemongrass help so much when you have over indulged a little on the wine. ;) Love living with essential oils!

  19. I hope you’ll do a post on meditation soon. Ive recently become involved in it, and its been amazing. I havent ventured past guided meditations yet though, haha. I would love to learn more about how you do it.

  20. Thanks for this post! I have one especially made to release sinus pressure which is great to add to the humidifier or put directly on my temples during the long New England winters. I also put my favorite oil (lemongrass or grapefruit) on a cotton ball and throw it in the vacuum while cleaning so my whole home smells wonderful. I find essential oils are great for both health and home!

    1. Good idea on the vacuum thing! I will try it since I have a lot of pet hair to vacuum up on the regular, thanks!

    2. I deal with a lot of sinus pressure here in Maryland! I also get migraines from pressure weather systems. What do you use? I’m always looking for a natural alternative to OTC medications!

  21. I absolutely love Lemon Verbena!!! I was at a Sandals resort in Jamaica and this was the Essential oil they used to fragrance the main office… I have been hooked to the fragrance ever since 😊

  22. A colleague from work also told me that lavender mixed with a few drops of almond oil is also amazing for dry skin since I have terrible eczema on my hands during the winter months. It does help a little and the lavender smell is so relaxing 😊

  23. My fave by far is peppermint. I use it for my headaches & nausea. I also use it for to scent my DIY cleaning products along with lemon & tea tree oil.

  24. I used this brand of essential oils. I use them in my steam mop and my hubby just got me a wax melter and I use unscented natural wax in it and add essential oils to it. I love lavender (a must have in our home) and I love cinnamon, cloves, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, and Bergamot. Another favorite of mine is frankincense, it is anti – cancer and helps with pain. i have joint pain sometimes and my mom and I made a frankincense and myrrh coconut oil and Shea butter lotion and this helped so much. Love using frankincense when my hubby and/or myself has been sick. I usually put this in with a mix of essentials oils in my steam mop, boosts the immune system.

  25. The absolute best yoga class I ever went to was a Yin Yoga that incorporated different essential oils! The instructor would come around and spritz different ones over you as you were holding poses, or massage your temple with another to help with relaxation. It was life changing!! Maybe with Kats new certification it’s something she could incorporate into a routine??

    1. SAMEEE my favorite yoga instructor of all time would always spritz us with essential oils at the end of class. It was such a personal, relaxing, wonderful addition to the class!

  26. I’m a distributor for young living essential oils and they are the BEST without a doubt. My sister got me into them after doing a TON of research on different brands / store bought oils.

    YL has been around for 20 years and I personally view them as the “pioneer of the EO industry.” they have definitely proven that they have staying power and that alone tells me a lot about their products. Best part to me is that they are in charge of their product from when it is planted all the way until when it is distilled and bottled. I could go on and on about the uses they have and my personal experiences with them — from sleeping better to improved mood to helping SO MUCH with my anxiety / panic attacks…. I digress lol

    1. I love Young Living!! I’ve been using them for about 5 months now and it’s help improve so many aspects of my life, sleep being number one :)

  27. Thanks Katena for this post, I love essential oils. I personally use Doterra. My favorite combination is Orange and peppermint. It has such a calm and energizing scent. I use this blend in my homemade cleaners as well to offset the vinegar smell.

  28. I love that you did a post on EOs! They are also a part of my daily routine. I have peppermint on hand at all times. I also diffuse lavender and Frankincense at bedtime. Young Living is my brand and though they are pricey, I’m confident I’m getting high quality oils. Just like you purchase organic when possible, the same goes for your oils! I even use them on my dog to ease his anxiety! If anyone is interested in learning more, reach out to me on IG tiu_teddy. I hate to sound pitchy but there’s so much more info on EO to be shared and I’m so passionate about them! 💞💞

  29. I love essential oils! I use them for everything. I love lavender and cedarwood diffused to help me sleep. I love the Young Living blend called Stess Away. I like to wear it in a diffuser necklace or rub on my neck and shoulders to relieve muscle tension. :)

    1. Glad you mentioned Cedarwood. I have been using YL Cedarwood on my temples and wrists before bed. It is amazing! I don’t see any mention of Peace & Calming yet by YL. It’s a blend, and fantastic to diffuse before bed.

  30. Love love essential oils!
    My essential essential oils are: peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, marjoram, anise, lemon. I really want some bergamot and Clary sage but essential oils are expensive xD I’d have every oil if it were up to me :P I’m such a fan

  31. I really love grapefruit & orange for a mood boost. And I’ll put a couple drops of peppermint & lemon in the vacuum filter to help deodorize from kids & pets. I also like to add a few drops of lavender to wool dryer balls, especially when drying bed sheets!

  32. I love essential oils! Tea tree oil is a big one I use from acne to my homemade household cleaners. Lavender & Sweet Orange are my favorite! I use Lavender in my homemade laundry soap. Peppermint is great for sore muscle,I add a few drops to my bath water or massage it into the muscle.

  33. I’m definitely going to try these! I’m always looking for new ways to help with my stress and anxiety from my hectic schedule, or from classes at college.

  34. I have recently been getting more into them! But I love lavender at night in a diffuser! Also I have a ginger that I put a few drops in my belly button if I have a stomach ache!

  35. I love my essential oils!! I use lavender every night before bed on my face and my mom made me a lavender linen spray 🙌🏻. Thieves is another one I can’t go without. I also love diffusing a combination of oils throughout my house. I’m so happy you created this post. There are so many benefits to using essential oils and endless natural remedies! Perfect for the #TIUCommunity. 💜

  36. I love putting peppermint ( just a little bit) on the bottom of my feet . Its energizing and cooling!

  37. Thanks so much for the post! I’ve recently been going through a time where all aspects of my life were stressing me at once and my friend gave me the lavender and stress relief oils from young living. They’ve helped so much! I was amazed how just smelling the stress relief oil instantly brought my stress levels down from a 10 to an 8.

    Karena, in a lot of your videos you talk about taking yime for yourself and meditating. Are there any guided meditation videos you recommend? I would still love if you did one too lol

  38. I like to add lemon or orange to my water!!! I’ve also been using cinnamon bark oil in my Meta D instead of powder cinnamon!

  39. I have a lavender spritz my sister made me that I spray on my pillow a few minutes before bed to help calm my mind. I also love to use them to make my own body scrubs with Epsom salts and coconut oil. I currently have an orange scrub for a boost after a long day

  40. I like to diffuse lavender, rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus before bed if I have a head ache, and usually just lavender and/or peppermint or eucalyptus. It also helps me breathe easier at night!

  41. I have really been wanting to try the essential oil thing but I just haven’t been able to commit. I was skeptical at first but it sounds like they are the real deal. I could definitely use a calming/de-stressing oil and one to help me get to sleep easier. Is there a specific brand I should try first? Are there brands that I should avoid? Thanks! #TIU

    1. Young Living is probably the most popular brand. Their starter kit is a pretty amazing deal: 11 oils, diffuser, and samples. I started with that and now I’m hooked. I would stay away from the “too good to be true” prices you find on Amazon or oils at TJMaxx. Unfortunately the “therapeutic grade” isn’t regulated so the cheap oils are mostly chemicals and alcohols – something you definitely want to avoid putting on your biggest organ, your skin. Feel free to DM me on Instagram (TIU_teddy) if you have any questions, Young living or otherwise! 😊

  42. This post is coming in at a perfect time! My girlfriend was showing me all her essential oils (do’TERRA brand) and I’m highly considering getting a diffuser. Any ideas on whether or not these are okay for animals? Or should we stay away from the diffuser and just do the oils? Would love your input! :) xxxxx

    1. I love diffusing and to me it is the easiest way to use oils- with the aromatherapy element to make sure your body benefits from the oils. I have diffusers in every room. The one in the bedroom has lavender or breathe, the living room I make different diffuser blends for my moods or needs, (like orange and peppermint to help me get work done and focus) or (white fir, orange, and cardamom to relax and inspire me) and the kids rooms I diffuse On Guard at night to help boost their immune systems. Oils are safe for animals if you diffuse and there are many information sources on them for topical use on animals.

  43. I love my doTERRA oils! Breathe helps me relax and with respiratory issues. Lemon in my water. I swear taking frankincense under my tongue every morning has stopped my migraines, I figure due to its helping inflammation. And diffuser blends….all day long. My fave is cedarwood, wild orange, and cassia….smells like oatmeal cookies.

  44. Essential oils are my necessity as well and my collection is getting bigger and bigger! ☺
    I think frankincense essential oil is worth mentioning, because it’s good for maaany things! ☺
    I’ll try to write an article about it on my blog:

  45. Oh this is great! I actually have a diffuser at home and there’s a few oil’s I’d love to try! This really helps with my anxiety and creates a cleansing space. I am also going to buy some rock salt candles to have in my room too. They give us such a nice energy!


  46. I’ve only tried one essential oil – Theives!! I LOVE it whenever I feel sick I rub them on my feet and by my neck and it smells amazing :)

    Going to try out a couple more I think!

  47. I love essential oils too! I put various mixtures in roller bottles for my kids to ward off sickness and bring down fever. I use a eucalyptus oil blend on my chest and under my nose during heightened allergy time to help with my breathing, and I LOVE my oil diffuser…favorite blend? Peppermint, lemon and lavender!

  48. I spray lavender made from my essential oils on my pillow every night before bed. It’s become one of those familiar scents that when I smell it anywhere, I am relaxedand reminded of home☺

  49. I got an essential oil diffuser for christmas and it’s a god sent! I even like to mix scents for a totally new one. Aromatherapy is a great way to relax! Pure Joy essential oil collection is my fav!

  50. Oh man I’m obsessed with essential oils. I’ve got four nebulizers in the TINIEST apartment where you definitely don’t need four nebulizers, but I love living in a place that’s constantly diffusing essential oils into the air around me. I tend to use essential oil roll-ons instead of perfume, and I’m obsessed with all of Saje’s diffuser blends. I even clean with essential oils! I make my own all-purpose cleaner with vinegar, water, and citrusy oils. I think some of my favourites are spearmint, pine, cypress, grapefruit, bergamot, and lavender :)

  51. Yes my sister and I have our business and we’ve been making and selling our organic apothecary for over 10 years. At one point we sold essential oils in larger quantities and sourced them directly from all over the world. We now sell our essential oils in 5 ml bottles and use only essential oils in all of our products. I have too many favourites but really love Lavender in our soap and candles and bath salts. Geranium is a gorgeous scent and great for balancing hormones or just helping me feel calm when I’m stressed. I suffer from migraines and make a Release aromatherapy roll on that really helps.

  52. LOVE essential oils. I started using them after I had my son – I had CURRAZY post partum anxiety, Lavender and DoTerra’s Balance really really helped me. I still rub a drop of Balance into the soles of my feet when I start to feel anxiety coming on and breeeathe it in. Helps so much and its so nice that it’s all natural! Lavender is so awesome for winding down at night. I also love to diffuse Ylang Ylang while doing Yoga – for some reason it really heightens my focus and energizes me during my practice. And DoTerra’s OnGuard blend is GREAT for fighting sickness. I diffuse it every night while getting ready for bed. You totally don’t have to buy the blends though – you can mix your own creations. I love mixing Bergamot with Lavender – its such a beautiful, calming scent!

  53. I LOVE essential oils and use them ALL day every day! They’re all over my house and I can’t go to sleep without my diffuser “puffing” in my face. They’ve transformed my family’s life, no exaggeration! I love DoTerra oils and am constantly applying Balance (the grounding blend) and Serenity (lavender and ylang ylang based), Peace and Clary Sage for calming anxiety and promoting a balanced mood. Frankincense is so healing and Cypress and Lemongrass are my go-to’s for any muscle spasms or cramping. Lemon and Grapefruit are fantastic for detoxing. Deep Blue is AMAZING for sore muscles, too! I could go on and on about EO’s for ages, girls, but I’ll spare you. Just go check them out and enjoy the beautiful effect they have on the mind and body! I’d love to answer any questions you girls might have! My IG is @tiu_vegchic <3

  54. Thanks for sharing! I recently started using essential oils and LOVE them. My favorite is Sleep Ease by Eden’s Garden. So relaxing and I always get a good night’s sleep.

  55. Definitely an oily girl!! I love diffusing in the morning. I’ve also created some rollers for different things–itchy stick, headache relief, tummy relief, sleepy aid…I made a bunch of rollers for friends and family for the holidays, along with TIU approved treats ;) If I’m having a stressful day, all I need is a sniff of peppermint and I instantly feel better. I put some frankincense in my nighttime moisturizer as it’s supposed to help with fine lines and wrinkles and this girl is not getting any younger!!! <3

  56. i love these ones as well!
    i also love frankincense for any little trouble spots on my skin- zits or bumps or dryness, peppermint first thing in the morning to just make me feel awake and fresh, and also young living brand has one called thieves- its great for your immune system so ill put it on my feet when i go to bed if i feel stuffy or like I’m fighting something and i wake up all good the next day! love the oils:)

  57. I love to mix a few drops of peppermint & sweet orange oil in distilled water & spritz it when I need an energizing pick me up❣

  58. Thanks for all your comments ladies! I’ve been wanting to get into EO’s, but I have no clue where to start! I have a small diffuser for our bedroom that I’ll occasionally use with a few drops of lavender, but that’s the extent I’ve gone. I suffer from sinus pressure, migraines, GI issues, and recently stress from work so I’m all about trying to find a natural way to make my life better!

    Any specific tips from anyone?? You guys are the best!! :)

  59. Are there any brands to avoid? I found some at TJ Maxx and on Amazon but wasn’t sure if they were 100% natural?

  60. The last time I had a cold, rather than drugging myself up with nyquil or dayquil, I used my diffuser and added some eucalyptus, lemon, and peppermint. Such an amazing scent all put together. The Eucalyptus alone puts me in the best mood even when sick. I put it on my chest and rubbed it under my nose to somewhat sleep soundly. Xoxo

  61. Hey Girls! Young Living Essential Oils have literally changed my life. I am able to manage stress much better and overall have a much more balanced happy life. I haven’t taken medicine (including Advil since July 2016)! I used to take allergy medicine once a day in the fall, but not needed anymore thanks to Young Living! One of the best brands and quality I have ever experienced. If you are interested in EO’s, I would recommend doing thorough research as you should be really careful to choose a reputable company that produces 100% therapeutic grade products. Many of the products at Whole Foods, Amazon, TJ Maxx etc are not therapeutic grade and fillers are used, so please be very careful as essential oils are so powerful! Happy Oiling!

  62. I have been extremely stressed with two kids and split homes its a hustle everyday to get moving workout, work on me and make sure to be available everyday for my kids. I reached out to a friend whom introduced me to YOUNG LIVING essential oils for my stress and relaxation and they have changed my life in so many ways. From lifting me up and calming me down, helping me focus and study clearly. You can also cook with them and that’s a fun way to allow the kids to help me in the kitchen as well. The options are endless with this seed to seal YOUNG LIVING brand and I could be happier to have been introduced to them. They really are a staple in my home just as much as TONE IT UP has been since 2013. Trying to incorporate positive and healthy things in my life is the best thing I could ever offer my kids.

  63. I’m glad you posted about essential oils because even though they seem like the “it thing” right now, they have been around forever (like bible times people!) I would agree with being conscious about the brand because you can’t just pick them up at the store. I would recommend Young Living. And Karena I would love to know where you got your shirt that you wore in this post :)

  64. I am having issues with bumps (acne or I dunno what) on my chest and stomach, it just recently started. Do you think any essential oils would help that? Or any tips on if anyone has had that happen. I don’t stay in my sweaty sports bras or clothes after I work out.

  65. I’m so happy I found this post! I’m pretty new to the essential oils game and have just recently started dabbling, still working out uses and trying to get into the habit of using them. What I’ve used most is lemon oil for cleaning. Reading all these comments makes me want to go out and get so many more…. ❤️️

  66. I am an essential oil neophyte but Karena had me as soon as she said mosquito repellant! I have sweet blood, I am attacked the second I go outside and come inside at night with at least 10 new bites every day. I was reading up on essential oils and it sounds like you can’t apply these directly to your skin? Karena, do you use a carrier oil? How do I start to use these because they sound amazing!

  67. Sooooo weird! Last night I went to a friend’s house for an essential oil ‘lecture’ by a Doterra rep …12 of us had an intro to their products. Practically Everybody placed an order…I was in two minds …loved the quality of the samples but found them much more expensive than the products I’ve been using on & off for the past 10years or so ( 50+ Year old alternative med shop-Baldwins -in London). Slept on it…just finished my booty bootycall…checked out the spa page while cooling down and voila! Here I am reading about it! So, mind’s made up! Family 10 pack & impressive diffuser ( has timer, switches itself off when time reached or water evaporated). Thanks for sharing your usages & combinations. You all helped my decision to go ahead. Loooking forward to having a home that smells like Venice Beach….Have a great day. X

  68. I infuse oregano oil throu my sons vaporizer to clear his sinus . In addition to helping him breathe, it is a natural anti bacerial and anti fungal

  69. It’s great to know what you use. I started doing a lot of research and only trust Young Living with their Seed to Seal promise 🙌🏼 My baby Bella has been my oily baby and I use them on her all the time. I swear by them 😊

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