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Welcome to my home! I moved into this Manhattan Beach house about three years ago, and Bobby and I completely redecorated it about three months ago. As many of you girls know, design is one of my personal passions. Bobby and I even have date nights that include design brainstorm sessions! It’s a form of our artistic expression and the perfect way to learn and create together.

Bobby and I combined our artistic styles, which makes our home very eclectic. The vibe is a mix of modern and natural with a touch of glam! I’m obsessed with the entire upstairs! It’s the perfect space for entertaining our friends and enjoying indoor/outdoor living. The square footage of the kitchen, living room, and dining room isn’t huge, but we created the illusion of a large area by adding a glass wall in the elevated kitchen and bi-folding glass doors that open up to an outdoor space off the living and dining rooms.



Here’s a look at some of my other favorite decor features. I’m so excited to give you a tour!


Dining Room

We recently revamped our dining room to a more modern style. Because our dining space is open to the kitchen and living room, we needed to carry the same elements of design yet wanted to achieve a more dramatic feel. We combined brass, dark marble, and leather seating with the natural element of petrified wood end chairs.


My favorite pieces in the dining room are the petrified wood side tables that we use as end seats. Sometimes nature is the best artist! They each weigh about 300 pounds…so you can imagine how difficult (yet entertaining!) it was to see Bobby trying to get them in the house.


The windows are another really unique feature. When we purchased the house, there were 1980s glass blocks as windows, which we weren’t a fan of.  Because the main floor is open concept, we wanted a more lofty feel. In Manhattan Beach, neighbors are very close, so we also wanted windows that would open for a breeze, maximize the light, and allow privacy.  My designer friend Kim Colladay suggested these windows and we loved them!


My favorite piece of art in the whole house is in the dining room. It’s a piece I did six years ago when I started to get back into painting after a hiatus.


gold-glitter-lineLiving Room

We made the living room very welcoming and cozy! You just want to lounge and relax and not worry about putting your feet up. The sofa (from the Restoration Hardware outlet) is deep to make you feel like you’re in it rather than on it. We’re really big fans of Lenny Kravitz Design and everything they are creating. (We love the ’70s vibe!) The rug is one of his designs. There are so many neutrals and naturals in the living room, so the rug is our artistic focal point and is also shag-errific!


Our leather chair was also a great find! We were shopping at a design store with our friend from Kim Colladay Design and the chair was marked to be destroyed because the leather was “ruined” during shipment. We loved the distressed look and Bobby, who is always good at negotiation, convinced them to sell it to us…at a good price! ;) It’s a great reading chair — super cozy and lots of natural light. I keep stacks of books all around the house: living room, under my bedside table, and in my meditation room.


The fireplace is also a focal point of the room. I love ambient lighting. It’s very soothing and therapeutic to me. My morning routine is to light the fireplace and a candle every morning. In the summer, I still light it but keep the flame really low. Bobby is quite the collector of pieces and nicknacks from vintage fairs and flea markets. Sometimes I love them…sometimes not. One piece I do love is actually his dad’s stereo and record player from the ’70s that we have in our living room. Some of our favorite nights are spent listening to old records and chatting with a glass of vino!



We just redecorated our bedroom. We carried over the same inspo from our dining room. The vibe is mature, sexy, and still carries a sense of nature. Our bed and side tables are from Restoration Hardware Modern and the chandelier is from Wayfair. The fireplace is a fave piece. (Bobby found it at a sidewalk sale!) And a dimmer is a MUST for your bedroom lighting….it can really set the mood!

Full-Bedroom-Karena-Home-Decor-Interior-Design-Tone-It-Up Bedroom-Mirror-Karena-Home-Decor-Interior-Design-Tone-It-Up


Hope you enjoyed taking a look at my home! Check out a video tour HERE!





  1. Love your gorgeous home! Thanks so much for sharing! I love how you blended yours and Bobby’s style together. It can be tough to find design middle ground after marriage, but you’ve done it impeccably!
    I also LOVE your paintings! You’ve inspired me to pick up the brush again. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing Karena & Bobby. Loved your house tour! Well done on an absolutely gorgeous job which really reflects each of you. I spy with my little eye….is that a Sonos speaker in the bedroom? We have the same system and life without it would just be…well, very different on the ears! haha! xx

  3. Thank you so much for putting this together! I love the design inspiration especially in thinking of decorating WITH my #tiuboyfriend . Loved how beachy and natural this look is and yet mature and sexy. If anything it confirmed that I have to get some more plants for our tiny Seattle apartment!

  4. You’re house is so cute! I’m getting major inspiration for when I move in a few months! My stepmom has that exact same chair in her living room – I agree it’s a great reading chair! Although when my dog gets on it its nearly impossible to get him off!

  5. Your place is fabulous !! It’s so glamorous and welcoming at the same time!! My favorite is the outdoor living space and the fireplaces!! Especially the one in the bedroom!!! And I love your painting, too!! I have trouble hanging things on the wall! I never know what to put up and where!!

  6. Such a stunning home Karena – you have such a strong eye! I love the eclectic mix of modern, vintage and natural accents. Even with the drama and the glamour, it still seems to have a cozy/homey feel. Well done!💗

  7. Amazing ideas! I really love it. I loved the house tour you did some time ago too. Maybe you could film another house tour. And one of Kat would be great as well! :) I get more into it when it´s a video and hear what your feelings and thoughts were when creating it. ♥

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