Thanksgiving Vlog!

The holiday’s got us feelin’ like…

It’s so important this time of year to take a minute to check in with your loved ones and make sure they’re happy. So how are you girl? What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Tell us in the comments!

I had Friendsgiving at my house last week (if you need last-minute hosting advice, I have all my best tips for a stress-free holiday HERE). Karena is spending Thanksgiving with Bobby and his family in Palm Springs. Should I crash?!

To celebrate the holiday and aaallll the amazing surprises we have coming up, we filmed a little vlog for you this week.

Check it out and read on below for some BIG NEWS!! We’re talkin’ new apparel, major savings, new challenges…and our awesome dance moves 😹 You don’t want to miss this!!!

We love you so much!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE

Do The Hustle…♪♫

We’re sort of doing more of a jig though… 😂

The Holiday Hustle kicks off in December! It’s a crazy time so we’ll all be making sure to do the Daily Moves together every day. You can get your Daily Moves here on or for free in your TIU app HERE!

Keep a lookout right here next week for your Holiday Hustle guidelines and calendar.

Challenges coming at ya!

We just wrapped filming your new January Challenge and the 2018 BIKINI SERIES! You can check out all the behind the scenes on our Insta @ToneItUp and we’ll have even more to share with you soon! You’re going to freak out!

And remember this holiday weekend…be present, enjoy time with your loved ones, and have a dance party just because!!