The Best Self-Care Tips From The Tone It Up Team!

What does self-care mean to you? We asked you this on Insta recently and we were so inspired by your answers!

As women, we tend to care for others around us first, but making time to show yourself love and care is essential. When you care for yourself, you’re better able to care for everyone around you. You are pouring from a full cup and that makes all the difference. Self-care means something different to everyone — however you practice self-care is unique and special to you!✨

Today we’re sharing some beautiful forms of self-care from this Tone It Up community, plus our personal favorite ways to practice self-care and tips from your Studio Tone It Up trainers!

Make sure to check in with yourself each week and try incorporating some self-care into your routine, whether it’s making time for your Daily Moves in Studio Tone It Up in the morning, taking 15 minutes to meditate, journaling, or spending some quality time with a girlfriend ~ whatever feels good to you! You deserve to take this time for yourself…you deserve the world beautiful 💗

How do you practice self-care? Tell us in the comments!



How We Practice Self-Care



“I aways like to wake up early enough to make time for my morning mindfulness! Whether that is sitting with my coffee, journaling, or meditating, this ensures I start my day feeling centered and ready. I’ll also try to squeeze a little midday mindful break as a refresh! Exercise is also a huge MUST for me. A workout in the morning keeps me feeling good and energized with the shorter days. I also do a face mask once a week and get manicures often ~ I feel complete with a good mani!”



“Being a new mama means self-care looks a little different these days! It’s all about squeezing in a little extra love for myself, such as putting on a face mask when Bella sleeps or preparing some healthy meals for myself. I made a promise to myself that every Friday I would order a Zeel massage to my house! I look forward to this time to let my mind unwind and re-center myself (so important!) Also…journaling! I want to make sure to take time to write down all these small amazing moments I have with baby Bella 💗”

How You Practice Self-Care ~ Tips From The Community!



“Remembering to slow down and find comfort in the stillness. I get so wrapped up in being busy, I start to believe my worth is found in the business. Today I stayed home & unplugged, decluttered my house, made real conversation with my husband, and danced with my children. It was the perfect Sunday 💕”



“Talking to myself the way I would to a girlfriend, with love, admiration, and respect.”



Studio Tone It Up workouts #1!💪🏻💗Then manicure/pedicure!! When you look good you feel good!”



“Meal prepping! I have a toddler and busy schedule. When I meal prep, I’m taking the time to do something I love (cook) and set myself up for a healthier week ahead. Having meals ready leaves me more time for other self-care activities during the week too!”



“Making healthy choices in every area of my life…fueling my body with Lean, Clean, N’ Green eats with the occasional treat, surrounding myself with people who lift me up, & carving out time for ME every day (which is usually a TIU Booty Call!)”



“A piece of chocolate, red wine, and a clean kitchen!”



“Getting a mani/pedi, drinking wine, bubble bath with spa music & candles burning, and getting a massage!”



“Reading with some candles or taking a walk while listening to a podcast.”



“Moving my body daily and fueling it with healthy foods.”



“Listening to my body and ACUTALLY DOING what it needs, whether that’s rest, a high-intensity workout, or eating a snack 😋”



“Epson salt baths, sheet masks, or a facial!”



“Giving myself enough time to relax! Rest is so important, yet it is the thing I prioritize the least. Giving my body the time and patience to recoup is my best form of self-care.”



“Being kind to myself when I don’t accomplish everything I want to. Saying ‘this is enough, I am enough for today✨💜'”



“Reading and getting plenty of rest!”



“Self-care means taking time to relax, put a face mask on, do my favorite yoga at Studio TIU, and taking time to be grateful for everything I have💗”



“Keeping my life full of family, friendship, and nature/beauty. Working in the mental health field has given me a whole new understanding of self-care and how to incorporate it into my daily life. Joining the Tone It Up community has become an essential part of my self-care routine!”



“Self-tanner, washing my makeup brushes, essential oils, dry brushing, family dinners, and early bedtime😍”

Tips From Your Studio Tone It Up Trainers



“Self care is prioritizing what you need to be your happiest and brightest. I feel my most confident and sharpest mentally when I take time to work out, when I’m organized, and when I wind down in the evening with a massage or a bath! I love essential oils to calm down after a day of being active. My favorites are lavender and eucalyptus and sneaking a little epsom salts into my bath is really helpful for muscle recovery!”



“I practice self care by making fitness a priority when I’m my busiest. In the past, I used to say to myself, ‘forget it…I have too much going on with work obligations, family obligations, and travel; I’ll just wait and get my nutrition and workouts back on point after.’ But when I did that, I never really felt my best. Now, I make taking time out for fitness a priority; as it truly is an act of self-love and self-care that we, especially as women, deserve to place high on our to-do-lists. By prioritizing taking some personal time for my workouts, I’ve found that it helps me feel stronger, more confident, less stressed, and helps me feel all-around more happy and healthy.”



“I like to practice self care by setting aside at least 25 minutes to read, reflect, and write. When I do that in the morning, I feel more centered throughout my entire day and better prepared mentally and emotionally for whatever the day is going to throw my way! The same applies to carving out 30 minutes for some sweat therapy! Take time to take care of yourself so you can better take care of those around you!!



“Self care means taking time for yourself to reset! Personally I love to cook, that is my self care! For me, cooking is doing something good for my body, fueling my body with food that makes me feel awesome! Whenever I bake or cook I’ll put on a face mask (which I make!), light a candle, and then meditate. Once that is done I’ll sit down to eat whatever I cooked or baked!”

Tori’s DIY Face Mask


Coconut oil

Lemon Water

1. Mix all ingredients together and let sit on your face for 15 minutes!

How do you practice self-care?! Tell us in the comments!

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  1. The first Monday of each month I re-read and follow the daily guide from Balanced and Beautiful. By Friday I always feel so….well, balanced and beautiful! I have found myself using a lot of the tips throughout the rest of the month and those tips turning into habits. I gain so much each time, it has been key to getting me to and keeping me on my path to true overall health. Much love and appreciation for K&K❤️

  2. I love this topic, I try to relax more and meditate. Karenas meditations are wonderful help, thanks!! I also move mindfully daily and try something new :)

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